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Carla's Blog

One Woman's Journey

In Learning To Survive Electronic Harassment

Blog Entry One

December 22, 2018

Hello, my name is Carla...well not really.   But in order to protect my identity, that is the name I will go by for now.  Where do I begin?  Well, I guess at the beginning when it all started.   

That day was at the end of July 2017 ...about the 20th of that month.   I remember it like it was yesterday...because for me it was.   For me, It was a start of something quite horrible.  Something that cannot be explained and something that no one would believe even if shared over and over again.   

So, I will do my best in telling my story.   I suppose it is something like this - seeing is can't believe in something if you don't see it.   

And so as to not go into too much detail about how it started, I will just say that instead of communicating like a healthy human being a grown spoiled neighbor woman who wanted her way, had her computer engineer husband begin a stalking campaign to make my life unbearable. 

    In the beginning, it started out as microphones and hidden cameras outside in the yard.  Pointed at my yard and house.   Everywhere and all angles catching me moving about in my yard if I tried to go outside and work in the garden that I loved.  

I can only assume that this woman who was once my friend - decided I was not entitled to a life or to enjoy anything once she felt I had wronged her.   And the wrong she felt I did? was to ask her politely to not spray pesticides across into my gardens from her yard or into my nesting birds who had babies.    

But obviously she did not care about my request and she began to have her pesticide companies spray more.   Mosquito sprays were eventually done weekly.   A little overkill I might say.   But because I had been taking care of wildlife - I began to spray water on the border between our yards hoping to lesson the effects of the sprays that were now killing off birds, butterflies and bees and many other bugs that the birds relied on in my yard.  

She saw me spraying water on my yard edge.   This slight to her desire of spraying bug sprays made her go ballistic.   I had never seen anyone get so mad in my life.   But she was spoiled and needed to have her way.   She did not like someone not going along with her wants.

     So, again, It started out as hidden cameras and motion detectors and hidden microphones outside pointed at my home, which as it turns out, provided them with nothing because I wore ball caps and sunglasses everywhere.   They gained nothing with this venture.  And got no pictures of me moving about my yard.  Since I knew about the cameras, I hid my face from view.  

Sadly, they were always listening, always trying to catch me talking.  They quit coming outside into their yard when at one time they were out everyday and over time, they stayed inside so that their equipment could capture what they wanted.  They stopped letting their young daughter play outside in the back and they quit letting their dog go out as well.   There was one time when the dog stayed outside all day and barked.   I guess they were always hoping I would say something she could use to get even.  

As far as knowing if this was is in fact, the truth...  I had a hidden camera and microphone detectors and I used it to determine camera and hidden microphone activity used in their surveillance.  All cameras pointed at an  area of my house and yard.  No cameras were pointed to the other side of their house or straight into the street.   This showed me a singleness to their quest.

     I felt unnerved and began placing tall plants in my back yard to block their view.   The higher I went, the higher they went in placing cameras...their house was a two story...mine a one.   This need for my privacy became a vicious push on their part to keep me from having it... as they continued their attack. 

In September of that year, about 2 months after I noticed their first hidden camera,  I finally decided to ask her about the cameras and listening devices...because having read the best approach is a direct approach.  

Let me be the first to tell you, this was a very bad idea and not well received by this woman.  And obviously these individuals who write that kind of thing...they just don't understand that sometimes you should just remain silent and watch.    

And that conversation...well, as nice as I asked her.. it just went over like hell.   She went from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds.   She began to scream in the middle of the street in front of my house - telling me I was nuts and that she was going to do something about it.   I assume she did that to create an alibi and have a witness.   

Still, I felt embarrassed that she would act like this as a grown woman.  That she disliked me so much that she would not communicate.   I had at one time thought her to be my friend. 

I just turned and walked away from her and never spoke to her again.  I just figured there was no reasoning with her.   And absolutely nothing left to say.  But still, it was only a conversation.   I did not attack her.   I just wanted to resolve what was going on.   What in the world could she possibly be thinking?   I had no idea about how bad things were about to become...  

  ​     Anyway, she attempted to call the police and tell them I was harassing her and by what I was able to see, they told her she needed proof I was harassing her.   I wasn't harassing her,  I barely spoke to her and the time I asked her about the cameras...was the first time I had spoken in nearly 3 months.  

 Because the police would not arrest me and cart me to jail...I am guessing...This infuriated the woman and that is when the two of them.  I call them Boris and Natasha (the two spies from Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons) went into a full scale attack.   And sadly, money was no object in getting revenge and I will share each thing they did to hurt me and what I did to protect myself in the course of my blog posts.

Anyway, daily, after this episode about the hidden cameras and her calling the police, she began to exert her power and she paced back and forth in front of my driveway.  She had a daycare center and would push the stroller back and forth for several hours ... Stopping to see if she could see into a window or see me working.   This I caught her doing by glancing out once or twice.  She always stopped at the top of my driveway and stood and peered in the garage.   Later I bought window tinting.  

Also after the hidden camera episode, she began to gossip about me to my neighbors.  Some told me.   But eventually, they all quit talking to me.   No one want sot get into the middle of someone else's feud.   She began to spread one lie after another.    If she saw someone trying to talk to me outside, she began to call to them from her yard and ask them to come over to her house.  

It was Tony Robbins who once stated "Rejection breeds Obsession."   I guess this woman felt rejected by me because I did not think the same way.   And This story was about to become very scary.   


Fast Forward to December 2017

December 23, 2018

It was​ during December 2017, that a change began after the cameras. I noticed when I was out in the yard with all of the leaves missing on the trees, I could hear a high pulsing ring and I felt something hit or pop my body. I can't describe it because I had never experienced anything like it before in my entire life. I was someone who was an artist and I did woodworking and designed clothing and I had no paranoia about people who were crazy or out to get me. Nothing like that ever entered my mind. Still, a couple of times I looked up when I felt the wave of headaches, chest pain, increased heart beat, an/ or kidney pain, and I saw the husband of this neighbor woman standing in the upstairs window of the bedroom looking over my back yard holding something that looked like a police radar gun and a saw a flash of light that followed the zap to my body. It was usually on the left side of my head. I didn't think anything about it at the time. I just went about my business.  

Blog Entry Number 3 - The First Contact Wall Microphone Enters My Roof line.

December 24 2018

It was now January 2018. It had been a while since I gave much thought to Boris and Natasha - or the spies next door. Yes, they were in the back of my mind off and on but basically I just went about my life. But...little did I know they were becoming more obsessed in getting to me. About punishing me for slighting her. Seriously, I had no idea....

Looking back on January 4, 2018, I can give you an almost exact time that I first heard a contact wall microphone enter my roof line. It was a Sunday and my husband and I were watching a football game. We were just hanging out and being buddies. The time was around 5 pm. Suddenly, there was a snap and a pop of energy on the front side of our living room roof and I could actually hear my neighbors walking around inside their own home as they set up that first microphone that invaded our home. This first microphone was just one in many that began to be placed over the next 5 months.

My husband, he is the logical one. He heard the snap of energy as it came through. He heard the two next door walking around as if they were on top of our roof. But he just said he wasn't sure what it was. He never followed up or looked further into what had occurred. I guess he did not want to believe that people could be mean like that. Still, I began to do research and as I read online information, I realized after finding the item online what the sound was and what would act this way...that it was indeed a contact wall microphone. It is designed to listen to a distance of 200 to 300 feet away from the source and also through metal, wood and other building material. I am assuming that since they could not hear me outside or capture a picture of me in the yard, the next best thing was to come into my home uninvited. But apparently to them...they were now entitled to my life and I was entitled to nothing.

I got a EMF meter and located the spot where the EMFs or the listening end came through the ceiling. Normal EMFs (or electromagnetic frequencies) are in the range of 50 ufs or below. That is a healthy range anyway for humans. The signal I picked up in the new spot in the living room ceiling was roughly 180 ufs. Not too high but enough to ensure they could hear us in conversation.  The listening device was in a spot that was directly above our couch.     I wasn't sure what these two were up to.   But, since I am proactive, I began to find places that would teach me about blocking signals.   At the same time, I moved our TV watching to the recreation room located in the lower level of our home.   

Over the months that followed, I spent many dollars in protecting my home from this new invasion. Because as it turns out, a contact wall microphone was the least of my worries.  This was just an initial phase of going after me with  electronic harassment.  The next weapons and listening devices they placed were much more sinister. And I am still fighting them to date. 


Directed Energy -  The Increased Assault

January 3, 2019

Last night I heard the shot gun coils being moved in my roof line at about 11 or 12 pm.  I am guessing my neighbors figured out I had moved back into my bed and lined at least 3 of these coil guns up over top of me while I attempted to sleep.   

3 nights ago, I felt the P-f-f-f-t of the directed against my head about 30 seconds apart - but because there is the possibility that there are now 3 in the same spot - in a full out attack - all of the weapons can fire at the same time and the thwack against my head happened last night - about every 8 seconds from different angles.  

What I did was pull my grounded silver material up over my head and keep my ear plugs, my 4 silver hats and my noise cancellation headphones on really tight.   I also made sure my rubber mat was on top of me.   I waited out the 30 minutes that it normally takes for this to stop once I conceal my whereabouts by staying under the silver.   Even though the silver does not stop the microwaves from burning me... - a rubber mat does slow it down.  So, I pulled a rubber mat up over my middle - torso - of my body and like I said - I prayed.   And then I fell back to sleep.  

I am guessing the man next door is getting about 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night in his quest to hurt me.   He is in his mid 50s.     I am a nurse and I know for a fact that no human can live on 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night.  It eventually catches up with you and you collapse under the loss of sleep.   Or you get sick or you get a heart attack - the list goes on.

I know for a fact that he is losing sleep because the signal being shot at me gets lost and I can normally sleep uncovered from about 1 or 2 am until about 5.   I don't know what my neighbors (a man and wife) are running on - but I am thinking they are experiencing full blown psychotic adrenaline.   God help me!

Anyway, I grab sleep where I can.   When they get ready for work or are driving to their job or are taking children into the daycare next door (yes, that is right - the psychotic woman runs a daycare right below DEW), I go back to sleep and get what I can.   

 And I am thinking when my lead blanket gets here, I will have a little better cover.  If that blanket works, I will be buying a few more and see how that goes.  

I am going to fight this and hope for a good change in the future.  Like my neighbors being exposed for what they are (insane) or that their own life comes a calling and teaches them a lesson in humility.

                          Thanks for reading...Carla




Control of Our Speech - In Today's World

January 5, 2019

Today I was reading an article by the New York Times telling us the words we should not use when we talk to others.   This is according to psychiatrists.   !!?!?!?!?

Isn't it true that oftentimes, words help us to communicate.   They help us know what we need to change about ourselves.   We all need growth through change.  And it helps another person learn boundaries and control of their own actions.   I believe the term is accountability.   If we alter words - we have lost our use of speech.

For example, let's say we are acting selfish with another person and don't want to share things with them.   We should - we just don't.   And that person suddenly tells us we are being selfish...

I don't know about you....but sometimes, when others tell us how we are behaving, it helps us to correct what we are doing to become a better soul - to be a better human being while we live on the earth.   Isn't that the goal we should be trying to reach?

There is some thought in me and in my opinion...we are now being trained to be robots and only say things that everyone, as a group and a whole...would feel...does not... offend them or words that don't make them feel special all of the time should not be said   As it turns out - the words you should never say to someone else according to Psychiatrists are the following:    


Well, Stupid is probably not a good one to use but the others - what is the big deal?  Here is the article.

So, what is happening to our freedom in living life.  Or freedom of speech?    Our rights to stand up for things?   Our rights to be an individual human being - with our own thoughts?  In today's world - it would appear, there is great emphasis being placed on an unhealthy and unnatural level of political correctness.  Changing words or rewriting stories are just small examples of how we lose our freedom.   There is also an unnatural emphasis by those in letting you know you need to be one of the team - one of the players. And that you should not be a loner - the message is - loners are trouble. 

Each and every time you hear a story on the news about an attack with weapons somewhere on the public - the person is always a loner.   I am a little confused.    Aren't they anything else?      Why does the word loner - define their soul and their being as a person?

My thoughts on this are ...we, as humans, should be able to separate ideas like this when we heare them and realize that most people are good to some degree and it is okay for them to be different.  It is sort of like conditioning with Pavlov's dog in the 1800s...humans now are being conditioned to listen for different cues.  For different things that will keep us in line.    Here is the link: 

Just like this experiment with Pavlov's dogs - humans learn to respond to things that prompt them to respond in a certain manner or behavior.   And if we were smarter - we would look into the history of technology.  Into the history of life and the world.  To the efforts of those in charge to control the minds of those who follow.   

So, in my definitely okay to stand out and be different.   And It is okay to be a loner - in many cases, loners are inventors and artists and designers....they play in bands and help the homeless too...and they make a huge impact on other people and on living life because of their contributions from the heart and from their separate thoughts and actions. 

Besides,  anyone knows that It is a combined effect of many different personality types that make up the whole of society.    Without each and every person, the world would be completely lopsided.

But getting back to this control of our speech and actions - instead of knowing that these ideas in thinking are wrong...that this reasoning is a sort of mind control or brain washing - people do not fight it.   Instead, they go along with the ideal of righteousness of the whole.   They are sheep.      They are easily led.   They are weak in their mind.   So, they join a gang or a mob in their thinking - as part of society but just don't realize that they are being led but down a path that is ill-fated.    

Sadly, many humans don't take a stand... have simple brains - and  just want to belong.    They don't care about anything else.   As long as they have 3 square meals a day...that does it for them.    But is that enough in living on the earth?

 If we are to think about this 100 years, who is going to know that you were here or that you went along with the masses?   Wouldn't it be better to make a difference.

Maybe fear drives people.   We know that if someone does not go along with this type of mob thinking of  the societal whole...they get weeded out.  They get punished.  And there is not one way - but many ways of punishment.      And, my feelings are Electronic Harassment could very well be one of the tools to bring this to a reality today.  

All of this type of control of you as a person - applies to the things you can say.    Things you can't say. Things you can do. Things you can't do. The way you look at someone. The way you view life.    The results - and what we get now ... is a dangerous world in which to live.    Dangerous because we have lost our freedom to a point.

So, my thoughts for today are these...even if you are being not be afraid.   It is better to take a stand for one thing...than to live an empty life like millions of day in and day out - for nothing at all...   That surely is emptiness.

Thanks for reading...


It Was A Rough Night - Delivery of Upgraded DEW Next Door

January 6, 2019

Last night was one of the worst I have experienced with DEW.   I always know when something is about to change or get worse with the directed energy.   For example, the guy who brings these things to my neighbor is a young man - dark hair - in his mid 20s.   He drives a high end dark blue or black Honda sedan.   When I saw him show up - I know he was about to tweak and making things a little stronger for Boris - next door.   I call him Boris because I guess he thinks he is the super spy and he reminds me of the bungling Russian spy that was on the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon in the early 1960s.   It is a husband and wife team doing the gangstalking - so I call them Boris and Natasha.

Well, turns out - the delivery guy - did not disappoint - the upgrade made to my neighbor's weapon he already has or the new equipment he brought on Saturday - zapped - caused my legs to twitch and sent stronger thwacks at my head.  Still...I managed to sleep.   Broken sleep albiet.  But sleep nonetheless.   

I used to tell myself when my son was a little baby and I lost sleep - I would again sleep one day.    I know from life's experience that nothing ever stays the same.  We lose sleep over and over again.  Still, I get tired of having to cover my body so heavily when all I want is a good night's sleep without interruption.  But do we always get what we want?  No.

So, right now - I have 2 lead blankets ordered.  But they won't be delivered until the end of January and the beginning of February.   In the meantime, I will do the best I can and keep doing the same thing just a little more material to protect me.  

Oh, by the way, last night I thought they were sending the energy to my husband while he slept and I had a harder time falling asleep because I worried about him.  I can handle me - just can't handle someone hurting my family.

Another Night - and So Far, A Safe Passage

January 8, 2019

So last night was even worse - each night they don't get the results they want - the neighbors up the power a bit.  I am sure this is costing them a fortune but they seem hell bent on getting the job done...whatever the job is.

When I stayed under my silver fabric and copper infused bed sheets and I sleep in my bose noise cancellation headphones and my 4 silver brain hats and foam earplugs, I didn't hear the v2k.   And I don't notice the whacking at my head so much.   But if I happened to lose the covers during the night or I get  hot and any of my protection moves a bit ...I feel it..not comfortable - to say the least.   

And I get 3 things thrown at me including my own voice answering the phone from earlier in the day when my husband called.   So, needless to say - I stopped talking on the phone in my own house.   I don't get it - don't they have a life?   I just answered that question.   

I really try to not talk on the phone because of this.  And that might seem bad...but I don't mind so much.  

I figure the stuff is temporary - and temporary could be a long time.   But for me - I bend with change and know that change is necessary if survival is to be obtained.  

The DEW Guy Came Back Today 

January 11, 2019

So I survived another week between the delivery of upgrades on the Directed Energy Weapon.   Or maybe the neighbors are just adding more devices.   Anyway...He was here again today...less than one week and the DEW guy was back again.   I suppose he tweaked the equipment and upped the frequencies and this weekend and the next week will be crazy - but I refuse to let myself go that far ahead in my thoughts.

For now, when I sleep,  I basically cover myself with large rubber mats and silver lined fabric called Circutex sold by    I attach a grounding cord to this.   So, I am basically inside and under an electrostatic cocoon and believe me when I tell you - it gets warm with that and the rubber on top of me.   But I bear with it - I tell myself - it is better to be a little warm than to be burned with a microwave weapon or to be thumped in the head or have to hear the v2k.   

As it turns out - All of the things I am doing - help and I will continue in this area just increasing layers as needed.   

I think I already said that last weekend, I got in the attic and placed zinc sheets but what I need to do is buy more grounding cords and plug those babies in.   If you ground anything - make sure it is not sitting on wood.   A grounded item has current in it and can burn wood.   You need electrical tape between the item you are grounding and the beam or wood you are attaching it to.   Or if you are placing the grounded  item on top of insulation and rubber - you don't need to use electrical tape.   The insulation keeps the grounded material safe for you.

So far, the zinc metal sheets have blocked my neighbors ability to listen in on me this week and figure out where I am.   So, my next strategy is to stump them a little more with the ability to block some of the signals and microwave burns they try to give me.  I plan on clipping grounding cords to the zinc metal sheets.   As it turns out - zinc is conductive which is good in this case.

I mean this with all of my heart.   I love my husband.   I know he can't believe what I am going through because that is the end product of directed energy - to cause a split in someone's relationships.   To cause confusion.   To separate a targeted individual from everyone they know.   

But honestly, I would rather stick it out with my husband ...than to not have him in my life at all.   And even though he doesn't quite understand some of the stuff I am going through.  Or why I have to cover myself with large rubber mats.   Or why I have 4 brain coats on my head.    Or why I sleep with noise cancellation headphones.     Well, he loves me and he doesn't ask me why or make me feel weird about what I am going through.   He never questions anything I am that gives me the strength to fight more.

And I say this over and over again.   I have lived 62 years...I have had a very blessed life.   I have found strength when I didn't think I had it.   I tell myself - that there have been many people in the world who have had to hide until it was safe not to.   

