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How Do We Know if We Are ON a Government or Community Watchlist

(An answer from Ione Lebrie, Counselor - RN)

I could not have written this better - so profound and informative.   ...Carla

Ione Theresa Labrie

, Counselor

Updated March 21

Originally Answered: How do I find out for sure if I'm on a government watch list and the reason why?

I'm sad to say. If you “think" you are on a government watch list, then it's highly likely you are for some reason. Some people don't think like that unless SOMETHING has prompted that thinking.

 For example, you knew or know someone they are watching, you pissed off someone by not dating them or giving them money or sex or time or something, you happen to be very smart, very rich, have special abilities or skills, they think that you saw something you were not supposed to see, you said something they did not like, you went somewhere they saw you, someone that doesn't like you for some reason turned you in. Could be 1000s of reasons.

They are bound to check you out mercilessly if anyone anywhere anytime said something negative about you. It doesn't have be true. It's just said or thought. And yes, there are thousands of people willing to watch you for life for a $5.00 debit card.

Don't you think for one second that is not true. It is true. Oh, they'll scream and tell you that you are paranoid, don't like them or whatever. It's all a tactic to deflect, deflect, deflect. Who knows.

 Their reasoning could be something like you took their seat on a bus, you looked at their kid funny, you smiled at their wife, you got a speeding ticket more than once, you are a diner at a restaurant they didn't like, you told a doctor friend he's an asshole….they will use anything. Just to have a job…they will follow and watch anybody. Never think you are too clever to escape crazy, upsidedown, backwards, inside out, thinking by people that are supposed to know better. (Are there people doing things they're not supposed to do. Of course there are. Plenty. That is not, not, not the point.) 

This way of thinking is very prejudicial and backwards and unfounded. They automatically think if you got a speeding ticket or a misdemeanor DUI, you are going to rob banks and murder somebody or any body. 

These are very untrained and immature and sometimes extremely stupid people that are given license to do anything they want because they can. They are taught to do whatever their superiors say right or wrong, ridiculous or not.

Go to a new area or someplace you haven't been before, they'll come out of every nook and cranny that you can possibly imagine… side streets, parking lots where all the sexual predators hang out, doorways, bathrooms etc and especially if you look like you might have money. Not to rob you but to turn you in… in case law enforcement has something against you somewhere.

 They assume everyone is guilty of something. Not them. Just you.

They hate people like me that can see right through them. Their minds are warped and very mentally untrained and disturbed and usually fueled by racism, sexism, ageism and moneyism.

 The people watching do not know how to use their words and minds to be successful so their only way is to join a government agency and hopefully feed themselves with their debit cards and reporting on their apps. to law enforcement. 

They make law enforcement agencies’ jobs easy. The watchers do all their work for them for free while they sit in their offices pushing buttons and making reports, too. It's a cushy job and not many people get it. People know about them but don't get the job. 

They especially hate you if you happen to have a good or great job, like a nurse.

They love to go after you especially if you really are not doing anything dangerous or not too dangerous to them. Think about it. Why would you not want to trace and track a mom with two kids that is working and just trying to make a living for her kids or an elderly widow or a young widow or a single woman with very little family or a man that is disabled or elderly or someone that is rather sickly or someone that lives alone? Those people are vulnerable and easy targets.

 They (the gang stalkers) are not going after a drug dealer or a child molester or a lunatic….of course not. They might get hurt. Albeit accidentally but they don't want to die.

They might be mentally ill and they understand self preservation very well so they go after the easy targets.    These moronic watchers actually sit on the side of the road and randomly select people as they drive by to follow and harass and watch. They cost this country and others billions of dollars of foolishly spent money. Money that could be spent on college educations for our young people.

Think about it. That's a very cushy job. You randomly select a vulnerable looking person while you sit in your air conditioned vehicle drinking coffee or tea or water then push a few apps on your phone. Do that to 50 people and you might get 6 people on a watch list out of 50. That's 5 dollars a person. That could be $30.00 for 3 hours of doing nothing useful or dangerous ….then you make up a lying report and that's another 5 dollars which means you made $60.00 on your day off. Of course law enforcement or their watchers will do that!

They don't care that they are harassing you. Are you kidding me! You'd do if you were a part of their lunacy or liked doing that sort of thing.

These watchers, threat assessors, tracers, trackers, gang stalkers and law enforcement informants or whatever they are calling themselves this day, week, month year, decade…love doing this crap. The Germans called them Stasi. Then there was the Red army and now they are called threat assessors. Next month, week, year decade the le enforcement will come up with another name to call them.

We're the targets or the rabbits. They are the threat assessors.

Like I said there is an entire gigantic highly organized group of people usually tied to law enforcement in some way that do this all day and all night, 365 days a year. Especially if they are afraid of you. My friend's son says mom I'd have to kill you if you really knew what I do then he laughs and changes the subject. He works for the military.

You see after a while, you learn to put 2 and 2 together by listening and watching for yourself what is really going on. You might not know why at first or ever but you can feel it, see it, hear it here and there and begin to understand that you are being watched. They are cockroaches. 90% are white males 18 to 85. Many of them are ex something or wannabes. In the valley close to me, there is a large Hispanic population. Most of the threat assessors and informants are Hispanic. Used to be all white, all males and all young. Now they have a huge variety.

It's possible you could be mentally ill and bipolar or whatever. Of course that is true. I am neither ignorant or stupid or mentally ill. I've spent the last few years studying this whole bloody, fucking mess. It's insidious and evil and wrong and totally diabolical AND it's happening every single day for 1000s of reasons which in most cases don't even make sense ….. like not dating someone and getting turned in for that stupid reason and labeled a threat. REALLY! WHAT A MESSED UP MESS.

They want you to think you are crazy. That way, they think, it ensures to them no one will listen to you. Maybe you'll get distraught and commit suicide. They'd like that a lot. Maybe you'll become homeless. Maybe you'll join them and live a tortured life. Maybe you'll start taking pictures of them and turning them into the appropriate people so they'll go fuck with someone else. These are not well people. These are very messed up in their heads people that want YOU to believe you are the insane one when actually they are.

Some law enforcement or who knows will jump on here like they did to that ex sex trafficker lady because some of them were involved. They'll tell me how I'm crazy and blah, blah, blah. And I say fine: meet me with my lawyers in person and hash this out if you think I am. I am not hiding. They can find me in 15 minutes.

That said: If you really think you are on a watch list somewhere, you probably are no matter how asinine the reason might sound to you. Start collecting information. Okay, then what! What are you going to do with it? Who are you going to hire to help you. How much money are you willing to spend to protect yourself? Are you willing to move? Have you tried to place protection on all your financial institutions information? Are you clean of crimes? Have you paid all your fines if you have any? Have you paid all your taxes in the USA? Are you willing to speak up for yourself?

That's what you have to ask yourself because trust me these informants, threat assessors, gang stalkers, tracers and trackers….all the watchers are told you will do nothing because most people won't. EVEN THOUGH THEY (the gang stalkers) ARE ALL COWARDS.