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Assaults Grow Stronger and So Must We

I realize I have covered energy, how to find energy, what to do to block it out and also how to cover it up...but I have yet to share with you what happens as energy increases in strength and speed, and damage - the longer we are stalked.

First of all, it isn't so much the energy, per se, as it is the device sending the energy.  In reality though - it is a little and a lot of both.   And it should come as no surprise that technology and all that it encompasses - will change levels and speed of attacks as it is improved.   This is the design and methodology of progress and technology.

We must understand that energy, can't help but do this...because behind every laser, sonic or microwave device and subsequent practice and eventual - attack with it - is a techie or scientist who is  just going along and has not thought everything out or through.    

As far as organized stalking - well, basically, mankind is placing tools of death and disfigurement and destruction in the hands of those, who have no earthly idea about how to handle it.  Not only do they take out humans in the process - they destroy outlying nature and wildlife with it as well.   Radiation sifts and drifts over everything in its path. 

So, as a review - science and scientists and techies have ramped up energy and weaponized it.  Thereby, creating an out of control albatross to be used on humans at certain points in time...all in the name of security, unity and the battlefield.  The question is - should we be making devices and weapons like this at all?

Let's talk about weapons and devices that use fiber optics and Gigabyte speed.  The  same speed that sends signals and information along on the internet, and i.e. helps us to have higher speed on our cell phones - can and, in the case of directed energy, will be used against us with weaponized technology, in a society of humans who have gone rogue.  Organized Stalking.

Here's an interesting thought - as weaponized devices and technology speed up - so do humans - who react and can't slow down.  There is a frenzy everywhere and  chaos.

I suppose people can't help themselves though.    I am not making excuses for a gang stalkers poor choices and bad behavior...or a target's bad choices and panic...just painting a picture about why humans choose things that make life unbearable for others and themselves. 

The earth, as it turns out, is filled with reacting organic beings - who don't think.  And I just want to say - in order to fight gang stalking - we need to think things through and find our way around it.

So, backing up a little - in the beginning of stalking, all the energy starts out the same for most targets.  And at that point in time, maybe the stalkers have possession of a coil or rail gun and they send in 5 or 6 lines total of high powered and strong directed microwave and electromagnetic energy...using 5 or 6 devices.   Each line of energy sent in - would come from one device.   This was prior to 2018.

As far as coil and rail guns, in this case, the stalkers felt this was good enough...because the use of these electromagnetic guns or devices was so powerful that the people they used them on - simply fell apart.  They became so despondent or they went over the edge and destroyed others and themselves when they lost control. And in that case, the stalker had reached his goal of mind control and take down.   He  had succeeded.

Now, let's look at what happens to people who are resistant and the stalkers and their equipment and campaign behind them.... begin to get stronger.  With this thinking about strength...also goes the idea that the device needs to be amplified and beefed up to overcome resistance.    Money payout?  A prize?  A bet placed?  Who knows for certain.  

On the other side of the coin, are those who show resistance.  It is at the point where a person shows resistance...there is most probably an anger growing in the heart and minds of stalkers who don't get their way.  A psychotic temper tantrum - have you.  So, because of this - the attacks get heavier and more painful...and sometimes they continue nonstop. 

Thinking back over the infancy of original coils and rails - these were costly to run.  They are and were operated by battery power and electricity.

Now, if we fast forward to where we are today - we will see that fiber optic, cable lines, wireless connection, routers and small diode units of power can get the job done equally, if not better, than the predecessors.   All things advanced.  All devices streamlined.

For example, newer devices - the pulsed laser diode and sonic devices and pulsed laser light devices.  And any and all things to do with laser and sound technology were introduced, and are now being used on a target to date.  

Pulsed laser diodes and fiber coupled laser diode units - fit nicely into small metal boxes (about 4 to 6 inches in size) and then these boxes are mounted or placed anywhere - under cover in a home or out in a yard.  Even in a fake rodent trap or base of an empty birdbath base.

The reason I am writing this piece, is because I have recently come to deal with increasingly faster, heavier, and wider paths of energy.   My guess, a smaller energy design (maybe nano) and a much faster speed in which to send it, are behind it.  The reason cable lines work so well, I believe, in sending energy, in this case.