All through history, there have been bullies and those who tried to take away the rights and the life of those unfortunate enough to be in their path.  There have always been hate crimes.   Hitler.  The KKK.   And so many more.   And now - today - you can add electronic harassment and mob stalking to that list.

 Because I can compare history to my own life now and see these things for what they are - and because I know the truth in what is happening...I just stop.   And I take the time to be thankful for my life right now - in the minute I am in.   Right now!  Today!   

For the gardens I have created.   For the talent I possess because God gave it to me.   And for the love I have felt...and that includes my husband.   Mostly my husband.

As far as DEW - yeah, I suppose it can be a scary thing.   Horribly scary.   And that is for anyone one of us going through it.     There are so many things that make it scary - like we are all alone.  And we really can't talk about it or share it with anyone.   Because know one believes it.    If you think  about it - it is so far out there in thinking.   If you would have shared something like this with me 2 years ago - I would have been a little confused.   Interested but confused.   I would wonder - is that possible?  I suppose -the mind can't fathom it.      And then sometimes you just want to scream -  to give up.   Dealing with Mob Stalking is exhausting.

But I am here to tell you - don't - don't let it get to you!  Ever!  Find something to be thankful for.   Read a good book.   Get out and go to a park.  Take a walk.   Jog.   Go dancing.   Drink a glass of wine.    Have a good dinner.   Hug someone.   Just do - be in life - and feel God.    

Breathe in fresh air and again, be thankful.   None of us really knows how long we will be here.  None of us knows the future.   So, take each moment and take baby steps in your life and once you do these can survive anything.   And God will be with you along the way...along with your angels.  Just ask them for their help.   And then be patient...

                                                 Thanks for reading - 



So, Just  How Is My Life Going Right Now?

January 18, 2019


So in answer to that question...I will have to say good. In fact, well, when you think of what I am going through right n0w...I am thankful for a lot of things. And I think that is all we can ask for. To be content and be thankful in our lives.

As far as my sleep, well, sleeping under rubber is hot. But I found that if I use the rubber mats and bring it upwards to where it is between the source of the P-f-f-f-t that hits my head and my head itself - I don't really notice it as much. But remember too, I am wearing brain coats and noise cancellation headphones. I have found it is a combination of different things and not just one thing that helps in all of this.

Keep in mind, that the more I do, the more they do with their DEW. And as I told you before, they are not aware that I am as aware as I am. I personally believe that keeping someone guessing is what I would call in the covert world - the element of surprise.

And this is something I had not told you. But wherever they have placed motion detectors in my ceiling and roofline - well, I have figured them out as they move them and I move around them so I don't have to get hit with horribly throbbing and pulsing rings. If I keep hall and ceiling lights on - this too interrupts and interferes with how accurate their attempts are in locating me.

I am sure that normally something like this would totally unnerve someone...but because I have been a player at counter attacking from day one - I am used to some of it. Some of it, however - is rather annoying to say the least.

There are times - I find myself wondering - if they will ever get bored with how mean they are being and just stop. I know the answer to that. Because I was at one time a friend of the woman involved it this - I would have to say - it will probably last a long while. She is filled with hate. And hate can really drive someone forever. Or until, the adrenaline gives out and she poops out. But when oh when will that be?

Thanks for reading,



Why I Love Wildlife.

January 23, 2019

Good Morning

Just checking in today to say hello!   I hope you are finding some relief from your mob stalkers.  

Each and every day when I get out of bed...I am thankful I had safe passage through the night.   That I can wake up still in tact, mentally and physically and give thanks for my life.   But at this particular moment, I don't want to focus on the mob stalking.   I want to share my most passionate of  interests.

And that is my love of wildlife.   If I can feed a bird or two and ensure it gets through the chill of winter...then I feel I have done what I need to be doing in my soul.  Taking care of another living thing.   And all of the hundreds of birds who visit my yard everyday.  Especially in the winter.   As long as I can make sure there is food in my 8 feeding stations and can keep the ice clear off of the drinking water.   Then I am happy.  

And that readers, standing up for these things; standing up for God's helpless creatures- standing up for my love of wildlife - was why my neighbors began to electronically stalk me. 

As I look back over that choice to stand up for what I felt was right - I know in my heart - it was the correct thing to do.   This is why.   I did not want pesticides sprayed into my yard...My neighbors  wanted to spray them.   As it turns out - my neighbors wanted their way.  And My neighbors still want their way 1 1/2 years later.

 And we all know that a bully will try to make you uncomfortable about standing up to them.   They will hunt you down and torment you.   They will try to intimidate you until you can no longer stand it. I uncomfortable or afraid because I took a stand for the animals in my yard? am not. 

I firmly believe that It  is better to take a stand in your life for one thing ...than to stand for nothing at all..    I  also believe we are all here to make a difference in the world.  

 By a difference  - I don't mean you becoming a singer or a dancer.   Or going for that path to fame and fortune.    And I don't mean how you perceive yourself as a human in a material mindset.  

What I do mean is how you see other life  around you and what you can do to make that other life better.   How you affect the lives of others from your soul.   This is definitely the way to see yourself - sort of a mirror reflecting back on your spirit.  Showing you the things you did that were right.   Your soul - can be a light shining forth in the world.  Making you feel better and  more special.    Not because you bought a new outfit that might make you feel better for an hour - but  more, because you loved and touched the lives of other  living things from your heart.   Because you made a difference.  Because you helped.


I also realize that this may not be important to you.  But shouldn't it be?   Simply put, there is not one material thing in this world that can make a person happy or content in the heart.  At least not for very long.   You may think there is - and you  might think that one physical thing will save you.   And you tell yourself over and over again  "once I have that new car - I will never be sad again."   or "Once I get my law degree I will never feel sorrow or loss again."   "Once I am married...or once I lose weight......etc. "  None of these things are  true and what is most important is that we focus on the things of the spirit and the heart.  

Let me back up a minute.   Don't get me wrong - working towards a goal is important to survival on the earth.   We do have to earn a living.  We do have to have a roof over our head and we need to eat.   We also need to be confident.  And we need to be motivated.   And we should be those things.   But we should also be so much more.  

We should live our lives as a soul of God traveling life in a  human body and not so much a human body dragging around a soul.  There is a difference.

My thoughts are that we can do all of those physical things to succeed in our life but still get outside of ourselves here and there and begin making a difference in another person's life or in an animal's life.  

 Since this thinking is not something that we normally feel inclined to move towards.   We might get depressed.  We might feel empty.   We might not know there is any other way but the material earth and so we feel helpless to make a change.   And It is also why possibly so many of us are taking something to make ourselves happy  or less anxious.   Prozac...Adderall... Wellbutrin...all things to change our moods. 

And on the deeper end of this idea - are those who look into illegal drugs to pacify the soul.  Because oftentimes the soul feels lost or non-important.   Or sad.    But  I am here to tell you...we are not meant to be happy - or self important - at least not all of the time.  

Our change in emotions or our feelings at different places and points in time - provide  us with comparisons that we live and learn by.  For example, if we are sad one moment  - and we work hard to get through it and grow in our thoughts past that bad moment...and make ourselves  try ...we  are  then better able to feel more content once we are  in a good place and then we can tell ourselves we are happy again. 

But we can't do this - if we stay drugged or distracted.  And if we don't try.  We can't see that we are happy if we have just one mood.  And we have to be accountable for our lives.   That is the way God  designed us.   

We need comparisons in our life... so that we can gauge what we have and what we need to work towards when we don't have it.    We need to compare all things - to know the differences and the changes we need to make in ourselves.   We can all stand improvement in our lives.   And to improve ourselves over time.   There are those out there who are so much less fortunate than we might be.   They are crippled or in a wheel chair.   They have cancer.   They are blind.   They are severely handicapped.   They are orphaned or don't have any family at all.   There is always a comparison and there is always a place to start to help out others in life.   We just have to open ourselves up to that  idea and begin moving in that direction.

The problem is - humans don't allow themselves  the opportunity to be human.  We  are told - it is bad to be depressed.   We are told we need to feel happy all the time.   Society tells us this over and over again and so - we resign ourselves to robotic thinking.    Join in or be left out.  And in turn, we don't allow ourselves sadness or depression or hardship.   Or anything that makes us different.    Because society tells us if we do...there is something wrong with us.  

 Because humans are so unhappy with themselves in the heart...we, in turn,  don't allow the things in nature the opportunity to be at peace in nature either.   Our drive to attain a utopic material world makes us frenzied in living.   We can't relax.   We keep moving and taking over things.    And we do awful things in that quest.  

For example, we keep encroaching on nature...building and building and pushing animals out of their wildlife home.   We cut down one tree after another to build more things, thereby further displacing wildlife.  And the poor animals who live in the woods.     Oftentimes we push animals so much - we shove them out into busy streets where they are hit by cars.    We build bigger and bigger houses...deeper and deeper into the woods -  all for human comfort.    All to make ourselves feel better.   And it never stops.   The world is losing the most important thing because this is happening - The natural world and the best of the natural world.   Insects and Animals and birds.

In today's world - it is all about the self-indulgent human and what makes them feel better or more important.    And there is little regard placed on the lives we push aside to obtain that comfort.

And as it turns out ... what we do to ourselves with our sick spirit - we in turn, do to all other living things.   Spreading our modern indulgent  illness of the spirit to the animal world.   As it turns out - when we lack respect for ourselves and others - we lack respect for all living things.   Sadly,  our original purpose on the earth - was to serve nature.   To be a gardener and grow and  plant and nurture.   Somehow...we, as humans, have lost sight of this.

So, this is why wildlife is so very important to me.   The most valuable  thing on the earth.   and so very...very important.   I love wildlife and feel  the love of wildlife in my heart.    I connect with it in my soul.     It centers me with God...the creator.   I love to place my hand in the soil  and plant a flower or a tree.  I love to sit out in a chair in the woods and immerse myself in an entirely different world.   To hear a bird sing to me.      All of it makes me feel love...and I want to help it and keep helping...  

As it goes - a bird's song brings delight to our ear and  our heart.  The joy of having it nearby with it's song is beyond words.  And no matter what you might be going through - there is always something to be thankful for.  Always....    We just have to look around the garden.   And breathe the air.

  Think about it...

And thanks for reading...   Carla



 Boundaries, Human Growth and Living Life Around the  "Bully"

January 25, 2019

Hello Readers!

When life gives us lemons - we make lemonade.  I don't know how many times I have heard that.   Let's just say - often.   So often, I found myself tuning it out.   Besides, I always felt I was entitled to my lemons and my lemon days.    Still, lemons or sour days are life's way of pushing us to grow and get us motivated about making a change in living.

An important trait about ourselves...about being human... is to recognize what we all need to make changes and improve ourselves in life and  work on many different things in order to become a better person.     And growth is vital to learning to live  life with other people.


All of this begins when we are young.   Really young.   Before we ever enter grade school.   As it turns out, a great deal of our lessons in life, start when we are in school and exposed to others on the elementary level...on the bus...on the playground, in the hall and in the cafeteria.   It is at this point in time that our social skills become more finely tuned -teaching us to be socially acceptable beings.    Or learning to be anyway.

Still, just like any other variations in life - some of us don't quite have as great of social skills as what someone else might have.   We don't all receive the same teaching and education about life from our parents.  And we are emotionally and spiritually unique beings who don't have interest in the same things.   So all of these things  affect how we grow and fit in.

 Still, for the most part, as children, we are awkward and insecure and don't have a great deal of self- confidence.  It takes time to develop security and confidence.   And It takes even more time for one child to catch up to another child developmentally.   And emotionally.   And this is why accepting differences in others is so vital. Learning to love  without expectation.

Overall, basically, Children need guidance and boundaries as well.   We all need them, but children need these things to begin the learning phase in social skills.   We all need to learn how to be polite and compassionate and loving to others.  And to respect others.   These are our boundaries.  Sometimes, this teaching is missing before a child ever enters school.

If we want to talk about bullying.   This is where  and when it all starts.  In the  push and shove world of elementary school - a child's survival is dependent  on how well they do when they are thrown into the arena of juvenile social life.   The harshest of all environments.   And inconceivably, parents are  somehow left in the dark. through most if not all of it.  

 If a child is weaker, smaller, quieter, less attractive, less athletic...well, let's just say...less of any and everything- they somehow get run over and clobbered by those who seem to naturally acquire admirable and much more sought after traits.  Beauty.   Brawn.   Talent.   Desirable things that all children want and just don't have.   And can't have.  And will never have.   The truth is - we are not all created equal.

While it is ok to be different and not all be clones of each other - The  child who is genetically and emotionally and physically gifted and superior - often excels - feels entitled and has little tolerance for those who are not.

Looking back, I  was one of the physically non gifted children.  It wasn't like I was ugly or anything - I guess I was cute enough.   I was ordinary and that was ok and I was just sort of quiet.     Introverted.   And creative.   I didn't mind that either - it was who I was.  

I wasn't so concerned about my appearance or what others were about.   I rarely looked in the mirror.   I didn't care what people thought at all.   I never even thought others could think poorly of me.  

And I was smart...boy was I smart...sort of the top of my class in grades kind of smart.  

Because I was more cognitive and intellectually motivated  - it seemed to rub other popular, social climbing children -the wrong way at times.   Still, for the most part, they left me alone.

Then there was my family. family!   So much going on there.   My  poor mother had so many problems.   She had no friends.   She disliked my father.   She was lonely.  She was smart.   Her IQ was 180.   She was too smart.   She wanted out of life with her children - all 10 of them.  So, she ran away over and over again.  Coming back occasionally but missing most of our lives.

The adult neighbors did not like us with all of our many problems.  After all, what sort of woman would leave so many children?  So, they expressed their hate in front of their own children.  And to the other neighborhood women.  And to anyone who would listen to their gossip.  

And so, because they did not filter their adult conversation in front of the kids - their  children didn't like us either.    One day in the middle of the summer of 1963, the 7 year old son of one of these adults who disliked my mother - picked up a  6 inch rock  and threw it at my skull.   Right in the middle of my forehead.  And cracked it.   Because of the gossip without proof and the hate and bullying which trickled down from adults who should know better to a very ignorant child.. I almost died.  I was in the hospital.   And I required many stitches.   I have amazing angels though and I survived.    The moral of this particular story is - Life is filled with hate and bullies.  We have to live past it.

There is an old saying I want to share  - we can choose our friends - but we absolutely cannot choose our families.   And because I loved my family with all of my heart and soul- I did not care what the  neighbors  thought - my first priority was my mother and making  my mother's life better.   That is why I was different.   That is how I stood up to that 7 year old  bully.   He never bothered me again.   I chose my family first.  I knew at that age - I could not be bullied and as life went on - I stayed true to this strength and determination.

After that, Being different led me into a life of being bullied.  But I was strong.   I took a stand.   At first it was because of my mother that I was bullied, then it was because I was too quiet, then it was because I was too skinny, then it was because I was too outspoken.  Don't get me wrong - it wasn't too often.  But when it was God awful. 

Sometimes people ask me - what I did to cause myself to be bullied.   The answer is - nothing.   Not one damn thing.  Bullies try to bully everyone in their path.   It makes no difference to them.   And I have no control of someone's hate.   I only have control of how I react to it.

The concept of the  bully has always bothered me though.   I could never understand the  thinking that  drove a person to be mean to another person.   To feel the need to lash out and hurt someone.   I came to realize however, that some people were not taught boundaries at all in their life or how to have  respect for other human beings.   They never learned how to truly love others the way that God wants us to.    And sadly they just might never learn.

For years though , I blamed myself and thought it was me that caused the bullying.   And thankfully,  I found over time that this was just not the case.   Once when I talked about this  to my husband who I am currently married to...he said "most  people out there are bullies and narcissistic and want their way.  They are spoiled and they cannot handle it when someone stands up to them.   And when you are not as overbearing and abrasive as they might be - Well, these kind of people try to shove others around and push their will on them."     That is what my husband told me.  And it helped.

Sadly, for some, their bullies  hang around for years doing the bullying thing...other times,  it is a one time deal.   Unfortunately, most of us run into a  bully from time to time.   But because we are fearful,  most of us do not stand up to them.   

Some humans want nothing more than to hurt others and even though this is hard to believe.   The truth is - we are just not made of the same cloth.  Remember, Cain killed Abel because of jealousy which caused him to bully his brother and end his life.   Some people's lessons in life are terribly hard and it can take a lifetime to see through the soul.  A bully sees life through hate, a lack of boundaries, no remorse and sinful worldliness.   

A bully will use any means, without remorse to achieve his or her goal. Examples of this are  - Being tormented by electronic stalking or cyber bullying.  Or being ridiculed on social media is bullying.   Being stalked because someone wants bullying.    We just have to know how to be strong and not be affected by it.   

We are all different in life.  As well we should be.   We can only think for ourselves because trying to think for someone else  can lead to problems.   Surviving bullies and get past bullying is important and hard work...  

One important thing to remember with a bully is they are just people like you and me.   They are not Gods.  They are not conquerors.    They are  not super heroes.   They may appear stronger.  And sometimes they just might have the bigger weapon.   And a bully is basically spoiled and wants his or her way... no matter the feelings of the person they are bullying.  But in reality - they are weak and need help to overcome their sickness.

In the end - Bullies have a time limit like everyone else.   They do not go on forever.  Nor does their behavior.    You can count on it.  So, trust that your life will get  better.  No matter what you are going through.  Live  your life and enjoy your moments away from the bully.  At some point they will move on.  Or they will be stopped by another bully.  Or some other life event.

Sadly, in living a life filled with hate enough to destroy another person...a bully wastes his own time in living life.   When all the while, the time might have been better spent learning to love and nurture...  and live life the way that God want us to. 

Thanks so much for reading...  

                                      Sincerely, Carla



When Mob Stalking and Electronic Harassment

Move into Other Areas Of Your Life...

January 31, 2019

Hello Readers!

One of the important things I need to remember is to take it one day at a time.   I talk about it all the time.  And most of the time - I can.   On most mornings I get up and I say thank you for my life.   Some days are good and then there are others moments like today and last night when those things just don't come that easily.   Yes...last night...the energy was stronger and the attacks went on  all night. 

For some reason, I just couldn't quite get into a relaxed mode to sleep.  That, in itself, is hard...we all have nights like that.   But last night...I was hot and sore in my muscles and aching and more.  Everything felt awful.    All the rubber shield on me - made it more hot.  But later -  eventually about 2 hours later, I fell asleep.

The thing is - I do see a pattern going on.  So, last night I started thinking about what was different.   I thought about it while I lay there not sleeping.  And  I came to the conclusion while I was thinking that I believe there are about 4 or 5 DEWs placed about in their home and aimed in through my roofline - now -mostly at my bed when I sleep or try to sleep.   The pattern  I am noting is - the puffs or energy pops I normally get at my head from DEW will normally be about 30 to 40 seconds apart.   I count the time between the pops sometimes if I am still awake.   Anyway,  That is what I felt before.   But I noticed that lately, when their machines are all going at the same time and the energy cranking all at once - normally between 11 pm and 3 am - - the puffs or pops of energy against my head will be about 4 seconds apart.   Making me think there are more weapons zeroed in on one area.

