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Are Gang Stalkers Being Mind Controlled?

What a Concept....   

After all, mind control is about manipulation.   It is about altering or strongly influencing a person's behaviors and thoughts.   Mind control is about getting a person or persons to see things from a single direction or point of view.     Sort of giving the intended target a warped reality and vision in living his or her life.   

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out if these people - gang stalkers - were at one time - targets themselves or were...instead... somehow influenced through a television screen or through their own cell phone - subliminal messages - continuously coming into their ear and drifting about their mind.      Influenced to see things from the stalking world way. so on.    Maybe  subliminal or quietly microwaved words entered into the mind of a gang stalker years back...before they got involved in the stalking....  Allowing them to believe they  they would soon be a part of something grand.   

When in reality - they (the gang stalkers) are just being used - they are being made to behave in a horrible way towards other people.   And they just don't or won't see it - which makes me feel they are somehow being blinded to the truth.   And the question is - what would blind someone from the truth?

It is almost like the Gang stalkers  are little killing machines or little Manchurian candidates who hunt other humans because it is what they know they should do.   How do they know?   They just do.   Like I said - maybe It is What they have been programmed to do.   What has been pushed into their minds over time.   

At some point - I believe that as important as these people (gang stalkers ) think they are in the whole gang stalking thing - 

well, just as we are expendable to the stalkers - The gang stalker will inevitably  be expendable to those who use them and employ them.   And Gang Stalkers will in turn - be stalked themselves.  Harassed and be forgotten about.

I am hypothesizing here - but we (targets) all feel the same way.    We feel that there are just too many people involved in this...   There are just too many targets.   We are dumbstruck about the hate in it all.   And we ask questions about why?   Why would someone act this way?   What did we ever do to deserve this?

That is what this short article is about.   A different view and hypothesis about why gang stalkers - stalk.    I believe, let's say - - that  If leaders and/or governments have all been dabbling in the mind control field and arena for a really long time - over 80 years even - wouldn't it make since that they would influence the mind of the workers or agents they need or wish to employ  in their organization first and then have those agents - go after the other targets?  

There are no coincidences or mistakes or accidents in life.    There is always... a  purpose.   And always goals and direction.    A definite means to an end.    And I believe when these people - the higher ups - the security companies in the gang stalking world -  decided to organize stalking - it was a well laid out plan.  Because it had been researched for years.

 I feel that all of life is about choices...and the aftermath or repercussions of those choices.    Choosing, after all,  takes us down a path - and the path is what we remain on until we make another choice.    Choices, by the way,  put us either out of harm's way or in harm's way.     

Nothing in life is accidental - and there is always a guiding influence to it all.    Like I always say - we get what we get.   It is up to us to change the way we think and feel when we deal with things that are not so pleasant.  Like Gang Stalking.

Which brings me back to the idea of gang stalkers being converted or mind controlled first.   

I am not saying a definite on this - but I believe it is a huge possibility.    Maybe the influence on them to get them to become gang stalkers came through subliminal messages through their phone.  Or their TV.   Or through microwaves through their walls at night while they slept.     Who knows - if we feel it - there is a good chance that many do and many have and many more will.

There is so much to gang stalking that is invisible to the naked eye.  So much lurking in the dark.    And hidden from view.   How could something like this go on - and no one anywhere sees it?   No one is aware.   No one cares.   This does not make sense to me.  And if someone does happen to  see or know about it  - they seem to belong to the world of gang stalking.    It is like we never saw it coming...

It is because of this -  that I believe that it is possible that the entire society around us is or has been brain washed to not see the truth?   Sort of dumbing them down in life a little.   It this is true - any of it - it is certainly mind blowing.   Who would have ever thought any of it were possible?

So many questions - but they are important  questions because they might help us to get a bigger and better picture about the world we live in now - which appears to be filled with the Dark Web, Sinister Campaigns, Bogus Security Agencies and of course, gang stalkers who hunt people, and Our neighbors who seem all too willing to be a part of the plan.   A secure world for all. 

It seems frightening if we look at all of this like some giant science fiction.  And please keep in mind, that  If something is a possibility in science fiction - it is probably near truth or close to the truth in real life.   

And if we - humans - choose to create or invent things that are out of this world in design - super advanced technology - there is always a possibility - it is bound to fall into evil hands.  

And when it does - there is an even stronger chance that the world around the new idea or invention becomes or will become otherworldly and surreal.   In this case - there will be no going back to our old lives because of this being hunted with technology.

We just need to keep our minds open to changes and make the necessary changes in ourselves to survive in a different world.

And that is why - with all my heart - I believe we need to live in the moment and tell God "Thank You For Our lives."   Each and every day.     We just never know what is going to happen and what is next.   We need to have faith and believe that God has our simple as that.   There ain't nothing getting past God.