Now, if a block is placed in front of this type of line of power - the energy will be deflected and bounced, because of its speed and the energy will find openings and penetrate through a nearby site to find us...and because it is more spread out and through new design -  in a hunting or sensing mode.  

I believe today's weapons are organic Bio-sensing and heat field sensing technology... combined with directed energy. 

As far as dealing with this newer energy...Just think of it this way...if we humans are  using or are being introduced to stronger and stronger gigabytes to further communication and enhance technology...the same principle of gigabyte speed, will hold true for energy.   The concept and the understanding is pretty much the same throughout.  If a gigabyte (now 5, if not 6 or more for speed) is the power behind sending energy, in wireless technology....that same speed is also behind our attacks if we are gang stalked.

In finding ways to block it - I have found that I need to now spend several hours each day on checking and rechecking potential energy line entry sites.   I take my blocks down and put them back up daily.  Tiring, at best.   And I find it quite annoying, but it is a necessity if I am to overcome being stalked.

Let's look at this a little more.    I have already shared with you that if a target blocks a spot of energy coming in - the organized stalking group will, in turn,  move their line of incoming energy.    This becomes a vicious battle, I block - they move - I block again and so on.  And after a while...we may need to make up blocking boards that are portable and efficient.  These boards can be placed any and everywhere. 

Since the energy bounces and deflects - the goal and secret of blocking - is to bounce off incoming energy.  Rare earth magnets will help with this.   Now, keep in mind that magnets are quite expensive...and to get a large enough blocking surface - it would mean a higher cost to block.  Are we worth the cost?...hell yes, we are!  We can pay it back later...right?!

There are other means by which to block though.  Helmets with magnets, Faraday beds with conductive metals and grounding cords, plastic bubble chairs covered in magnets.

Lots and lots of strong silver blocking fabric with grounding.   Layers of silver, in fact.   Any place or anywhere, you want to block, do, you can get reprieve.   In stalking, we all need breaks from the battering and bad nerves.

On finding this directed energy, well, this is the tricky part.   Because the newer lines of travel and the subsequent energy are so fast - and so very powerful...a person will not initially find the energy reading on a surface.  But the energy is there - I know because I find it.  It takes a great deal of patience.

And instead of the energy being located on the surface of the wall or is more stealthy and the energy pushes past the surface and sits about 12 inches or less off of the wall.  (this is an imaginary surface, of course - try to see it in your mind)  So, if energy is to be located - we need to follow this thought....or we won't find it.  

Let's say an EMF detector shows us a reading - 30 or less tesla units (uTs).  In this case - even if you place your meter on the wall - sometimes the reading is coming from the right or left or below or above.  Don't be fooled by something and think the energy should be in the spot we find the reading.  Furthermore, don't be fooled into thinking you are looking at a direct line where the meter shows the reading - even though it might be initially - once the energy hits our walls and surface -  it deflects and scatters and moves around.  Our meters don't always pick up the exact line...only the reading.

Now, if the energy is wide -  we will have to cover more surface area to find the source.  We need to hold our meter or detector away from a  surface and that is where we will begin to find the energy.  Away from the wall.

Take the meter and slowly begin scanning up and down and move the meter back and forth, across the surface and also about 12 inches out and away from the surface - performing the same type of scan.  Next, move towards the surface and then away again - do this over and over again until you come across the low end of the meter reading. (0 to 30 uTs).  

This is not an easy feat because again, the energy is so fast and strong.  So, be brave of heart and keep going.  It might take you a while, but find the energy - and immediately block, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.  

You will most probably have to cover many incoming lines - the newer and much faster energy bounces as we cover it.    So, be diligent and keep fighting it. 

Anyway, I felt it would be a good idea to share this.  I know all of it is scary but I believe if we are aware, and knowledgeable, we can fight a good fight.  The fight is not as physical - as it is mental - the same mental edge - our gang stalkers are trying to take away from us.  Don't let them.

Don't forget to get my book on Amazon.  Hostile Environment - The Energy that Drives the Chaos.

I am here for you.