I have shared with you before that I am using rubber mats (large ones) and a lead blanket and grounded silver fabric.   And my bose headphones, 5 brain caps and ear plugs.   If I stay under the covers and pull the large rubber mat up with the silver fabric over it  above my head and keep my head gear on - I don't hear the pops and energy sounds.   But believe me it is hot.   And sweaty.   Still, I suppose, a little warmth is better than pain and suffering.

If I do happen to come uncovered during the night after I fall asleep - and is bound to happen to anyone - I feel the P-F-F-F-t over and over again, against my face and head  and it wakes me up.  

I am so thankful that the rubber mats so far seem to block the microwave burning effect on my torso and arms and legs and the flailing arm and leg, that I have felt in the past.  

I am getting a feeling that they - my neighbors - husband and wife - are super mad now - because they are not getting  the results they  wanted by making me look like I was off the deep end or off my rocker.   Who knows.   Maybe they wanted to make me get cancer.   Or to have a heart attack or a stroke and die.   Maybe they wanted it to happen more quickly and it never did.   As of now, I have none of these things - and if I put myself in their shoes -  it must be totally infuriating to someone who wants to see the results and much more quickly.

There were times I wanted to call the police on them.   But I never did.  Why would I?   It is what a stalker wants.  It is what a bully wants you to do - react.   You call - then the police find nothing.   So, because I could picture that scenario, I never called anyone or talked to anyone  -    I never reacted - I knew better - and still know better.   And because I have chosen to remain quiet.   It appears to be rattling them more and more each day.    I  can see it by what I am feeling in my home and by what I  can sense  as well.  

As with all Gang stalkers - the goal is always to hide what they were doing from the public and to be sneaky and smile at everyone else on the street as they torture.   My two stalkers continue to spread lies to neighbors about how horrible I am and how I am attacking - the wife.  Which is not true...none of it -  because I stay the hell away from them and have for years.    I have given them no ammunition to fire back with .    That is the truth.   And even though this is the case -  they continue with the torment of Electronic Harassment and Mob stalking.   

 I always find myself hoping and wishing that someone could help me.   To rescue me from the continued abuse from my neighbors.   Each and every day, I pray for this.  -    However, I know in my heart  - that  those who might help - can't - because they don't have a clue about any of this.  Or where to even begin.   They can't see it.   They will never see it.   Ultimately, this idea about directed energy is as foreign as it gets to the human brain.   

 So, if  I make it through the night, I am truly grateful.  There is a part of me, that hopes and prays that the lives of these two hate filled souls will move on and find something or someone else to pick on.  At least, at some point in their wasted lives.

I have mentioned in some of my other writing that my cell phone has been hacked since this all started.   Nothing to destroy my life really, but little things that can  be quite annoying.   Like pushing my blue tooth on or my locator on and GPSing me.   I caught onto that and blocked it.   Or - like a signal jam on each and every one of the calls I make and a hang up on the person I am talking to.   This bothers me but not for myself really - more for the people I am chatting with - because the people I am talking to - they all think I am hanging up on them.    I try to find other ways to reach them.   I am aware of what is going on and I know what is happening, but these poor people don't. 

My sister and I are very close and a few days ago - her phone began to act up whenever she sent texts to me.   Any long texts she composed and tried to send to me - would simply vanish and I would never get it.   We have gone through our phones and adjusted, scanned and reset and changed what needed to be changed all without an improvement.  I suggested she take the phone into her phone company for a factory reset.

I had read in the past about spyware that can be sent into a phone through text messages and can duplicate a person's phone information and that duplicated information can be sent or pulled to another location.    If someone is computer saavy enough, and knows how to play in the tech field - they can get around your computer's passwords and even your anti-virus apps.   My neighbor is a computer engineer - but I can only guess about this.   

Anyway, getting back to my sister and me - well, today, she got upset and told me not to write to her anymore.   I was a little upset with this because I didn't know if she was telling me to get lost.   So I asked her.  Are you telling me that you don't want to talk to me anymore?    She told me No - she loved me but couldn't take what was going on with her phone.  So, I let it go.   And feel thankful she is still there waiting to be in touch.

I do know that this is one method of Gang stalking - to push you into isolation.   To make others turn against you.   Lucky for me - I have people who truly love me and that I always enjoyed being alone and can find another way to reach out to people.

I know it should all be getting to pushing me and  making me more upset...all of this nonsense.   But , so far, I still feel blessed.   I still feel content that I can wake up in my life with my husband and my adopted cats and all of the wildlife I take care of.   That I can look out in my garden and say thank you for the beauty.   

And, basically, I am trying to take it for what it is.   Two very unhealthy people (and I mean psychotic) and their accomplices -who can't stop hunting and trying to hurt.   Ultimately, I know in my heart, it cannot last forever.  Nothing ever stays the same.  Nothing lasts forever.  And hopefully  something in their own life will redirect them.   And soften their heart.

Besides, I can always write my sister a letter, put a stamp on it and send it.  Snail mail...I know  -but it is effective - you just don't have instant gratification of someone responding back quickly.   Still, after all of this - I am ok with getting off the grid for a bit.   And I am grateful for anything I can do  to take me away from horrible neighbors and their cyber and technological hunt for me.   If and when this is over - I have had my fill of technology to last me a lifetime.   

For now, I decided that if the two next door want to be Covert - so will I.   That is one of my strengths - I can pretty much outlast the best of them.  

And again, I still try and be thankful for each day I wake up and my mind  is still intact.  And I am still healthy.

Thanks so much for reading...  

                                      Sincerely, Carla



Some of the Most Prominent and Common Symptoms of Electronic Harassment

February 2, 2019

 Good Morning Everyone!

I wanted to take the time to share some of the more prominent symptoms and stressors caused by electronic harassment - and also some of the things I did to block signals and protect myself.

Ear Ringing - Or a ringing pulse - can be with the beat of your heart or not. Tinnitus or excessive ear ringing can be bothersome. It is important to note that ear ringing could be from other health problems or medication you take for blood pressure or other things. It can occur if you have hearing damage. Ear ringing is also a product of too much technology and excessive exposure to microwaves in cell phones or cell phone towers and other electronic technology. It can also be from living under power lines.

If you are someone who is a victim of electronic stalking, however, you will begin to see a pattern. Ringing in the ears is one of the first symptoms of electronic harassment and EMF exposure. You will hear the ringing inside your house and the tone of the ring will change if directed energy changes. Just listen for cues.

If you are concerned your ringing is coming from hearing loss or anything else - please see a primary care doctor for referrals to have this condition diagnosed. Other wise, if you are pretty sure it is a byproduct of directed energy - I found the best treatment is - earplugs, noise cancellation headphones, brain coats purchased at . Also, there are vitamins available to treat tinnitus whether it be from directed energy or from excessive wear and tear. 


You have super red eyes -

If you are unsuspecting - and one morning you wake up with super bloodshot eyes and I mean the eyes are a deep red aware that this is one of the first symptoms of exposure to Directed Energy. If it happens morning after morning after morning and you have heard ringing all night long....this is again, a symptom of directed energy. An unsuspecting person may think they have allergies. They may think they have other health problems - and they just might. Or they could also be hungover. Please be aware of how often it happens or if you don't drink at attention to level of redness and other symptoms you might be having.

Please see a doctor about liver ailments - because red eyes are  a symptom of liver dysfunction and disease. Again, if you have all or many of the symptoms of being targeted - make sure you protect yourself.

What I do.

I  put my brain caps on and sleep in those (6) purchased at and I wear those along with the foam earplugs and noise cancellation headphones. These items stopped my eye redness right away. There is also eye masks that can be purchased at the same store that you can cover your eyes with when you go to sleep.  When I get out of bed - I use Visine AC for red eyes - it gets rid of the allergic appearance and irritation and redness that accompanies this awful condition.

Burning Sensations on your skin or inside your body. 

  Think about a sunburn. Only you are not laying in the sun - the burn from a microwave weapon or laser can be instantaneous. And let me tell you it hurts. When my neighbors first used it on me - I was cuddling with my husband on our bed. I felt a severe burning feeling in my right ovary. I did not get up when I should have. I wanted to be strong and let my neighbors know that they were not going to bully me. I wanted to feel close to my husband. Well, to make a long story short, I hurt for days. I felt the burn hang on for a while. It eventually stopped. But after that, I knew I had a problem with the hate my neighbor woman felt for me. I could not prove it, but still, I was aware. ***At first, you may be stunned by the sensation of being burned inside. But keep a level head and know how to deal with it. It will feel like a deep spreading burn sort of a throbbing gnawing sensation inside your body. At the same time, you may suddenly feel queasy. And lightheaded.  For example, if you get burned in the kidneys - you may feel nauseated and really dehydrated - you may feel sudden pain in the kidneys - and when you go to the bathroom, you may notice that your urine is suddenly darker.   If this is a burn from directed energy - please make sure you cover your torso and chest and back when you are moving around inside your house and also when outside - silver clothing from the same EMF shop online.   And make sure you drink 8 glasses of water daily.    You can purchase a lead apron sold on amazon that runs between 200 and 1000 dollars.   But it is well worth the money.   There is virtually nothing that can penetrate lead.

You can be burned in any organ that your stalkers want to burn. Even your legs or your head or arms.   Once again, make sure you cover up with clothing sold by

***On the other hand, if you feel your ailment is from a health condition, please make sure to have a physical or see a physician. You will definitely know if you are being targeted especially if you are cleared by the doc.   Over time - it is a common sense thing. Pay attention to your body and to the room you are in.   And the sounds and energy around you.   

  If your enemy is harassing you covertly - live your life in a covert manner also.   Covert just means in a stealthy or hidden way. Try to separate ideas in your head about what your body should feel like and compartmentalize things and think about what you do and do not have problems with. Solution solve and don't panic.   Let go of your old thinking - that I want my life back ...give it to me!!!   That isn't going to happen.   If you are a targeted Individual - your life has changed and it will never be the same a gain.   Even if the attack stops...learning to trust again after this will be hard to say the least.   But never let that stop you from where you are now - surviving.   Taking the shit one day at a time. 

By the way - the burn I am talking about is definitely something you have never felt before. You will know. You become aware.

****My other advice - don't lay in the path of a microwave weapon that is burning you. The damage is possibly non-permanent, if done once to you...but common sense will tell you that the more burns you get, the harder it will be to reverse the damage.    If you have to - you need to just get up and keeping moving and get going.   The DEW will follow you but keep in mind - it takes a few seconds to minutes to find you and if you can outwit the machine, you might not possibly be found.   I have stated this over and over again, DEW is designed to mutilate, disfigure, maim, torment and do it without a trace...making a person feel it is their own body and a disease process that might happen naturally.

If you are asleep when this happens, and you wake up and start to feel a burn happening in your legs or your rectum or your abdomen - grab a 100% rubber mat or two and a 2 foot by 3 foot lead veterinarian blanket.

..just cover your torso and/or legs. Put them on top of you right away. If you are allergic to rubber - use the lead apron or the lead veterinarian blanket or another material between the rubber and your skin. Silver fabric pulled up over the head will also help some. I wear silver fabric boxers, t-shirts and a hoodie every night when I go to bed.

You may feel a headache -

Mostly in the temporal lobes of the side of your head. That is where I have had most of mine. When my head is uncovered and the frequencies are ongoing, usually low frequencies - I get sudden headaches. In fact, this type of headache put me in the hospital in March 2018 and a CT scan revealed unexplained brain lesions. So, I can only guess that directed energy was responsible for some minor brain damage on the left temporal lobe. My neighbors used a radar gun on me as I worked in my back yard. I looked up and caught them holding the weapon from their upstairs window - saw a flash of light, and immediately felt the headache on the left side of my head. And now, I know better.

The frequencies from the directed energy weapon pound at brain tissue and over time open it up for further assault. I always wear my brain hats and pull them on --- which again are from    (I wear from 2 - 5 hats and also foam ear plugs and noise cancellation headphones from Bose. This usually stops the headache and keeps me from hearing all the frequencies coming in through my roof line. Some people claim that one hat helps them - but in my case and because of the severity of the signals - I wear more.

You may feel sick or nauseated or dizzy or disoriented - Keep in mind that directed energy's assault on the brain tissue and body can be quite unsettling. If you are not covering up or you are not aware of what is happening, you could fall prey to a lethal dose of energy or frequencies that can disrupt normal body function and feeling. Read the other pages of this website for helpful information to survive DEW.

Unexplained Skin Rashes - ​

For about 3 months I broke out on my elbows, sides of my legs, my thighs and the rash was thick, scaly, and horribly itchy. It even peeled and flaked off. I had no exposure to poison ivy outside. I had not changed laundry soap. I am not allergic to my pets. Again, the rash was deep, red, scaly, flaky and not anything I had ever seen before. Others around me kept saying I had eczema; that I had cellulitis; that I had shingles. I went to a doctor...I had none of these. Because I have been going through being stalked by my neighbors who are hell bent on revenge - and I can feel the directed energy through my roof line, I knew the condition was connected to the targeting. There were times when I slept and my legs were not covered that I felt something hit them or zap them and it startled me.

What Did I Do?

I got a prescription of Prednisone. I used topical Benadryl. And I applied it each and every time I felt the cream wear off. The legs and arms are now rash free. But they just now cleared and I suffered for those 3 months. Still, now I know what to look for in reference to future attacks. I cover my arms and legs.

Hearing Clanging Tones, Voices and other Outside Noises Next To Your Head at Night or Think They Might Be Inside Your Head. ​ 

​When Directed Weapons were used during WWII, their purpose was mainly for mind control. Basically, frequencies were used on a subject until their mind was pliable and open to anything thrown at it. V2K or Voice To Scull - is the term used to explain what happens to a human mind when a voice or a sound is thrown at it with Directed Energy Weapons. Especially when an unsuspecting person is not expecting it. 


One thing about the human mind -  it is resilient, but if the enemy or someone who hates you enough and wants you to appear crazy or mentally off - the sole purpose of your attack would be to do that.  To push you over the edge.

On the positive side, If a person knows they are being targeted or that this type of thing is occurring, they can take measures to counteract this problem.  

But let's say one is not aware - if they are bombarded with this type of technology, they may think they have indeed gone crazy.  They might even start telling others they hear voices or sounds, etc and a well meaning friend or family member might just call someone and have them taken away. Or send them to seek psychiatric help. 


As it turns out - V2K is a big draw for Electronic Stalkers-it is their favorite item in the directed energy campaign. They love it because it is one of the cruelest forms of torture in this arena - Electronic Harassers use it because they love to hurt someone physically, mentally,  emotionally or spiritually and discredit them in front of others. They love to break down the human and the human spirit. They love to make a person look bad in front of those who love them. They love to break up friendships.   Why do they would do this?   Well, you got me on that one - who the hell knows?

What to do. If this is happening to you - and you see all of the other symptoms that go along with being stalked and harassed electronically, keep in mind that you are not what someone else says you are and you are not alone.   First rule - don't let a bully get to you. Don't let him break you down. Make sure you have one good friend...or join a support group. There are support groups on facebook and online all over the world that connect people going through this. So you do not have to be alone.

Other things to do. Make sure to run white noise (several white noise machines all set at different sounds to break up the frequencies being thrown at you) and make sure to wear noise cancellation headphones. Brain coats and ear plugs. Please, please read all the print and information on this website. 

On the other hand, it is important to note - if you feel that you are having mental health symptoms not associated with being electronically harassed, seek help right away. Things are never as they seem. See a professional.

Otherwise, keep in mind that the world has indeed changed and what seems unlikely to most is happening to many. Just do a search on the internet about electronic harassment and also targeted individuals.

When Laying Flat - A Bubbling, Rolling, Vibration In Your Body.

One of the things that I feel I know the least about with Directed Energy Weapons is what causes a rolling vibration in my body when I am laying down and trying to go to sleep. I feel it is part of the cooking process of the microwave - or possibly something that breaks down tissue and destroys a person from the inside. Or it could be a part of the weapon that is just disturbing and keeps you from sleeping. Still, It is not burning you - but it seems to me like I feel my body is being vibrated from the inside.

What do I do? I place 2 layers of rubber under me and a couple on top of me. The vibration is lessened this way. This is in addition to all of the covers and clothing I wear.

An Overwhelming Need to Cough, Sneeze, Fart, Scratch an uncontrollable itch, jabbing pain in the shoulder blade - or anything that will Cause You to Make a Sound or Move.

The reason for this type of thing in directed energy is, I believe, to locate you if you disappear off the radar or in this case - from the scanning portion of DEW. It is also designed to keep you from sleeping...but mostly to locate you.

What to do. If you feel this really strange need to cough that comes out of no where - try to keep from coughing - you will know if you have a cold or a flu bug. In that case, you have to cough. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Again, if the cough comes out of nowhere - you can feel it. and you are not sick. Pay attention. When I feel this and I know I don't have a cough or cold and I haven't inhaled anything and I am just sitting there minding my own business - I simply suppress the cough. It is what I do.

What I know from experience, is that just before I feel this strong urge to cough, there is a strong pulsing ringing signal sound in the room, followed by a strong steady tone and then all of the sudden there is a rough scratchiness in my throat.

There were times when I couldn't stop the cough in the past because I was not aware that this was happening. When I couldn't stop it, the pulsing nasty ring got really strong and loud in the room I was in. Right near my head. I would get up and move.

Well, now I know what to look for. I can now tell it is the energy which has invaded my house - so, what I do is - I swallow slightly 2 or 3 times to break up my thought about coughing and then I stick a cough drop in my mouth. So, at that point, I don't cough and then, the search frequency associated with DEW - looking for me - suddenly stops. It takes about 30 seconds to several minutes for this to be patient and don't panic.

Now..the sneezing signal is a hard one to handle - if I absolutely have to sneeze, I try to quietly sneeze into a cloth. I pinch my nose a little and it usually stops the sneeze. And then the ringing pulsing signal stops.

Gas, is another one to keep under wraps - but gas can be expelled slowly. Try that and be quiet.

An uncontrollable itch - that one I haven't mastered yet except to use benadryl anti-itch lotion. Or use oatmeal lotion by Aveeno all of the time.

A sharp jab or burning sensation on a muscle or in your shoulder blade and you can't reach it - try to take some deep breaths and focus on something else. Count to 10 but be patients. Move out of the way. Just remember, you won't always be able to have an easy fix for this type of attack.

What Can Only Be Described As Puffs of Air or Energy being Blown Quickly At Or Popping Against Your Head. Can Be Felt On The Temporal Lobe - Top Of The Head.

This is experienced by a P-f-f-f-t, P-f-f-f-t, P-f-f-f-t sound. Aproximately 8 - 30 seconds apart in succession. The P-f-f-f-t puff or energy whack into your head - are alarming and very uncomfortable. They  wake you from a deep sleep.   They thwack your head over and over again. And it is truly an awful feeling to say the least.

At first I wasn't sure what this was used for - but then I determined it is to awaken you from sleep; to keep you from sleeping and to prime your head for other assaults.

What do I do? I pull my silver Circutex fabric I bought from up over my head. I wear my ear plugs, my noise cancellation headphones and my 4 brain caps when I sleep. The headphones were difficult to get used to while I slept, but the sanity I gain from wearing them and blocking out sound is amazing. When I pull the fabric up over my face and head - the puffs of air or energy are lessened and normally stop after about 30 minutes if I stay concealed.  Lately, the attacks are all night.   So, I get some sleep and then I have to move and start again.   It takes a while for DEW to quit finding you.

Be aware though, in normal moving around during the night - you are bound to become uncovered and the whole process with DEW usually starts again. And the signal will be increased if your enemy is not getting the results they want from tormenting you. It is, to say the least, a very vicious battle.

Electrical Charges Sent Into The Body and A Static Electricity Feeling When You Don't Want It or You Least Expect It.

This one is a hard one to talk about. It is truly uncomfortable and makes you feel irritable and stressed when the electricity is pulsing through you from outside and all around you in a room. You can feel snaps and pops - normally light in feeling - moving over you. On a knee - your shoulder - your forearm. You can be cooking a meal in your own private kitchen - you can be sitting watching television in what should be your private family room. These zaps of electrical current can occur at anytime. Still, If it hits at night - it is very difficult to sleep. We all need to realize that harassing is the objective of an electronic harasser. Sleep deprivation is a big power trip to the electronic harasser.

Because the mob stalkers are using electrical current on you to torture you , try using a grounding therapy to counteract the attacks. 

What do I do? I have a grounding mat I purchased from

Here is the link:     Just type in the words earth grounding mat.  Or tens units.

I lay on the mat for around 30 minutes every day or longer to build up a resistance to this barrage of power. The electrical charge in my body is higher because I do this. I do ok for the most part.

There are also Tens Units that are sold on Amazon as well that will help you to achieve the same result.

A Super High Level of Aggression or Depression or anxiety.

These feeling are those that can occur naturally but if you are being electronically harassed - this is also one symptom of many. If you find yourself agitated and feeling anxious,

distract yourself with other thoughts and movement. Work on a hobby. Read a book. Go for a walk. Find a friend and talk. Go see someone who can help provide assistance if your level of these emotions and feelings are unbearable.

DO NOT, on the other hand, give in to it. Don't yell at others. Don't take things out on those you love. Don't break things or hurt others.

Your harasser and bully - want you to lose it. They want you to do something that will get you in trouble. They want to destroy your friendships and relationships. So, Don't, Don't, Don't Let It Happen!!! Fighting this takes amazing will power and strength.

Pray for strength but separate your thinking and realize it is not you. It is stimulation and nasty stimulation at that.

Inability to Sleep and Feeling Exhausted.

After all of the popping, zapping, sounds, and so many other things that are shoved through your walls and roof line virtually all day and night with directed energy weapons and electromagnetic frequencies, you have to ask yourself - how could anyone possibly ever get sleep? The answer is - you still can get your sleep - just need to solution solve and figure out counter tactics to fight what is going on.

What do I do? I have to admit, this was my biggest challenge. But because I am older and have had children and raised them and have lost sleep off and on through my entire life, this was something that I was already used to. I am not saying I handle it great, because I don't all the time. But, mentally, I do a self talk - not to be confused with talking to myself in nonsensical jabber. Self talk is a positive reinforcement of self thought and ideas. My feelings are - open your mind to being flexible. Think about what you do if you travel to a hotel or go camping. You know it is not your own bed. But after some tossing and turning and self-talk - you sleep. And if staying at your new location for a few days, by the 3rd day, you are probably sleeping better.

Well, apply the same logic and thinking to the attack on you by directed energy. The same thing happens with Directed Energy Weapon attacks on your sleep. You need to find solutions to this  predicament.

Here are some ideas - go sleep at someone else's house. Stay gone for a week. Or a month. If that is problematic, move around in your house, but make sure you have shielding and pull it up over you. Make a metal cover. One option is a Faraday Cage. And here is another link:


If this not feasible, use silver and lead blankets. If not allergic to rubber, cover your torso and thighs with several rubber mats. These can be heavy, so if this presents a problem, find a metal structure that you can place above your body in bed (not tall - there is short scaffolding and racks that can support things above you in bed) Check out an idea on and place the heavier shielding objects on that and then sleep under it. But if your bed presents the problem...sleep on the floor - a basement would be great because signals cannot travel through concrete and dirt and especially not dirt. If the signals increase, move again, and make your shielding a little thicker - a little better. And always cover up your head with the things I have shared with you on this website.

Most signals that are used in Directed Energy stimulate thought and actions and nerve sequences in the brain. If you shut the brain off to this barrage of energy and command signals - some of its effect will be dissipated.

All of this sounds exhausting and to be a royal pain in the ass, but I tell myself constantly, I love sleep and get sleep when I can. I sleep when the opportunity presents itself. It seems to help.

Another thing you might want to do is use Melatonin up to 6 mg about 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed. Do not take anything you might be allergic to. I use over the counter Unisom sleep tabs. Not the gel caps - but you may like those because they contain Benadryl. The tabs do not. I like the sleep tabs better.

Some people swear by over the counter Valerian root which is a natural Valium and also over the counter Benadryl. Taking a couple of Benadry instead of the Melatonin to get sleep. These all take the edge off of losing sleep and usually help you drift back off if disturbed.

My advice about heavier sleep agents that are prescribed by a Physician like Lunesta or Ambien - try to steer clear of these because the sleep they cause is so heavy that Directed Energy can do serious damage to you if you can't wake up to get out of its way.

If you snore - Directed Energy Weapons will find you - and sadly, I snore. I am my own worst enemy in trying to stay concealed. Your goal in counter spying and this new espionage is to stay quiet... concealed. You are not concealed if you snore.

I use nose strips to open up my airways and I just purchased a chin strap - making myself wear that in addition to all of the other head wear - now that is going to pose a problem. But something to work on. Oh and alcohol makes snoring worse - so you might want to ease up on that.

Thanks so much for reading...  

                                      Sincerely, Carla



Now that we are all free to do what we want -

and the freewill to decide - what will we do with that freedom?

February 4, 2019

So, I have given this a lot of thought.   And to make sure I provide the right information, I want to go back in time a bit.   Thousands of years ago.   Let's start with the Egyptians.   I know...right?   That is a long time ago.  But the reason I am starting here is  because I want to make a point. 

When Egypt ruled the known world 3000 - 1630 B.C. (Before Christ) - there were Kings and their queens.  Or Pharaohs.   These were the royals or the Monarchs of the time.   On the other side,  there were the other people.  The other ones were all the rest of the people who lived outside the King's or Pharaoh's household.   

Those people were the slaves.  Servants.    And in living, they were either doing one of many slave type jobs.   Dragging blocks.   Growing food.   Taking care of the King's horses and livestock.   And, of course, attending to the personal needs of the Pharaoh and his queen.   

So basically, most people were born into slavery  and they worked so the Pharaoh and his queen could live and be comfortable.  

I think the block draggers had it the worst.   Can you imagine? They spent their entire life dragging chunks of cut stones up ramps to add to the pyramids and other structures.  Over and over and over and over day led into another...and they were still dragging blocks.    Sadly, the block dragger didn't probably have a chiropractor to adjust his or her poor tired bones at the end of a day.   They might have had someone to rub a shoulder because history does show that Massage Therapy dates back to this time...

These block draggers probably had little time to consume food or rest however.  In those days, there were no 15 minute Union enforced - mid morning breaks.  He put in very long days.   So when the day was done, the block dragger fell into an exhausted sleep.   He lived day in and day out going to work, going home, eating, and then sleeping then going back to work.     He did this for years - until the day he died...or until a large stone crushed him to death.

We can take many trips down memory lane in history to get an idea of what people were like.  Or what their lives were like.   It is important to take a look at history from time to time to compare what we have or what we as humans have gone through - so we can appreciate where we are.  

And if we take all of history into consideration at the same time.   There is one recurring theme or idea - and that is slavery.  Over and over in again in history - A master, a king, a queen and then the slaves or peasants who worked for them.  One period of life after another.   And the same ill-fated treatment of humankind.    

Let's talk about England in the 1300s.  Over 64,000 people immigrated to England during that century to escape the black death which was actually the Bubonic plague.   This plague killed between 74 and 200 million people in the 1330s.   The loss of human life was difficult for feudal lords because they needed the manpower to run an empire or kingdom.   And this number of deaths represented a large percentage of the population of Europe at the time.  

However, When these immigrates came to England, their jobs were pretty much predetermined for them upon their arrival.   And they didn't escape from the disease thinking they would be free - they just crossed a border from one level of slavery into another. 

If they were not  born into power and wealth or royalty, those who did not live in wealth or the palace,  came to be in one of 2 classification or jobs.   Collectively, they were called peasants.   Peasants were divided between slaves and serfs.  The latter were freer but still toiled in their masters’ land.   The slaves lacked most of the freedom enjoyed by the serfs such as having families.  Other than toiling in the fields, peasant also tended to the horses and cattle in meadows.  

From sun up to sun down...their jobs were to grow crops.   Attend to the Lord's livery stable.  To tend to the royals' livestock.   They dressed.  Cooked for.  Cleaned up after their masters.   And so went their lives.  If they failed to do their jobs, they were beaten and mistreated.   Locked in dungeons and starved to death.   Or sent out to try and make it on their own.     Their was no freedom....ever...for anyone.   No allowance for freewill.   And if the peasant did somehow survive life as a slave ...there were plagues and disease that took many lives anyway.

Time after time, throughout history.   History repeats itself with the few that have and the many who have not.   The masses of the population were not seen as important, except for the job done.   Their was little interest in the slave's personal life.   They were slaves...chattel for the Lords and ladies of the manor.   Little else mattered.

 If we read all accounts of all lives and events in history -  it would appear that humans, for the most part, were born to be slaves.    There were the few who had control or led and the many who listened up and followed.   Those that lead and those that do as they are told.   Over and over again.    From the beginning, the world functioned with the haves enjoying rest and relaxation and control while the others...well, they just did their jobs.  Rest came in spurts.

Then let's take a look at life from another angle.   The enslavement of Africans in servitude to wait on and pamper and caudle white slave owners - well, let's just say, peasant stock whites who decided when they got away from England - they would have someone take care of them.  

In the case of slavery in the United States...Humans of color were seen as animals.  They were seen as chattel.    A primitive species of life to be treated as whites wished to treat them.   They were bought...owned and replaced as needed - by the whites who purchased them.   If a slave did not do as they were told, they were beaten, whipped, starved and raped and in some cases - hung and left dangling in a tree for all to see.   But even when they did as they were told - the black slave in the U.S.  received the same poor treatment.   And so much more.  

And while all of this was going on....the blacks did what they were supposed to do.   They did not want trouble or sorrow.  They were there to take care of the white slave owners.    Just like the Pharaoh controlling the slaves in Egypt...and like the Lord in his castle or Manor controlling the peasants.   ...The white slave owner worked the African immigrant so hard and for so long...he nearly killed him in the process.

You would have thought that there would be some sort of a memory or recognition of the white man's past experience of being slaves themselves in England, Scotland and Ireland.   A memory of the history of having been whipped, beaten, tortured and killed and having been treated in this same exact way.    But like most humans...when things get better - they forget - or they chose to forget.  

The early white English settlers pushed their way onto a new land of America in the 1620.   And if the winters were not enough to kill them and make them appreciate what they did never once stopped them from taking advantage of other people who lived in America first.    While they were gaining power and making their way and surviving and also taking control of land - Early settlers mowed over every other indigenous persons in their path.   They destroyed the lives of native Americans.   Over 100 years, the white settlers killed  nearly 35 million indigenous people on the North American continent.

It was during the 1700s, the white man turned his own attention to enslaving another human...blacks, brought in from Africa by the Dutch - to work the plantations they  owned and to work the cotton fields so that they could make more money with cheaper labor.  


When looking back on history...Humans do not know how to leave each other alone.   They don't know how to respect or treat others with compassion.  Don't get me wrong - their are some who care...but the majority give little thought to who or what they run over to achieve their own gain.   Humans need to have control to make a difference in the world - without it - they have nothing.  or so they think.  This control is what destroys other lives.

 Now put yourself in the shoes of these slaves.    Think of what it felt like to lose  livelihood  and freedom  and a family.   To be yanked away from home.  And never see it again.  To no longer have freewill or freedom to speak.  And the white plantation owner, whose own family many years ago had been white peasants or slaves in England.   Well, he just turned around and placed someone else beneath himself in the same position of SLAVE.

History is full slavery.   Of inequality.   Of brutality and the most horrible violence imaginable.   Of battles.   And wars.   Torture.   And basically people pushing their own will on other human beings.

Over thousands of years, billions of people have lived on the earth.    They came.   They lived...   Yet when they died - the memory of their unimportant life -  faded - with very few who ever lived a truly momentous existence - or ever leaving their mark on the rest of the world.    For the most part, they disappeared from longer remembered for the meager life in which they lived.  

In those early days - there were no smiling selfies or pictures frozen in time - to share on Social media.  There were no phones to chat with another person you cared about.   There were no text messages or any other thing that would connect them in their suffering or plight.  They were pretty much alone.

So why is any of this important. ?  Well, think about it.  Nothing has really changed much over the years.   Or even over thousands of years. The only real difference is - today, there is a whole world of relaxing people.  Or people wanting to relax.   Less work and more relaxing.   Never before in history  has this ever happened.     Today, work is seen as undesirable.   And one wants to less work gets done and everyone feels and wants to be the pharaoh or the king or the princess - and be waited on..   The goal - power, control, fame, money and recognition.

Unlike those in the day of serfdom and earlier...Egyptian slavery ...- Nowadays, we all feel important and entitled and we all want to leave our mark on society when we are gone.  We want to be remembered.  

We can't all possibly do this of course.   It is not possible.   Nearly 8 billion people all can't be remembered.   Still, there is not one person out there who doesn't want to be famous or have power.   When in reality, it just isn't so important.  It wasn't important back then in Egypt and it wasn't important in the time of peasants in England and it isn't important now.   We get what we get in life for a reason.  And that ain't so bad.

We are now a generation of humans with unending selfies and smiles that transcend time - with 1000s of photos that are shared....posted and stamped on walls of hundreds of social media pages of technology to be seen years from now by complete and utter strangers.   That is how we will leave our mark.  Through pictures.

Sadly, there are so many people doing the same thing - it is still not enough to be truly seen.  Like  looking for a needle in a haystack...or in this case - a gigantic pile of pictures... who will be remembered in a billion faces?  

We humans have it all wrong.   Well, just look back.   As mankind...we spent hundreds of years fighting for freedoms.   That has always been our number one goal.    And then we got those freedoms.   We are surely blessed...don't get me wrong.     We don't have black plagues, or life threatening illnesses and are living in the healthiest time ever on the earth.    But sadly, today, we have so much time on our hands, we just don't know what to do with the freedom.  We are all, free, healthy and yes...bored.   

What I want to know is - what makes us think we deserve a better life than those who dragged blocks or washed the back of the Queen?    Again, we are all  just blessed to be born - TODAY!    And it is just one of those things.   

I am of the belief that our importance in living our life -  is what we do for other life.   Not about building ourselves up in front of others.    Not about who we are on Facebook.   It is more the things we do to help others.    Whether it be to help an elderly woman  or man with their groceries.   Or volunteering to work with the poor or the homeless.   Or to work in a shelter for animals or protect wildlife.   We can go to school and become a doctor and help the sick.   We can paint pictures of how we see life and give it to someone and share the beauty.   We can express ourselves and eat what we want and share that food we love with someone else we love.   We can go to concerts and listen to music and read any book we want to...all without fear of reprisal.   The choices, in a free life...are unlimited.  

No one will ever be important... at least not like the Queen of the Nile like important.   We are only as important in what we do in life.   And that in itself is important to the soul.

So in the physical world.   My question is that we are all free to do what we want in our life - and the freewill to decide -  what will we do with that freedom?    You decide...

Thanks so much for reading...  

                                      Sincerely, Carla



I thought You Would Like To See this Article About

A New Weapon Designed By the Russians. 

February 5, 2019

This report was posted on MSN 6 hours ago.  Just wanted you to know - that we are not alone.   As you will see when you read this article that electronic technology is advancing and being used more often  and will, over time, affect millions of people before something can be done about it.    If this is, indeed, the  case - the more people affected - then the sooner a change will be made to stop electronic weaponry used to target people in their own homes.  It just has to be seen by more people and in fact, more people who can do something about it through laws.

Read on:


The Russian Navy reportedly has a new weapon that can disrupt the eyesight of targets as well as make them hallucinate and vomit.

Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported that a Russian military contractor has installed the weapon on two Russian warships.

The weapon fires a beam similar to a strobe light that affects the target's eyesight, making it more difficult for them to aim at night. During testing, volunteers reportedly used rifles and guns to shoot targets that were protected by the weapon. The volunteers reported having trouble aiming because they couldn't see.

Additionally, about half of the volunteers said they felt dizzy, nauseous and disoriented. About 20 percent of the volunteers reported experiencing hallucinations.

The weapon, called the Filin, has reportedly been installed on the Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov, two Russian warships. The weapon is expected to be installed on more ships that are currently being built.

The weapon was developed by Ruselectornics, a Russian state-owned developer of electronics and other technologies.

Thanks so much for reading...  

                                      Sincerely, Carla



I Wrote A Letter,

Sent 3 Texts...

And Was Snubbed By Law Enforcement.

February 6, 2019

Well, I guess that pretty much says it all.   Beginning in October or November of 2018, I started writing to the police and the FBI.   A letter to each.    I wanted to let someone know how bad things had gotten  for me with Electronic Harassment and Mob stalking.    At first, I didn't really want to write to anyone.  The idea of telling anyone about it felt uncomfortable.   I felt that I would be seen as out there or off mentally.   So, I let it go.   And I just kept sticking my letters in drawers and deciding I would think about it.   The indecision started in July 2018.   

All through August, and September, I tried to be brave, thinking that my neighbors would just stop their harassment and stalking on their own.   But they didn't and things got worse.   So much worse.   So, one day, when I couldn't take it anymore...I started asking for help.  That was when I sent my texts and letter to the FBI.  I decided not to send the letter to the local police.

By  November and December 2018, I had sent 3 emails and one letter to the local FBI.  I gave details of what was going on with electronic harassment that I was experiencing.  I provided accurate descriptions of what my neighbors were doing.  I also stated that I was not trying to make problems for the neighbors...but that I just wanted someone to look into the situation.  I was and collected.   All I wanted was for the FBI to come to my a reading of electromagnetic frequencies...and even monitor or watch their house.  Something.  Anything.  Something that would make me feel that I was being protected by law enforcement.

So, after I sent the texts and the letter, I waited.   And I waited.   And then I waited some more.   I realized as time went by without a response back from them... that I was being snubbed or ignored for being some sort of nut.  Maybe they felt like my letter was trivial or unimportant.   Who knows?!    Still, I thought, out of politeness, someone should  have at least called me or written me back and let me know that they had received the information I sent ... even if they could do nothing for me at all.  I  just wanted to make sure they were aware.  

But I never heard anything back ...and so now it is February 2019.   Truly - like any victim of stalking - my life was and still is in danger.    And it seems like no one really cares at all.  

Going back, I had also called the police one time during the summer of 2018 and asked their opinion about what I should do.   The officer I spoke to told me that the only thing he could do was go over to my neighbors house and knock on the door and ask them to please stop bothering me.  

Seriously?!?!   I thought about that and realized - that would have been a big mistake.   I am, after all, being bullied.  My life was threatened.   I don't want to add to the already insurmountable level of electronic weapon's attacks on me in my own home at any time of day.   I am being aimed at through the walls and roof of my home;  shocked with electrical current, burned on occasion - normally in my ovaries and intestines and have demodulating energy signals shot at my head while I try to sleep.   And sometimes while I am awake.   Do I want to make things worse by having someone go talk to them!?   NO!  

                                                    Do I panic?  NO!   

                                                   Am I afraid...still NO!   

I gave this kind of thinking up... a long time ago.   My goal was and has always been about trying to establish peace.   To try to  make things right with them.

Still, being ignored by the FBI bothered me at first.    Having someone make me feel like anything I told them was a lie.   And after a while, I just figured I was on my own.    Honestly, I am ok with that - as long as I can find solutions to all of the many things tossed at me in a day.  

So, for now, I continue to boost my protection where needed.   I buy  more clothing that contains silver.   And I quit talking about this stuff - yes, this stuff... to other people.   What is the point of talking...if no one will ever believe you?

Now, daily, I prepare for my battle of survival.   Keeping a quiet, stealthy and very covert my preparation and approach.   My decision...I decided, was to just hang in there and wait it out.   At some point, change will be inevitable.   Life always changes for all of us.  We just have to be patient for it to happen.   As humans, we get bored and move on.   We deal with problems in our family.    We grow old.   We get in accidents.   We get ill.   This is life.   For all of us.    We are mere mortal beings.  

There is one thing I know for sure though and that is we cannot control others in life...    We cannot force our will on them reality...we can only control what we do and how we feel.

I know no one will ever help with this electronic stalking dilemma.     Even if there were laws - we all need to have proof for something to be addressed.     And how can you ever prove invisible?   That is why on my home page I tell you this.   I explain to you that no one will help...and they won't.   At least not right now anyway.

Remember, I tried to get help and was ignored.    If you read other TIs experiences on the will notice the same theme in trying  to find someone to protect them.   Sometimes, when a person doesn't have anyone to turn to,  it can be detrimental to the person trying to get help.   And other times - it just helps us pull ourselves up by the seat of our pants and gets us moving in the right direction in  trying to fight a battle.   And Survive. 

So, this is the way it is folks.   Unless a law is passed protecting me or any of us from Electronic Harassment, we are on our own.  And even then  - proving something is another matter.   Still...that being said - don't ever give up.    Always have hope in your heart.   That is what God wants for us.    Keep your chin strong...and know that the more of us that have this happen.   Then the more of a chance there will be that those in law enforcement will notice and help us out.   And maybe we will be believed without having shown proof.   

For now, let's just say we are the early pioneers and recipients in this big, nasty, guinea pig experiment of Gang Stalking or Mob Stalking.   We are in the forefront of awareness and understanding.   Our minds have been opened up to the possibilities.   Our lives have been changed forever.   And now we believe.     Still, our day is coming.   We just need to be patient and wait...for that help...   

Thanks so much for reading...  

                                      Sincerely, Carla



An Update on The Things That Help

Protect Me From Electronic Harassment

February 14, 2019

What better day to write about good things than Valentine's Day.   In May of this year, it will be 2 years since the beginning of my neighbor's stalking campaign.   And the beginning of finding the things that protect me over time.  So, here are the things that definitely work and help the best.   I truly hope they help you as well.

Items that Work:

Circutex silver fabric - and an alligator clip grounding cord if you choose to ground the fabric.   (This pulled up over your head while you sleep seems to foil some of the DEW signals).   Keep in mind that the directed energy system will still locate you and try to do a scan - you can hear it.   You will hear a strong pulsing ring and then when the energy locks on you -  that pulsing will be followed by a strong steady tone.   Please don't panic with that.   Stay covered and wait it out - after several attempts at pushing energy at your head - microwaves at your legs, torso and arms - it stops.  This is as long as you combine the silver fabric with my other methods listed below.

And Use Rubber Mats - 100% rubber.   The use of rubber over my body has protected me from direct attacks from microwaves on my organs.   Like my kidneys and intestine.    I use 3 to 4 - large 4 foot by 4 foot rubber mats.      Rubber can be heavy - so, you will need to find a way to bring the mats up over your head and also be supported in the air above your face and shoulders. sells metal structures that can be placed on your bed above your head to keep any covering you might use off of your body.   When I tell you Silver and rubber work - I mean they work a lot.    Still, as I found out last night - when I forgot to plug in the grounding cord for my silver - I felt the  negative impact of DEW energy.   

Lead Apron or Lead Blanket (2 foot by 3 foot blanket) - these are a bit weighty - but their blocking effect is 100%.  Nothing and I mean nothing gets through lead.    I sleep under the lead blanket pulled upwards on top of the rubber up over my head.     I place it lengthwise over my body - so that when laying under it - it covers head, chest and mid section of the body.  I use this in addition to the silver and the rubber mats.   If you use it in bed - and are laying on your side -  make sure the side of the largest area of the  lead apron or blanket is between you and the energy source on your body.   Don't leave exposed openings for microwave attacks.    You can also wear a lead apron during the  day or while working in your yard.

By the way - lead and rubber keep you from getting burned by microwaves - 100%.   I was suffering terribly but have found I am doing so much better with what I am doing now with the silver and rubber and lead.

I also have large rubber mats 4 X 4 foot size - placed below my mattress on top of the box spring hidden from view and also small rubber mats on top of the mattress just below my sheet on the area  I lay while I sleep.   So, I am pretty much encased in rubber.   

I have already talked about this before - but I can't stress it enough.   Head Covering - Brain caps from    They are infused with silver and are great for protecting your brain from radiation and bad signals.   I now sleep in 5.    Start out with 1 or 2 and see how you feel.   Brain caps also protect hair from radiation damage.  Your hair will stay healthy under a brain cap.

Foam ear plugs and also Bose Cancellation Headphones are absolutely essential.   The Bose set I have is streamlined and I am able to sleep in them.   The combination of the headwear - keeps me protected from the noise.   The high pitched pulsing and locator tones that come through your roofline from DEW.     And having these items on my head and pulling the Circutex fabric up over my head along with the rubber at night - seems to hide me and provide protection.     When in your home - you can wear the head covering at all times.   

Silver or copper bed sheets - work great when combined with the other covering.  Sheets can start in the $200s and go all the way to $2000.   I paid about $265 for mine.   They also require special laundering.  But they absolutely work!   

I Sleep on an earth grounding mat I purchased from   There are no exposed electrical lines and all lines are plugged and grounded away from the bed and bedding.  This has been a Godsend when it comes to a balance in my body.  I highly suggest using one.   If you are concerned with all the grounding - then don't ground.   The choice is yours.   I am just sharing with you - what has worked for me.  You can also buy a TENs unit on Amazon that will also help you find focus and ground you to the earth.

White noise machines.   Use 2 or 3 in a room and play different sounds - this helps to break up sound in the room and also in your ears.   But remember - keep your headphones on and earplugs in is probably the best protection - especially if the attacks are heavy.   White noise will not stop the energy that touches your body but  may help to absorb sound and hide you better from searching signals.

Zinc metal sheets - 2 by 3 foot size sold at Home Depot.   Zinc is a great blocker - but these cannot be placed over you in bed.   They are stiff.   They can, however,  be used on walls of a room or in the attic above to help block some of the signals coming in.  In order to place something like this in your attic - you will need to hire a handy man.   Rubber mats laid on top of the zinc are pretty much 90 - 100%  with most signals.

Eat right - lots of greens - drink 8 glasses of water daily.   Take B vitamins.   Also Calcium and Magnesium and Vitamin C.   Whatever the attacks are doing to your body - these vitamins will help to rebuild bone and tissue.  Use Kelp tabs occasionally - they are potassium Iodide which helps protect the thyroid from excess radiation.   Get sleep.  Don't use prescription drugs to deal with this.  If you fall asleep and the sleep is too heavy as what is induced through prescription sleep aids - you may not be able to wake up when you need to.   If you are laying in the path of a microwave burn -  the damage could be long lasting or permanent.   Over the counter sleep aids like melatonin and Benadryl help tremendously.   Read a book - paint a picture - go workout at the gym.   Keep busy.

When the weather is nice - open a window and break up the energy feeling.   Bring that fresh air in and breathe in of life.   There are things that other people can't take from you.   One of these is - the way your soul feels when you feel life and nature.  

Every so often you may get a break in the they will be gone for a while. Who knows - the perp might need a bathroom break.  But whatever the reason for the small breaks in attacks - appreciate them when you get them. This will help you emotionally and mentally.

 So, least or greatest of all, I should say, is DON'T PANIC.    EVER.   Trust God will bring you through it and find one good friend and hang out with them.   There is an old saying - "There is safety in numbers."   Trust is true.

Well,  Happy Valentine's Day! 


Thanks so much for reading...  

                                      Sincerely, Carla



Ok - So I Need A Bit More Protection

February 18, 2019

So I was right about the protection but here's the thing.   The signals and frequencies increase.   And I mean all the time.   Your PERPS - or  Mob  Stalkers are mad now.   You don't talk to stay away from them...yet they keep the attacks going and everything they are sending to you...just sort of bounces off of you.   The Perps are growing edgy.   It is hard for them to understand - that you have not gone bonkers, - that you are not sick. - and that you are still alive.    ?????????   This is most probably driving your Stalkers crazy.    Real crazy....   Criminals after all, like instant results.   Criminals are bullies and bullies want their way.

 There is a very strong chance that the stalkers, your stalkers  - have been told by the sales people and representatives of all of their gadgets and DEW that there is a  NO FAIL rate on this type of equipment and harassment.   And possibly also,  according to these unscrupulous DEW Dealers,  DEW is 100% effective.   Yet, here you are- the intended target - and you are still running around under their noses.   What could possibly be happening?

As far as your stalker - as you can guess, some people have a short fuse when it comes to being patient.   Sure, maybe the directed energy will work...or the frequencies will alter the brain.   Or over time they might cause you cancer... A stroke... A heart attack....     But then, maybe it won't.      And maybe it will take too long.

In today's world where there is a need for an instant fix and instant gratification with everything...people just don't want to wait for anything.  They want to see results right now.   Today!   Right Now!   This minute!  

And trust me, if your mob stalker wants you out of the picture - they want it right away.  Today,  Right Now.   They really don't want to wait.   I have been watching this behavior for months with my neighbors.   They want it done...but instead it is ongoing.   They want it over...yet it goes on.   Infuriating isn't it?

   With a modern is none of this it over months or years... scenario.   They are impatient and want to actually move on with their own lives.   Like a video game - the game  may hold interest for a little while - but the player soon tires and moves on.   So, if you haven't been injured or driven out of your mind, let's say, in the first 3 - 6 months - your stalker will definitely be out for blood.   So be aware....  Watch behind you.   Around you and in front of you.   Be aware.   Always.   And Protect yourself.

Thinking back over all of this past 2 years - my stalker's rate of increase in the strength of EMFs has been extremely rapid.  Weekly...same Thursday...same people assisting them...same amount of change I felt.   Only slightly stronger than the last.  A blue Honda sedan - a young athletic looking handsome guy - the DEW guy.   A red Toyota corolla - older white haired man  - the microphone and motion detector guy.  

If I walked outside too long in my yard and the Perps saw me or I did some tree trimming, or leaf raking or tried to change my bird feeders...well, let's just say that the energy I felt once I got back inside my house or what I felt in the evening  when I went to bed  - if not for punishment - was severe.     From one week to the next - if I was spotted outside - their representatives showed back up....always on a Thursday .... and helped them increase the power.  Move the microphone to help to assist in finding me.  And then the nasty couple zapped and pulsed away.

I am an anticipator and I have  already stated this -  but in order to survive day to day assaults - you have to be creative and inventive and, Hell, you  just have to want to live.   So, in addition to everything I told you about protection from EMFs and DEW on February 14, I want to add that you will need to add coverage as needed.   An increase in increments.   Always.   And always be open to change in your life.    Ever growing.   Ever Evolving.   If you want to survive - don't expect the end - wait it flexible and hope for the best.

As it turns out - the dynamic duo next door have upped the harassment on me.   I told you in an earlier blog that I was experiencing demodulated energy or strong energy puffs of air at my head about every 8 - 30 seconds apart while I lay in bed and tried to sleep at night....this happened when the attacks were the heaviest.   And only a short while back.   A month maybe.   

I want to say that as of last night - the thwacks of energy or forced zaps of demodulated energy are now coming in at every 1 - 2 seconds.   More coil guns aimed at the bed and heavier use of the DEW perhaps?   Regardless - I am aware and I am taking the necessary precautions to protect myself.

I am so thankful for my rubber mats and silver fabric and lead blanket.   

However, just to be safe - I have ordered another long sheet - 7 feet -  of Circutex fabric.    And another lead blanket.   If you are interested in any of this -  There is only one place that appears to carry Circutex silver fabric now and that is Amazon.

You can also  buy Ripstop Silver or ArganMesh - both  are silver infused  fabric which can be grounded.   They are sold in the EMF shop.

Anyway - I made it through the night last night.   And I slept.   I am thankful for each day I survive this very bad situation.   I say "Thank you  God and Thank you Angels" every single morning that I wake up.   After all, life is not quite what we think it is and at any minute - it can spiral in a whole new direction.   We just have to be flexible.

P.S.  you can add large mirrors to your protection list.   Place them wear they can be between you and the energy source.   Place smaller mirrors near your head but not on top of you.   I have read that mirrors are one of the things that can deflect signals - so this may or may not help you.

As always , thanks so much for reading...   

                                      Sincerely, Carla



Some Bad News and Maybe A Little Good News

February 19, 2019

So here's the bad news.   The fabric that I have been telling you about no longer exists.   It was sold out and then discontinued.   The fabric was amazing.   But again, it is no longer being manufactured.   That fabric was Circutex.

The good news is - I have a couple of replacement suggestions and also where you can purchase the fabric.   The fabrics are ArgenMesh and Evolution Ultra  - here is the link.    ArgenMesh is also sold on Amazon but the cost is nearly double the cost on LessEMF site.    Another fabric is Silverell stretch fabric.   This can be used for clothing and bedding.    All fabric is sold by linear foot.  Meaning by the foot.   So, if something says $20.00.   That means $20.00 per foot.  If you order 7 feet that would be $140.00 plus tax.

A couple of things you need to know.   These fabrics are highly conductive and work...but the attenuation is less than if you had been able to buy Circutex.   Circutex actually covered up to 10 Ghz.   These other fabrics - at least ArgenMesh - when grounded, protects you up to 3 Ghz.  So there is a difference.   Meaning you should buy several sheets of it to provide you with the same amount of protection as the previous fabric, Circutex, had.   You will need at least 3 or 4 sheets.    Silverell can also be grounded.    I hope this information helps you.

As always , thanks so much for reading...   

                                      Sincerely, Carla


My New Motto - I Grab Sleep When I can....

February 25, 2019

Good Morning!

So yesterday, a new DEW guy showed up next door.  I think my neighbors have grown tired of watching and waiting and manually providing the assault.  So, the new guy set up everything on automation.   

Here is what happened - 

I was awakened at 1 after a 11:30 pm bed time - there was a continuous demodulation of energy targeted at my head.  Remember, I stay under the covers.  Still, even when I did this - I did feel some of the energy pops.   I added another layer of rubber and this seemed to help the lower body.  I did notice if I stayed safely rooted below the rubber and silver grounded fabric - I only noticed about 7 or 8 puffs of air and then I fell back to sleep.   I slept through until 6.   And then fell back to sleep until 9:15.   

Every hour on the hour I was awoken with the same energy.  The strongest signals were saved for 3 am but after that - they lessened.  When my neighbors got up for work at 6:00 am and then left for work around 7:30 am.  The signals seem to get lighter. 

So...I now have to come up with new plans.  Remember - one of the rules of counterspy living is to constantly reinvent yourself and come up with new solutions.    I do know that it is harder to work around someone sitting there zapping you with a machine ---than a machine pointed at you on automation which you can work around as needed.   There is always room for error in how machinery runs.  That can work to your advantage.   Humans don't need machines - but machines need people.


As always , thanks so much for reading...      

                                      Sincerely, Carla

The Toll Of Bullying On Our Lives

February 26, 2019

It is needless to say that being bullied can take its toll on you.   I guess you could compare it to someone who has to deal with a sick family member day in and day out.  Exhausting.   And we might also say that dealing with the emotional side of being bullied and stalked can break you down.   It can be wearing when you deal with it - day in and day out.   The torment can feel overwhelming.   The mental anguish can be exhausting.    And because we have limitations - It can also cause a rift in the closeness you feel with another person.   Believe me...I know.

For me, this is especially true.   I have always prided myself at being a good friend...a loyal friend.  If someone told me that they were being harassed - even electronically...or bullied...I would believe them.  No hesitation.   My heart and my mind are open.    And I am smart enough to know that most humans are capable of just about anything bad.   

Through bullying - you need to find  someone to believe you.   Being believed provides us with a sense of strength, confidence and encouragement to overcome adversity.   And I tell myself, If I can believe and open my mind up to the possibilities of a problem like bullying of any kind, aren't I deserving of the same belief and support?    Someone to turn around and give me the same respect?

Basically, in my case, my husband does not believe me.   At all.   But he doesn't even bother to look.   He is gone a good 65 hours a week to work.   He isn't here much.  He is tired.  And when it comes down to it, he doesn't make the effort to see the truth.

And...because I am not believed...there are times I feel like leaving and my life with him.  Starting a new life.  Like putting in for another job and moving as far away as I can to get rid of the Mob stalking.   And my hateful neighbors who just won't let up.   But I don't...because I love him.   I guess when you are committed to another can't just walk away without feeling a severe loss.

Then there is another part of me.   You all know the one.   It is the side of you  that wants to stay, fight and not let them...the gang stalker.. push you out.  Even without my husband's belief.    I want to stand up to the bullies.    

They are just humans after all.   No bigger and no better than me.  And really they are no one.   They are not special...although they think they are.   There have been millions of people living on the earth like them here before in time and there will be millions of people here like them in the future.   They are insignificant in the whole scheme of things.    Yet there is one thing they all have in common.   

They have their limitations and  weaknesses like I do.  And like you do.  They are just people.   Just one of billions of people who don't stand out in living their life.   

They are flesh.  Blood.  They grow old and suffer heart attacks and get cancer.   They get hit by cars.   And they get walked out on and left behind when someone grows sick of them and their shitty behavior...because again, they are human. 

  The difference between gang stalkers or bullies and me however,  is - I am open and honest and ….the stalkers - they are cowards hiding behind technology and wrongdoing.   So, I tell myself - I can outlast them and this terror.   And I will do it on my own come hell or high water.   I am determined.  The worst thing you can ever feel is... fear.

Still, having a spouse or family member or friend not believe you - is pretty much the ultimate in betrayal.   It hurts.   But I guess we get what we get in life.   Just another stepping stone in living.   We just have to handle it.    

Just think about this - if we have expectations in life about how someone should react or what someone should do - we will be sorely disappointed.  We can only control what we do.    We can only steer where our mind and heart is going.   It is the expectation of others that we carry, at times....that hurts the most.  Especially when they don't do what we think they should do.  If effect, we want them to feel and hear and see what we are experiencing - but when they don't.    We feel disappointed.   

So that is where I am now.    A little down in the dumps and very disappointed.  Without someone to believe in can feel pretty lonely.  Still, in my case, my husband is looking into a sale of our home.   So, at least he wants to see me happy.


 With so many of us dealing with electronic harassment, it is the emotional let down that is difficult.   The loneliness at times.    This phase...or hardship in life... dealing with all of the hell that a bully can put you through - well, it either toughens you or breaks you.   In the end - if you hang in there and fight and ride the giant wave of stress until it gently lands you back safe on shore and onto  safe ground and onto your feet.   Just know - that things will eventually change and you will be able to move on.

So, for now... hang in there guys - I plan to.   I am sad at times..   Still, thankful through it all.  Make sure you let someone else know how you feel.  Find a friend who will believe you.  Even when one person doesn't.     I at least have that with my sister.   We all need to be believed.  Every single last one of us.


As always , thanks so much for reading...      

                                      Sincerely, Carla     

Mirrors Help A Little

February 27, 2019

So I thought I would give placing a mirror beside my bed a shot.    For the past 2 nights, I seem to have less awareness or notice of the horrible demodulation energy whacking against my head.  And also the signals that burn and cause your limbs to flip upwards off the bed.  As previously stated In my blog, I did say that rubber and grounded silver fabric help tremendously to block D.E.W signals.   As well as all of the clothing I wear when I go to bed.  See previous posts for things that definitely help.   

Anyway, I bought  a large mirror about 28 by 36 inches in size from Home Depot and sat it upright on the floor - right next to the spot I sleep on.  I leaned it back and slanted it an angle so that it was sort of leaning and the reflective surface of the mirror facing upwards towards where I found the energy entry point in my bedroom.   There are actually about 8 entry sites in my bedroom.   Overkill.   But that is what a gang stalker is about....going beyond what is reasonable and beyond acceptable.  And to a level of quite annoying.

I had read other Targeted Individual's blogs and entries about what has helped them.   I only found a few entries that were really helpful.   Some better than others with providing information.   One writer posted about mirrors.   I liked what he had to I decided to try it.   Anyway, I went to bed.   I guess I wasn't sure what to expect.

So, I hunkered down below the covers, my rubber mats and my grounded silver fabric pulled up over me for protection and waited for the assault.    Note...Even with all of the covers I use - there are times when I do hear and feel small amounts of the signals the D.E.W sends to me.   But last night, I barely noticed anything.    

At about 6 am, I decided to put the mirror away - so I got up and moved it about 3 feet away from my bed.  And then went back to bed.  Amazingly, I felt the signals a little more once the mirror was put away.   To me, it was quite noticeable.  

 So,  my conclusion is this - it appears to me that mirrors are definitely helpful and just might possibly deflect signals and help soften the effects of Electronic Harassment.    If one mirror works - several might be better.   Doesn't hurt to give it a try.   

Anyway, you need your sleep...if mirrors help, then it is one more thing to give you back your life.   And provide you with a little more control.  Remember, Gang Stalkers are trying to control your life - so it is vital for you and so  important to take a little of that control back...  And stand up to the bully.


As always , thanks so much for reading...      

                                      Sincerely, Carla     

Lately My Life is Like a Checker Game

March 1, 2019

Lately, my life is like a checker game.   A nonstop - everlasting - boring - and at times, momentous - checker game.  Except, you are playing the game with an enemy of sorts.   A real life bully who does not want to stop their game playing.  The gang stalker.  Even when you want to quit and move onto other things.  Here is what happens.   

The gang stalker moves their this case they up the frequency of D.E.W. used in the attack on me.    And then they wait for me to make my move.   So I move my checker my case... I put up another layer to block the gang stalker  in my home.   Whether it be a silver lined fabric...metal sheeting...or protective clothing.   Then my opponent realizes that their efforts are being thwarted - so they move their checker this case...they crank up the juice to hurt me.  Then I make another move...I buy another layer of silver fabric.    And then the stalker  turns up the juice.  All actually a symbolic game - but a real one none the less.  

This is how I picture layering my protection against Electronic Harassment attacks.    The harassment, is a slow but deadly build up of steps and attacks with energy levels - followed at each change with a larger build up of layers on my end to block the attacks.   A movement - awaiting another movement.  Spy vs counterspy.   Defense vs the offense.   Stratego.  Battleship.   All battles in the game of life when you are being mob stalked.

I can't see any clear winners in this awful game either.   By the time it is finished...could take years...a toll has been taken on both sides.   The victim or the person being stalked...loses money, time and will have spent a great deal of emotional duress dealing with the torment and attacks.   They may even be ill or get sick and die.

The stalker - they will have lost out on their own life in their need to feel hate - and in their goal of punishing and tormenting another human being.  

Certainly over time carrying hate in the heart - has got to come back on a person.  And if a gang stalker can't see it at the time they are stalking someone or know what they are doing is wrong - many years may pass and then their own relationships will most likely suffer because of being negligent to those close to them in their all consuming effort to hurt another human being.    

The stalker may even become contaminated with the same energy they are using in their assault.  It is being shot through their own wall first before it goes through outside air space and then enters your own home.   Some of it has to be staying inside their home closest to the weapon in wooden frames and insulation.

Thanks so much for reading...      

                                      Sincerely, Carla     

Let's Talk About Daytime Attacks

March 2, 2019

So, let's talk about the daytime and electronic harassment. Daytime attacks aren't as noticeable - especially if you move a lot and wear a brain cap and noise cancellation headphones and earplugs. Still, if you do not wear silver clothing like I normally do - some of the energy can actually penetrate your skin and organs while you are moving around. And while you are not aware. Even if you wear the head gear. This is what the mob stalker counts on - you being unaware.

Sometimes, when I am sitting at the kitchen table and happen to notice the pulsing ring sound starting up all around me in the room I should be more aware - because the pulsing is always followed by a steady tone. It is what happens after that steady tone that is usually the most damaging. Remember, the gang stalker wants to hurt you most when you are least expecting it.

I had talked to you about buying lead aprons and a lead veterinary blanket at Amazon. The blanket runs $141.00.     This product is sold on Amazon under veterinary lead blanket.

This - 2 by 3 foot blanket - is great for covering your body (torso) as you sit and read a book. Lead is 100 percent blocking material. It will not harm you because it is enclosed and sealed with protective fabric. No ifs - ands - or buts. It works. And I mean great! 

If you opt for a lead apron. A good lead apron runs about 200 - 500 dollars. Sold on Amazon.   Here is one style:

Make sure it is .5 mm lead. This is heavier but well worth your sanity and health. I also believe if you are going to work in the yard - you might want to wear a lead apron or a frequency blocking smock and also invest in a silver line baseball cap sold at  ​and also on


Wear the smock, a brain cap or two - the earplugs - your baseball cap - and your noise cancellation headphones outside. If you can't wear all of these items - wear the earplugs, the ball cap and your noise cancellation headphones and the smock. Always wear your t-shirts that are lined with silver also purchased at

- When you are cooking dinner or moving about cleaning your home - please make sure to wear your brain caps and noise cancellation headphones as well as the t-shirts. The reason I say this is - at least in my house - there are motion detectors and microphones placed all over in my attic - to give my stalkers my location at any given moment so they can crank up the juice and attack me with frequencies and signals. This is probably true of your location as well. Just be aware.

When you leave your house - there is the greatest chance that this problem will not follow have hope that you can get breaks by getting away for hours or just a few minutes. 

Take walks - in my case - my neighbors follow me. And also if I move about like this - the attacks inside the house are worse. It makes them mad when I try to live my life. I don't care though. I do it anyway. "Real Courage Is Moving Forward When The Outcome Is Uncertain!

As far as the worsening attacks at night - I will have to block a few more entry points in the roofline. I did come up with an idea - since D.E.W. uses lower frequencies - I did a meter reading in the closet and found an entry point in my closet on the wall - a pin point spot. It is lined up in sight of my bed. 

What I have decided to do is create a picture frame block. The frame will be about either 8 X 10 or 11 X 14 inches and will be an acrylic block frame so that I can place a sheet of zinc plated metal and also a piece of rubber inside it to block signals. Then I will hang the frame  up on top of the entry point. I will let you know if this works. 

Just remember - if I can outthink and come up with solutions to someone stalking me - so can you. All of you! Hang in there. There is always hope. Hopefully, we can all move on in the near future.

Thanks so much for reading...      

                                      Sincerely, Carla     

Please Visit My Slideshow of Photos and Inspirational words

March 4, 2019

I wanted to share my new page of photos and inspirational words to help you on your way in life.   It is actually a slide show - so be sure to click the arrows to the right middle of the photos to see the next inspiration....

                                      Sincerely, Carla     

Two Fabrics Arrived Yesterday and I Tested Them Last Night

March 6, 2019

I feel pretty good about sharing this with you.   I recently ordered 6 feet of ArgenMesh silver fabric (which is highly conductible when grounded with an alligator clip grounding cord) and also 7 feet of  Ripstop silver grounding fabric.  


ArgenMesh has a suface conductivity of <1 Ohm per square - so is great for high level grounding, static discharge, electric field shielding, and radiofrequency shielding.   Ripstop has a high shielding performance.   Keep in mind, if you use these fabrics for clothing - they are not flame proof - in fact, the opposite.   They are flammable.  You can ground the fabric with a metal clip that is plugged into a grounded outlet - but you need to keep the fabric away from plug ins and open flame. 

Both fabrics were purchased at 2 different shops from the same company.  The first shop is   The second shop is   As it turns out - the same company owns both.

So, here is what happened when I added these two extra fabrics on top of the Curcutex fabric, my rubber mats and my one lead blanket that I am currently sleeping under...well, as it turns out....not a whole lot of anything.   There were only 2 times in the night that I felt some lighter demodulation of air and energy pops and puffs near my head.   I felt no pain or other signals or frequencies on any other part of my body.   

When I pulled the fabric with the rubber mats up where they blocked my head and the source of energy...I felt a few minor puffs of energy and then fell back to sleep.   I noticed them again ...a little later on about 2 am.   And then I was spared some of the energy from 3 until 5:30 am.   So I was able to remove my covers and sleep without shielding.   I guess 3 until 5:30 am  is when my gang stalker goes to bed.  Just think - he only gets 2 1/2 hours of sleep and then he gets up and starts everything all over again.   

The level of anger and hate in these people is enormous.   I can't believe that anyone would want to lose sleep over and over again with such an evil intent.   Still, I am keeping it real and taking it one day at a time.  Because that is all  you can do when someone just won't leave you alone. 

Anyway, I had to tell you about the fabrics.  They are great.   According to the company I bought the fabric from - you can make garments and bedding with ArgenMesh and the Ripstop silver fabric can be used to line clothing.  Even without being grounded for daytime use they shield well.    Again, they are highly conductive and are flammable fabrics.   However, using them safely is important in protection against DEW and gang stalking.

Anyway, take it from me...I am still here and I have some really pissed off gang stalking neighbors who are mad that I am not dead or driven out of my gourd  with insanity yet.   

Too bad...   It is my life and I do what I have to do to be here for my husband, my kids, my grandkids and my sisters and brother.   The gang stalking might last a while...years even...but the stalkers will eventually run out of steam as they get sick and old too.   At some point they will stop...but hopefully they will not do as much damage before they do.   

                                      Sincerely, Carla     

Life is filled with blessings - We Just Have To Look For Them.

March 10, 2019

Every night I go to sleep the same way.   I cover myself in clothing to reflect and knock off signals.  I line my bed with grounded fabrics and rubber mats and a lead blanket and then I crawl under it and hope for the best.   Some nights are ok and I get woken up a few times.   Other nights, are great and I get woken up once or  twice.    The difference is if I stay under the heavy shielding.   And if I happen to come  up from under it...makes all the difference in the world.

I am puzzled about how much hate fills the heart of the woman next door.  So much hate that she has her husband stalking me through the night with electronic equipment.   Zapping me.   Burning me.   Whacking me with energy in the head.   They don't stop.   It is a power trip.   Probably more for her than him.   

Did I tell you they have a 7 year old.?  Well, they do.  And the woman also runs a daycare center out of her home.   And no one knows what they are really doing.   She lies to the neighbors about me.   And the neighbors believe her lies about me.     But I don't really care.   I just keep going and mind my own business.   

Now the two... can't stop the obsession and in a way, the 7 year old is somewhat neglected.   I am not saying 100% - but the time they spend zapping, and burning me - well - they could stop and move on and spend time with their young daughter.   Their life has become - a vengeance and about paying me back for - I don't kn0w - not agreeing with her 3 years ago.   I am confused.   But here is the thing.   

They are now fighting with each other.   And I have a feeling that - if they keep up the anger and the attacks - it will turn them against each other in a nasty situation.   It happens all the time with the criminally minded.   Oh, sure at first they are buddies in crime.   Torturing their victim and watching or listening illegally inside someone's private walls and roofline - mine in this case... For some sort of torture results.      

They look for a crazy sounding person...or someone throwing up...or someone having a heart attack.   But when they don't hear it and they have gone up the levels of the energy ranks and they have no results - anger ensues.   They wanted a kick in life and instead, they are bored out of their mind and mad about spending all of their money.   What next?   Maybe they graduate to a new level of crime - physical - and it gets ugly.   So, I always say, watch your back and look over your shoulder - I don't care how paranoid it sounds.   There are some wicked people out there.

Anyway - what goes around - comes around.   Maybe the awful couple next door will get divorced.   Maybe they will start attacking each other.    There are always a lot of maybes.    Still, for the most part it is best to hope for the best.   The point is...if they had just come and tried to reason this situation out with me - they would be more into living their own life and not losing time that would best suit everyone.   2 years...can you believe it!!?!?!

I believe God works in mysterious ways.   At first, you could sit and think...why would God let this happen to me?  Why would he allow someone to want to torture me?     Well, just think of this...Jesus, the son of God was tortured by mob stalking humans.   And God allowed it so that we would be saved.   If God's own son went through hell for the good of us.   What makes us think we deserve better treatment?   Besides, people lived their lives in history and some were tortured...   Over and over again in human history - torture and mob stalking existed.  

Anyway, I believe an end is near with all of this.   I believe when people do sinful and very evil things - their own lives come back on them.   And the worse the evil is - the worse their own punishment or lesson in life.   Still, we all get what we get - and probably for good reason.   Hopefully we will grow and put the entirely bad situation behind us.

There is always hope - believe me - this has been very hard on me.   But I know God will lift me up through it all.   And set me down in a safe place.  Because that is what he does.   That is what he has always done.   I have always felt him near.    Life can be such a blessing - if we just look for it.

                           Sincerely, Carla     

 The Freedom To Move About In My Life

March 14, 2019

I decided to move around like I always do in my life.   Like I always did years ago before all of this stalking began.  I am tired of feeling like I am imprisoned in my own home and life.   And it appeared that the demodulation I was experiencing at night had lessened over the last several days...and that I had either found an effective cover or that my neighbors were getting bored. But as I found out last night and the day before, this is hardly the case.   

Who knows?  Maybe my mob stalkers thought I was ill because I was quiet...and they backed off a bit.  Maybe they were growing tired and just want to move on.   Well, whatever I thought it was...I was wrong.  

Little did I know that after I spent the last 2 days working in my getting the yard ready for spring and being happy as a lark for feeling sunshine...listening to birds and feeling God....which were all so wonderful... Well, the night in store for me afterwards...would be quite horrific.

Me being outside really infuriated my female stalker next door.  And she took the next step in this stalking campaign.   Let's just say, the assault last night was brutal.   And I caught them...husband and wife - my mob stalkers... standing in the front yard pointing at my front windows yesterday after I was out in the yard.  This was at 7 pm last night.  And if looks could kill...let's just say - they looked mad.   

The attacks last night were nothing like I have ever felt before.  Even under cover, the demodulation of energy near my head was awful.   Still, had I checked each point of my cover up correctly, I would have seen that my top Circutex silver grounding fabric had not been grounded and was probably the source of the problem.  About 1:30 am - I finally got up and checked and connected the alligator clip and grounded it.  The attacks went on until 3:00 am.   But they were less troublesome once I was grounded.

One of the things I noticed last night though...while I was under attack and when I didn't respond to it, the couple next door would change popping my husband...who lay quietly sleeping next to me.  They hit him hard with energy  -  once or twice to check the electronics out.   I had tried to talk to my husband about all of this for months...without him showing much interest.   

Still, even with his arm and body twitching here and there -  he seemed to sleep through, I just let it go.   He didn't seem to lose any sleep last night.  There were points in time where one of his limbs popped way up off of the bed a time or two...which worried me a little. 

 Maybe the twosome next door used a knockout energy on my hubby and are ensuring that my husband sleeps harder ..I can only guess at that.   And I can't read my mob stalkers' minds.  I can only share with you what I am going through and experiencing.

Anyway, I finally fell asleep at about 3 am and then I slept until 10 am.  None too bad for wear.   The entire ordeal lasted from 10 pm until 3 am.  5 hours total.  Still, I might have dozed periodically in that time...I just don't remember.

And I am having difficulty finding the entry point of this newer and heaviest energy through my ceiling and walls, I will have to investigate things a bit further.  And I will get back to you and let you know what I found or what I have done about blocking it.  

In the meantime, I just want to tell you to please not give up.   It is like I was told by another individual who was being gang stalked - you have good moments in between the bad thankful for those.    My own advice is - keep looking for solutions - be creative in your counterspy ideas and learn everything you can about D.E.W... E.M.Fs, Coil Guns, Contact Wall Microphones, Shot Gun Microphones, Motion Detectors, Magnetic energy and Microwave energy.   

As it turns out - these are all either used in conjunction with each other or are used in succession leading up to something heavier.  Like microphones and motion detectors in the early days and then electronic weaponry after that.   Maybe you will be experiencing something similar to what I am going through - my neighbors are using a little bit of everything all the time and a whole lot of hate.  

Anyway, learn the source of the energy coming into your home and what the effects are from those energies on your body and mind and then do the smart thing and cover and block accordingly.  And train your mind to survive.

As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

"If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life...

Your tears will prevent you from seeing the STARS..."

March 19, 2019

I had one of the worst night's sleep ever last night.   My stalkers have decided to shift attack mode.   Instead of 11 until 2.  The energy attacks start at 3 am and go until 4:30 a.   That is pretty much when you have gotten into your deepest sleep.  It is a time when ...if you do get is more difficult to go back to sleep.   And that is just what happened to me this morning.   Still, thankfully I had slept 5 hours before it happened and hey...I'll take it.   5 is better than none.

We all know that the point of directed energy weapons and gang stalking is to wear you down.  It is to sleep deprive you and make you so exhausted that you cave in.  WELL DON'T!   Give them...the enemy...a run for their money.  Make the gang stalker lose sleep.  Make them work harder to go after you.  You...dear friend...instead of being worn down - will need to wear them down.  And in order to do takes a whole lot of strength and conviction and willpower and anything else you can think of to add to it.  

I have already told you that you will need to be a solution solver to survive this ordeal of electronic harassment.   A person who can solve a problem and go a different direction.  Someone who is flexible and doesn't think there is only one way.  And remember, no matter how awful all of this feels right now...your mob stalking perp can't go on forever either.   Something has to give.  The question is - will it be you or them?

Some good news - In today's world - you can count on people getting bored.   Worn out.  And I mean easily.   They may have a desire to keep on with their surveillance and torment...but after a while, they grow weary too.   Making you worn out - also wears them out.   Still, If there is money in the mob stalking campaign - well, that will probably give your gang stalking friend (I use that term loosely) - more incentive to keep going for a while.  Greed, after all, is everywhere.

However, if it is for revenge...or punishment - I would have to say that boredom will set in much more quickly with your stalker - possibly within a few short years to possibly a few months...depending on your gang stalker and their network of helpers.  And their goal.

Now let's take this a whole new direction -  Your goal is not their goal.  Your goal is to stay focused.  Your concern is to stay alive.  To keep moving.  To not be overwhelmed.   And to do this - you will have to be in the moment you are currently in.   The place you are right now.   

 What I mean by this is - you can't be in next week's thoughts or goals... today.   If you are - you might feel a sense of panic.   It is a fact... that none of knows what will happen from one day to the next.   How can we know what the future will hold?   We don't.  So try not to go there and to stress about it.   We need to live and move about and try to capture thankfulness in our life in the moment we are living our life right now.   Not in a place we have not gone to yet... and not in the past where you can't do anything about what has happened.   Are you with me?

So, remain in the moment and look for solutions.   Try to take time for yourself.   Love yourself.   Pamper yourself.   Take a hot bath.  A long walk.  Read a good book.  Paint a beautiful picture.  Plant a beautiful garden.   Listen to a bird singing a song.  Feed a squirrel.  Take some of your life back. get the picture.   

Remember, the gang stalker can also make plans for the future and keep going after you...but his life is a human life ...just as your life is and can change quickly.   Someday...the gang stalker will lose his or her control.

If you believe in Karma - life comes back on us all.  If you believe in God's control - you know then that he will carry you matter what you might be feeling at this very moment.   The world has always been about good and evil.   Darkness and Light.   Angels and Demons.   

The battle you are fighting is not your own...but more a battle between a level of living on the earth...that we cannot see.   The gang stalker, is on the side of evil...until he chooses not to be.   When we are being sought after with no specific intent...except to harass...there surely is a demon at work.

So, choose to do right.   You may feel like retaliating or hurting your gang stalker...slashing a tire...cutting the power to their house.  Following them and harassing them.  I am here to say - DON'T !!!   Don't fall victim to your emotion...don't sink to their level of hate - be an actor -- not a reactor.  And don't react to what is happening to you.  We get what we get in life and we have to deal with the moment.  Still, you have to do what is right.   We are all accountable to God.   

And I can't stress this enough.  Cover yourself...and if the attacks increase...cover more.   And don't be faint of heart.  On this earth, there have always been a lot of mentally off people...who want control over others.  Life is not always going to be smooth.  So plan your life knowing that things will not always be easy for you.  

Here is a quote by Rabindranath Tagore - born 1861 - Calcutta, India

"If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life...

            Your tears will prevent you from seeing the STARS..."

As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

A New Revelation About Blocking Directed Energy Weapons' Signals

March 22, 2019

Hurrah...well, I think Hurrah!  Other bloggers or writers of articles that share information about D.E.W. or directed energy weapons and gang

stalking will tell you -- don't bother getting an EMF meter.   Please don't listen to this.   

I am here to tell you - Meters help.   And meters are very important in surviving gang stalking.  As of 2 days ago, I found the heaviest signal at the back of my bedroom closet coming through the wall into my bedroom - I did this by using a meter.    My closet is about 8 feet long and about 4 feet wide.   The signal was at the right back of my closet.  

 To me, this high reading was a dead giveaway in recognizing directed energy.   And it is a very unhealthy reading.

 This high reading also explained the level of attacks I was getting when I tried to sleep.   I have to say that the whacks of energy against my head at night have been absolutely awful.  Some I ignored...some I avoided  using my covers.   I have come so far and at this point, I am willing to try just about anything.  So, using a meter is a good thing for me.

I told you about all of my covers I sleep under, but even with this help -  there were points of time in the night  when the energy was seriously strong and I heard and felt it at different times during the night.  Disruptive to my say the least. 

Now, here is why I think you do need a good EMF reader.   

When I found the spot of high energy at the back of my closet, I tried to figure out how it was getting to me on the bed.  I thought long and hard about it - and So, I decided to run an imaginary line starting from the back of my closet to the front of my closet.     

Using my meter which beeped when the reading was above 60 ufs. ..I traveled along my imaginary energy line in my closet - back to front.  And into my bedroom

 I followed the beeps on the meter...and noted the high numbers shown - usually 100s to 200s - if I got too low with the meter in trying to follow the path- the beeping stopped -  so, I stopped where I was and readjusted the meter …slowly raising it up and then down ...until I again found the stream of energy as I moved along.   This gave me a pin point accuracy of the line of energy into my bedroom.

I discovered that the stream of directed energy was in a direct line through my clothes and hangars at the top of my closet - as it got closer to the closet door - the path of energy began dropping down as it came closer to and in direct contact with the head of my bed.

Here is what I did.   First of all...I got pissed.  After that...I began to find a solution that would fix my nasty neighbors and their attacks.  

 I have custom designed shelving in the closet.   There is a top shelf. 

 I bent the top part of a 2 foot by 3 foot piece of zinc metal sheet (just sort of folding it some ...not a complete bend) and took one of my lead blankets - also 2 by 3 in size - and wedged them together - in a space in front of  the signal that was the highest.  I hung them over the top shelf  and allowed them to drape down the wall covering the highest energy point.   

 I did another meter reading.   The signal was still coming through.  So, halfway along in my closet - I placed a mirror in the energy path.  A large mirror.  placing it on a stand to bring it to the height that would block some of the energy path.

 Then when the signal got further along and to the area just inside the door of my closet ...I got a rubber mat (2 by 4) and silver grounding fabric and placed them against each other and then wedged them tightly ...also together...into the space at the top of my shelving - in between the wall and the shelf and allowed these items to also drape down in front of the directed energy signal.  

Then I grounded the silver fabric and kept it plugged in all night.   I had placed  3 barricades in front of the signals - 3 feet apart...and this seemed to help a lot.

Last night - I barely felt the attacks.  I was able to sleep out of my covers most of the night.   So, if my theory is correct...then this is what is needed to block signals.  

I believe if you follow the path of the signal and place signal blocking items along the way - like every 2 or 3 feet - the signal becomes less effective or weaker as it passes through each section of the blockades you have placed in its path.  

The separated blockades - slow the directed energy signal as it travels in the air.   So, by the time it gets to you - it is a lot weaker.

You have to work with what you have though- so you will have to determine how directed energy is coming in.  For me - it is my neighbors and the streams of energy are coming from their house into mine.   Through the ceiling and the walls of my home.

Hopefully, my neighbors will not graduate to other levels in their attack...but I don't put anything past them.   Most of the time I wish they would get a life and move on.    I will just have to take it one step at a time and see what happens. 

Just wanted to share this new information with you.

As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

My Update on Blocking Signals

March 25, 2019

Hello Again,  

Its me again, Carla...   And well, as it turns out - my theory was correct - distanced barriers in a line (in line with the directed energy signal)...2 to 3 feet block and slow down electromagnetic signals far better than one big layered one.   But here is the thing.   The attacks have been upped in my case.   And with electronic harassment they will continue to be increased as your blocks become stronger.   It can feel frustrating.   And feel horrible.   Take it from me - there are good days and bad ones.   Just don't give in...your life has changed...but it won't be this way forever. 

I actually got about 3 straight nights of sleep for the last 3 nights without heavy attacks.   In the beginning...when my gang stalking first began,  I had very few good nights.  My eyes were always red...I was worn out...exhausted.   In the beginning, I was zapped, popped, and pulsed to death and it went on and on...until, I started to figure things out.   Just like my attackers sought help in finding something stronger - I have also done my homework and sought help in my counter attacks and I am always looking for a solution to Mob Stalking.  Over time, I found ideas that worked and some that didn't.   The ideas I have shared with you are the ones that have worked.

After my neighbors spotted me moving around in my yard on Sunday and doing some gardening, and they  noticed the fact that I wasn't in pain or going out of my mind from their assaults after 2 years, I guess they decided to call in a new gang stalking consultant.   In their minds, time to turn up the energy!!!

The new car arrived this morning.  I was on my way out and happened to see the vehicle.   I was out most of the day with appointments, but when I got home - I noticed the signals in my bedroom are much stronger.   The closet itself presents with the highest pitched pulse.   So, I now need to up my block level.   Another layer of ArgenMesh perhaps?

I will let you know in the morning how tonight went...Sometimes I wonder - Is there no end in sight to the hate my neighbors feel for me?   Will they ever grow up and move on emotionally?  Who knows for sure.   All I know is - I need to be ready and so should you...Never let your bully see you sweat!   

Here are the 6 rules in your counterattacks:

1 - Stay calm (always)

2 - Stay in good health (exercise, eat right, take good vitamins, possible increase kelp (natural iodine to protect the thyroid against radiation) and sleep (take something if you have to - melatonin with b6)

3 - Continue to Live Your Life - go out, read books, work in a garden, take walks, go to the gym, hang out with friends, etc.

4 - Research and prepare, write letters if you need to senators or political figures (read about surviving gang stalking and heed the advice of what others do to cover up)   Use your own system of protection.   Don't ever be caught without your cover ups.  Even being without a brain cap for hours can put radiation damage in your scalp and hair.

5 - Focus on a positive outcome...Nothing ever stays the same - you can always count on life events unfolding for yourself and for the stalker as well.   It is called Karma.   God does have his way of taking away from the life of a mean and nasty soul.   You just do what is right.  Your reward will be that God will bless your life when it is said and done.  Keep your heart and mind on the end prize of being accountable and doing the right thing in love.  Don't sink to your gang stalkers level.

6 - Fight back - layer and protect - fighting back just means to cover and stay healthy and not fall apart - if your cover grows weak - get more or newer cover materials and continue to protect.  It won't be forever - even though it feels like it.   Fighting back also means to stand up and move forward and don't cower to your enemy.  

Real courage is moving forward - when the outcome is uncertain.

As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

My Promise to Update You On Last Night

March 26, 2019

As promised, I wanted to let you know how last night went.   Actually,  it went pretty well.   They - my mob stalking neighbors - worked on the attacks for a few hours.   As I told you yesterday, the closet line up of blockades that I made - spaced about every 3 feet on the directed energy signal line - has helped tremendously.  Each point in the blockade slowing the line of energy as it travels.     I am still not completely satisfied about being too confident about it - so to date, I remain under some of the cover up I had previously told you about - the rubber mats, the grounded silver fabric and all of my clothing.   

The neat thing about this past week is that I have had to be under my covers much less often.   I can't even describe how amazing it is to sleep with my face exposed to the cool air of my bedroom.   So wonderful.   

I am noticing that after about 12 am - the perps set their new and much stronger signals for about 5 minutes on the hour.   I know that doesn't seem like much - but when you are in a deep sleep and the attacks  happen every hour - you are bound to lose a lot of valuable sleep.   

Because of the blockades on the signal line that I created - I notice the signals less than I did a week ago.  So, even if there is a disturbance of air about me or a change in tone of signals - if I am asleep - I don't notice it much now.   But as I said - a week ago - it was a much different story. 

I try to get at least 6 hours and up to 8 or 9 on most nights.   Sleep helps heal the body.   And as I have shared with you before -  Directed Energy Weapons that  are designed for electronic harassment and small scale use - are often used to sleep deprive a person.  So, to the best of your ability, find your way around the disruptions.   Granted, directed energy can do so many other things - but in the sleep arena - do what you can to work around the disruptions and stay under wraps.  And stay relaxed in thought and calm in your heart.

That being said,  please don't panic or fall apart when you feel directed energy.  If you have done the things I suggest for covering of your body and head - this, in a way, will help you build confidence in your counter attacks.    

In the beginning, I felt a bit panicky - but over time, I focused and found solutions.  And months later, I have come to be more accustomed to the signals.   Don't get me wrong - they bother me.   But just not as bad as they did in the beginning.   

Just as the signals increase - I have found that your body will become more adjusted to them being there.   But, make sure you go back in my blog and read about all of the things that have helped me.   Because the reason I am more accustomed to the frequencies and signals - is because I have prepared my mind and body to this assault slowly and over time.   I have many, many protective layers I use on my body and head.    And signals change over time - more intense - less intense.   There is a constant ebb and flow in directed energy.

There is one thing that is important to note about life - and that is -- you absolutely cannot control another human being.  And so with that in mind - you cannot control a gang stalker.  You cannot control what they are doing on their end.   The amount of energy they are pushing on you.   All of their bad behavior, for the most part, it is out of your control.    However, that being said - you can control your end and what you do.    You can control how you react or respond to the mob stalker's  stimuli.   And you can control how you protect yourself.

This knowledge of control will help you take back some of the control of your own life.   It will help you to move forward to focus on what you need to do to keep your life balanced and flowing.   Believe me when I tell you - I spent so much money in my first days of this ...when I felt panicked.   And if I had just taken the time to evaluate how energy works and had more knowledge about what can be done to block it - I would have spent far less.   But I didn't know and the experience felt overwhelming.    So, in hindsight, you live and learn and that is what happens in life.

I have shared so many things with you but I want you to know that there are only a couple of dozen or so things that truly help protect you (these I have shared in previous blogs) - and  then there are so many other things that don't work at all.   And keep in mind, that manufacturers and corrupt people prey on people who are afraid and reaching out to find help.    

 So I will focus on just one item in this blog.  And that is Qwave.   I will tell you that from what I have read from other TIs -  As far as the Qwave - - this appears to be a bogus product.  I don't know that for sure - but I have not found one true TI who has bothered with it.   If they have, they aren't talking about it.    It is probably designed to lure people who feel panicked into purchasing the machine.   It runs about $500.   Many of the reviews say it is worthless.  

As far as I can see - Qwave company is the only company offering this system to counteract directed energy with the use of signals.  And you have to ask yourself - in today's world of technology, wouldn't it be more accurate for more people and companies  to have technology to counteract directed energy if this was even remotely possible?  If you see one person doing need to question it.   If you see many people offering the product - it is probably  more realistic.   

In my opinion, you would fare much better buying sound machines that put out white noise and place those machines around the room  and a few mirrors near you where you sleep as well as the other suggestions I have made previously in my blog.

I know...I know...dealing with all of this can make a person feel really alone.   The sad thing about directed energy, electronic harassment and gang or mob stalking, is that when a person is being bullied - there are very few people... someone  can go to for help.   Most people think it is weird.  If you try to seek counselling - you get medicated.   Other TIs don't always know what to do.   And if you try to reach out to the law - well, you pretty much have to prove that someone is bullying you and sometimes it just can't be done.   Bullies hide their bad behavior. 

So, as a matter of FYI - work on what you have inside and build on it.   We all have inner strength and a brain and mind meant for learning and knowledge - we can find answers if we look - and we can be creative in the process.    There are a lot of sites devoted to information on gang stalking, Electronic harassment and directed energy weapons.   So, I use the 3 R's - Research, read and reach out to others in TI support groups for some ideas.

Personally, when my stalking began, I read as much as I could - and I worked in the directions that made sense to me.    I have a science background and I am a Nurse and I used reasoning and logic in my choices as I began covering up and protecting myself from electronic harassment.   

Well, I hope I have helped you a little.   

Until then, As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

Faith Is The Bird That Feels The Light...

When The Dawn Is Still Dark

March 30, 2019

It is now Saturday Morning - the end of March 2019.   I can't believe I have come this far with all that I have been going through...but I have.   I heard a shot gun microphone blast 2 mornings ago when my neighbors were moving another weapon and pointing it at my bed and so I realize that I will have more energy to fight in the coming days.   But, as I always tell you - I stay calm and let myself feel the difference... so I will  know what to block and find out where the new source of energy is coming from.   Awareness is important when surviving Gang Stalking.    And time is on our side...directed energy does slow damage over time and usually not at one time.   So, this helps a targeted individual to plan for their survival.

Most of the time with Directed Energy, targeted individuals panic.   They don't know what to do.  They are alarmed at what they are feeling.  They want someone to help them.  They are shaky.  Unsteady.   And sometimes they just run scared.   The demodulation of energy against their head and body is unnerving.   They have never experienced anything like this in their life - so it is horrifying and otherworldly.

I have already shared this with you - stay calm.   I know...That is easier said than done - but a hysterical and unbalanced person cannot  begin to slow down and figure out what they need to do to survive.   If you want to survive electronic harassment...keep an open mind...stay focused on an end result...and make plans for how you want to cover up.  Whether that be a room, the ceiling, a wall or your body only.  Covering up is the answer.

In the beginning - like last March 2018 - I was really nervous about what was happening.  At first, I asked people about it - like Private Detectives, police officers and the FBI.   But no one knew what I was talking about and I quit talking.  Conversation on that end was worthless.

And these monsters - my neighbors who are pathetic mob stalkers - well, it was during this time that they entered my roofline slowly...week by week and then month by month.   I heard them with each move.   It took them a while to figure out the layout of my home.   It took them a while to know my voice.  My electrical activity in my brain.  My heat coloration of my body.   So, if I had known what was happening...I might have just jumped to where I am now with cover and had saved myself a ton of money.   But I didn't and here I am sharing what I know with all of you.

 I have sort of figured out a way around my gang stalkers' listening in, motion monitoring and energy assaults.   When I know they are in my home via roofline and are going at it again, I feel the house for energy levels.   I can feel this because of demodulation of energy.   And pulsing sounds in the air.    


I basically walk slowly through the house and I can feel if I have triggered a motion detector or a microphone by the amount of energy I hear or feel on or against my body.  You can hear frequency changes with EMFs - they are very, very obvious.   

With high will hear a rapid succession of a fast ringing pulsing energy.  The heavier the assault - the harsher and harder and faster the pulsing ring.  My neighbors go between extremely low frequencies and then back to high.   

Try not to confuse tinnitus with directed energy - there is a difference.   tinnitus  is a solid steady soft ring...and in comparison - directed energy... pulses constantly.  

Sometimes  - if you are sitting will receive a really harsh solid ring tone which will follow the pulsing ring.    It is very uncomfortable when you feel it.   When you hear tones that are solid - loud - next to your head sort of nasty sensation - move - move - move- because this case, voice to skull is probably being used on you.   That is something else you don't want - is someone making you think things that you are not.  

 When I hear any of these fluctuating sounds in the morning when I get up - I reassess my movement in the house.    And I work my life around the pulsing and energy.   Remember, this is multidirectional weaponry and can be directed at you from different angles.   It might find you and it might not.   If you use grounded fabric and lead and rubber - it probably won't.

If I feel the energy is exceptionally high - like this morning - then I make sure to cover my head with brain caps.   This is while inside the house.  And also Bose cancellation headphones.   When I go downstairs to grab a cup of coffee, I turn on the fan over the stove on high.  It is very loud.   It interrupts their microphones and motion detectors while I am in the kitchen...  

Over time - gang stalkers will get mad if they are not achieving their goal - and will go stronger with attacks.  It is a given.    In my case, I keep hoping they will quit - but they just seem more determined to push their will on me.  And so it goes on.  And I keep sharing with you what they have done next.

There are couple of items I still want to purchase.   Since lead is pretty much 100% impenetrable - I believe wearing a lead vest outside will protect my organs while I garden and do chores.  A little heavy when wearing lead...but necessary considering the circumstances.  I know lead works - and this is because the lead blanket has protected me in my bed from microwave burns and popping of my body with energy when I sleep at night.   So, no doubt it will work during the day when I am active. 

If you decide to wear a lead apron or brain caps - you should cover them from view.  You don't want your gang stalkers to be onto you.    The lead apron can be covered - while you are outside ...with a large work shirt.   Your brain caps can be covered with a silver lined ball cap and (sold at  )- then the headphones.   The secret is to shield from radiation and microwave burns.    And not let your enemy know you are wearing them.    Never let the enemy know your weakness or your strength.   Leave them guessing.   Hide your protection from view and from  those who want to hurt you.

I know I go on about attacks and counterattacks...but this is a war.  It is a war fought on our own soil.   It is a war fought between an unsuspecting victim and an insatiable and vindictive bully and/or neighbor.   It is an invisible war - with the mob stalker seeming to be in control.   It is a war of survival and a war of the fittest.    

There is no doubt in my mind that Gang stalkers fizzle over time - in the beginning - they are all gung ho to join in on the attack.   It is an exciting...uncharted territory.  But - after a while - just like owning Wii or a Game Box -  or a new cell phone...the novelty goes out of the game over time.   And one by one - gang stalkers drop by the wayside out of sheer boredom- especially if you make them keep going.   

My motto or feelings - make the bastards spend their money.  Keep them going but anticipate their moves.   Wear them out.    You are not the one in their house - they are the ones violating your space.   So, keep going and make them tired of what they are doing.   If nothing ever happens to you - they will not or will they ever - recoup their losses.     But bullies probably need their own lessons in life.    Don't you think???

It will all eventually work out for you though - so be patient...and cover yourself along the way.   If you know of anyone who is being attacked electronically - send them to this site to read valuable information.  

If you can help them - do it.   Don't let someone suffer - when you can help provide strength to someone in need.    We all need to be there for each other.

And I tell you this just about every time I write.  Don't get even.  Don't retaliate.   Don't try to hurt your stalker.   I know that eventually time and God find a way to work life out for us all.  Have faith that things will be what they need to be...  And that you are where you are for a reason. 

What doesn't break us - will make us stronger.    And if you are meant to be here and are meant to survive  - there is nothing that any man can do to you to usurp God's power of protection.  And I mean nothing.   God carries us where we need to be.

Here is a quote by Benjamin Franklin....

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

And another by Tagore...

“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark."

Until then, As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

You Will Never Do Anything In This World Without Courage...

April 1,  2019

I know I always tell you this.  "Don't talk to the enemy."   Well, I know that sometimes you just can't help it.   And not doing this is easier said than done.  Sometimes it  takes so much restraint to not go to a place that can make things worse.   Being strong does not always mean having the last word...   Being victorious means having courage to go forward in your life without expectations.    And here is why I am sharing this. 

I didn't talk to my neighbors - I haven't talked to them...not once.  But yesterday...I did something equally as bad as talking.   Yesterday, I danced outside with a leaf blower and smiled.   If that didn't infuriate my gang stalkers...well I guess nothing would.   

Let me share what happened.   From Saturday night to Sunday morning - The man next door - the accomplice in the husband and wife mob stalking campaign - well, he sat up all night and used energy and whacked it against my head every hour on the hour.   The whacking lasted about 10 minutes - not long but disturbing anyway.  How did I know he was awake? 

 I have found out through my own experience that on their own - even if set on automation - machines can only go so far.   

However, when a human is at the helm and steering the ship - figuratively that is - the difference of energy felt is profound.     Stronger frequencies...stronger zaps of energy...stronger everything.   And if you are going through gang stalking - the same will hold true for you.   No matter how your enemy has set up the directed energy...signals and frequencies change if a person is physically behind the attacks.   

There was a period of time during the night where the popping and zapping  finally stopped - from 5 a.m. until 8 and then the whole damn mess started up and lasted from 8 until 10:00 a.m.   So, I could tell my neighbor got tired and went to sleep.   He is human - after all.  Humans require some sleep.

 It was at this point that everything got extremely quite and there were few signals at all.   The house felt peaceful.   So, I knew my stalker had gone to bed with the intent of staying up and going at me again last night.   I know this now because this has been a pattern for a while and I have come to recognize the pattern of their attacks over time.   And I can guarantee - if you pay attention to your own attacks - you will see a pattern as well.  

  Well, after Saturday's assault, I had had enough.   I needed to be outside and work in the yard.   I decided to go outside and leaf blow the needed to be done anyway.     I decided to leaf blow at 1 pm.    And HELLO...I guess the leaf blowing woke my neighbor up at about 2 pm!   


When he woke up - the signals directed on me in the yard were really strong.   So strong...they almost knocked me over.   But I had on all of my silver clothing and my brain hats and my ball cap and my noise cancellation headphones and ear plugs and I braved the storm of energy.  I had to.   

For me there is no choice but to be strong.   And I did a little dance with my leaf blower and smiled.  That was probably a mistake - but I did it anyway.   Hey...I didn't yell at them.  I didn't make any accusations..  I didn't fall apart - I just did a dance.   A did a quick little jig and it was over.

After this...let's just say they were pissed.   You know how you know that someone is aware that you are aware of them?   Well, I am pretty sure they know I know... but they have no results ...nothing to gauge success.   and no way to know what I am feeling or just how much I know...period.   I leave them guessing always.   And I let them stew.   I have not unraveled in front of them and they are slowly losing it.   I say "LET THEM!"    My feelings - be strong...and stronger and don't give up....

All of this being the case - I still don't talk to them.  I don't tell them I know they are inside my house my my roofline.  I don't let them know anything I am thinking.   It is for the best thing.   That is the truth.  And as usual...the attacks last night were bad.

Oh and before I went to bed last night - I found another point of energy entry into the back wall of my closet - it is not as strong as the first one but it is strong nonetheless.   And probably the reason for the shot gun coil gun blast that I heard a few nights ago.  The perp - was moving more directed energy to my place of sleep.

I plan on ordering more silver fabric and also aluminum blankets and covering the back wall of my  closet and hopefully this will keep the energy off of me at night.  I will let you know how this goes - but it won't be for another week or two depending on when I get the fabric.

Anyway, keep all of my words in your heart - a better day is coming for us all.   Your goal is to outlast and outthink the enemy and to do it in a positive way.   Your goal is to stay calm and to look for and find solutions.   And your main objective is to survive.

"You will never do anything in this world without courage...

                       It is the greatest quality of the mind, next to honor..."


As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

The Earth, After All,

 Is a Rough Place To Be At Times...

April 6,  2019

I want to again update you on my barrier on the back wall of my closet.   I recently grew more concerned when my neighbors upped the energy used to assault me.   They did this over the last 2 weeks.    They even added additional points of entry to use directed energy on me while I sleep.   In total, there are now 4 points of entry coming through the back wall of my closet.    And I have to tell you that I was a little nervous about how I should go about blocking these sights - 2 are high and 2 are low and both sets are equal distance from the ground up... all are pointed directly at my bed.   

So, I what I found was that  the use of silver and copper fabrics and    aluminum and zinc metal sheets,  plus a rubber mat to absorb a bit of directed flow - that what I have is a pretty good barrier.  Not perfect - but I am getting there.

The barrier is so good in fact, that even though the perps are turning up the juice to torment me - I am able to sleep almost on top of my covers at night and at a few different points during the night, I have even removed my  brain coats and noise cancellation headphones.   This is a first in nearly 14 months.

What really made a difference for me was taking an alligator clip grounding cord and clipping it to the zinc metal hanging at the back of my closet over the directed energy point of entry.   I didn't do this until last night - and what a difference it made.   Every day - my solutions are experiments - some work - some don't.   These new efforts feel more successful.

You will need to experiment with different materials because no one thing does the trick - but several materials are the answer.   Everyone's situation is a little different.   Different energy is used by different gang stalkers.   Just be creative and imaginative and you will get there.

 Let's just say that my neighbors are so pissed off now - they are zapping the hell out of me more often during the day now.   

I just don't get this idea of gang stalking though.   These are older folks.. - the wife is 50 and the husband is 56 and it is so hard for me to believe the immaturity level of people who should be a little wiser for the wear from living and learning from life.   Oh, and get this - this past week was Spring break - so, the husband gang stalker took the time off from work and went at me harder.   Let's  just say it was a very rough go.

Both the man and woman next door take turns hunting me and if I am located they again take turns zapping and burning and pulsing the hell out of me.   They even sent their 7 year old away for the week, this past week,  so they could go about the stalking campaign.   Just thought you should know.

And I don't know about you - but wouldn't it seem more  healthy for parents of a 7 year old to want to spend valuable time in a relationship over Spring break - instead of losing time as a family?   You know what I mean?  How God awful that is!

Anyway, I get little breaks here and there.   I have hobbies.  I work away from the house a couple of days a week with the homeless.   I go out and work in my garden despite their assaults.   Having an outlet is vital when someone is stalking you.   We all need a healthy distraction.   We all need to get a break from the gang stalking.

 I am actually hoping that I am wearing the crap out of my  evil tormentors.     Look...I'm just saying - they are getting older.  50 and 56 is not 18 and 24.   And people are plagued with health problems along the way in life as they get older.   It just seems to me that  these two are  running on hate adrenaline and all the time.   At some point - they will run out of hate steam.   And just give out...  I can hope anyway.

 I would say as far as me personally - well, I have a feeling that these people are far from being done in their efforts to hurt me.  If they were going to quit - they would have taken their microphones and motion detectors out of my roofline.   If they had any decency at all and had good intentions or had a desire to move on - my house would now be quiet and I would not be feeling zaps and pops and burns and all the other things that go along with directed energy.   So, it is what it is....  

So, for me, right now ….  It is a way of life for me - "SURVIVING MY GANG STALKING."    I wake up planning for this and I go to sleep the same way.   Don't get me wrong - I absolutely don't feel depressed about it.   I just figure there are people out there with worse problems.  People who are blind or are paralyzed or have cancer.   Lots of other people who are suffering way more than I am.    So, I try and keep my thoughts and my goals and my heart in perspective.   The earth, after all, is a rough place to be at times.

 I am ever thankful and truly hopeful...that this nightmare will end for me soon and I hope it will for you as well.   Don't give up.   Ever..

As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

You have power over your mind - 

                                             not outside events.

April 9,  2019

I want to change things up a bit and talk about inner strength. 

You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

A quote  by ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 


So, we know that Marcus Aurelius said this but what does this mean for us little, non-philosophers?    

I have actually touched on this many times in my blog. this case, inner strength comes from the search for understanding, self-awareness and acceptance of who we are - inside ourselves.   It is an awareness of our place on the earth and our ability to be humble and caring and respectful of other people and things around us.  It is being sensitive to all life.   And it is the knowledge that we have no control over what someone else does...just how we react to it.    

Let me give you an example of how inner strength works.  Let's say you have a horrible home life as a child and you are belittled or torn down or abused physically.   Clearly, when someone is going through an ordeal like this - it is hard to understand what is happening to them on a physical or even a spiritual level.   We all have a limit in how much we can handle as a human.  And sometimes...people can break under the pressure.

There are times when we may feel like throwing in the towel in the fight of life...everything feels so  hopeless and out of control   It feels bad...because at this point in time of abuse - we are focusing on the material world and not the spiritual.     Do we quit?   No...We keep fighting.   

  For the most part, it is what we are all made of deep down inside...that carries us the distance in time.  That helps us to overcome calamity and hard times.   And it is a faith in God...which we learn about from our parents when we are young that takes us the farthest in life.   

Still, I believe that in each soul of life... is power.  Power we were given to survive.   We are born with it.  We come into the world with it.   We come here as souls travelling human life in a human form.   With power.   And with the power to do good.  When we leave the earth when our time is over - we carry that power in our souls through eternity.   The power is our inner strength.

Inner strength lies within our spirit being - our soul.   It is what helps us choose and helps us make choices in living human life.   It is the voice of reasoning inside of ourselves that directs and guides us.   Sadly, many people ignore that inner voice .   (I am not talking about hearing voices like in directed energy or V2K).  That is not the same thing.

 The inner voice I am talking about is a feeling you intelligent thought you might have that tells you that hey, I need to do something in a certain way.  I need to do what is right.   I call my inner voice - angels...they protect me.   If we listen to the true spirit of reasoning in our heart - we would probably get into less trouble.   

So, looking for the inner strength is how you begin to know what you are made of and how much fight you have to live your life.   

And to find inner strength...well, I believe that  slowing down and sitting still is of utmost importance in finding the self.  Obviously, if you are under attack day and night like I am by my neighbors as a targeted individual - you can't do so much sitting in the house or apartment you are dwelling in - you have to be safe in order to be able to sit still and feel your surroundings.   

So, my suggestion is - get out of the house.   Go to a park that is empty of human activity and sit on a bench.   Or go to a quiet place near the woods where you will have quiet.   If you are worried about being followed - or tracked...take the battery out of your phone - and drive.   

You need to be alone to understand what I am about to share with you.   You need to feel the peace of being alone.  And you need to not feel alarmed by sitting alone on the bench or ground and feeling and listening to  the earth around you.  

And you need to do all of this without a cell  phone.  Without someone talking to you.  Without being disturbed.   You need to shut out the noise and the speed of living life.   You just need to stop and feel what is near and around you.   In silence.  And do this several times a week.  If you can't do that - do it once a week.  

Sometimes, I like to lay on the ground on soft grass and look up into the tops of the trees.  You can hear wind.   See clouds floating by.   Hear birds singing nearby.   Maybe there are flowers.   There are bees ...butterflies moving around near you.   The grass smells like it has just been mowed.   And as you look upward to the tops of the trees... the branches above are moving a little in a quiet breeze.  You notice the world in nature is very , very restful.  Tranquil.    So restful, in fact, that suddenly your eyes close and you fall asleep.   Right there on the soft green grass.  

At this are one with nature.   You have blocked out the rat race and the hustle and bustle of movement.   And you have let go of what might happen to you laying on the ground - like whether a bug crawls on you.   So what!   Because at this point, you don't even care because you have  found (at least for a few minutes) inner peace which is the beginning of finding inner strength.

Inner strength comes from having inner peace.    Inner strength is knowing that there is nothing that critical about living a human life.   That anything that happens is a great learning experience.     And that 100 years from now...who is really going to care about the upset of the earth?   We are, after all , spiritual beings first.    Living your life by inner peace and strength is the secret of living...period.

The point is - while we are here...we need to find joy in seeing and feeling the earth in a quiet reflection and love.     We need to make the most out of what we have for the time we have it.  And not waste valuable time.   We need to be thankful and appreciative.  And to take care of all of the many things put on the earth that surround us on nature's level.   

Inner strength is also a knowledge that others can physically hurt us... but cannot nor will they ever be able to  take away what we love in the heart.   They cannot take what God has given us.   Our spiritual presence.  

And Inner strength is living life... not in fear, but in acceptance and understanding of changes unfolding around us.   Knowing there will always be those out there who are mean...don't care...and are willing to do harm.   Does it affect us?  In a way yes, especially if we are the target. 

 But fortunately, and we can all be thankful for this -  nothing ever stays the same ...from one day to the next, life changes and a mean or unloving person will have their own debt to pay to society for their wrongdoing.    We cannot control another person...only how we handle the problem presented to us.

Overall,  we will need a  willingness to work at things and not expect    perfection.   For there are no perfect things in life - only imperfect  and people with a needed (glass half full) understanding - ready to do combat in their own lives and win a battle.   

And Hey...don't expect to be happy all of the time or to smile continuously...this is not how a real person with inner strength behaves or lives.  Despite the anti depression and anti anxiety commercials you see on television - humans were not meant to smile all  of the time.  We are not robots.  We have different emotions at different points in time.    Understand that ...and life will feel so much better.   A person with inner peace will accept the weaknesses in themselves.   The key is - contentment and thankfulness over something that does not feel real or is forced.  

And we need to possess the will to fight for the things that are true and correct in our lives and to our souls.   It is better to take a stand for one thing...than to stand for nothing at all.  

“Strength does not come from physical capacity.   It comes from an indomitable will.”

― Mahatma Gandhi 

Be real and don't expect too much of yourself - it is okay to be human.

As always, thank you for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

10 Things You Don't Say or Do To or Around Your Gang Stalker(s)  (I.E. Bullies)

April 10,  2019

This topic needs no introduction and is self-explanatory - so here goes:

#1 - One day you get fed up because you can't take being harassed anymore and you yell at the top of your lungs inside your house - "Get out of my house you son of a bitch!   You have no right to be in my home!"

         What is the point of saying this?  Do you really think a gang stalker will leave you alone because you tell him he is bothering you or because you want him to go?    The answer is - NO!   Bullies do not do what you want them to - they do what they want to.   They push their will on others - and basically they do not respect someone's  wishes.   In fact, they don't respect anyone period.   

First of all, if they had any respect in the beginning - they would not be in your roofline or through your walls with their devices.   And they wouldn't be involved in Gang stalking.   People who are sitting inside your roofline shooting energy at you are sociopaths.   So, they will not understand your communication with them.

#2 - Taunting your bully and egging him on and telling him you are not afraid.   Laughing loudly when you get laser burned...

         Ok - let's talk about this - do you really think your tiny little human body can withstand electronic weapons and the energy they produce?  Again - the answer is - NO!   It is a given that this type of weaponry  - directed energy - is meant to maim and destroy and in some cases end lives.   If someone is using them - they want to know that you know and are running scared.  You may want to sound tough in order to survive.   And even if you tell them you are not afraid - you are feeding their sick behavior by acknowledging them with words.   Quit doing it!!!   If they get any reaction out of you at all - they will continue because they are in control.  Here's the thing - you have more control if you don't acknowledge them.  Even if the electronic weapons hurt some.

#3 - Yelling at them - stop hurting're making me sick .    I can't take it anymore!!!    

         This goes without explanation - What are you thinking here?   This is exactly what a gang stalker wants - they want to know they are injuring you and you are suffering and they are controlling your life.  And if you let them know they have succeeded.  Shame on you!   If you tell them you are sick - they say "Hurrah!"   

         Do me a favor - You can talk to a close friend about all of this - but let the gang stalkers  guess about what is happening to you.  Even if you don't feel so hot with what you have been exposed to.   Don't give them proof their attacks are working.  Even if it is the hardest thing you ever do in your life...keep it to yourself and get away when  you can.  And remember to use all of the cover secrets I told you about.

#4 - Threatening your stalker - especially where there are witnesses.   Telling your gang stalker (bully) you are going to get them or you are going to blow their house or headquarters up.

        Hello!   Pretty dramatic and very emotional isn't it?!   This is all a gang stalker needs in punishing you more.  They now have the neighbors and witnesses to back up their story about how you attacked them.   Or they now have your words on some device they use to record you and then turn it over to the authorities to have you arrested.  Okay - so the recording of you might be inside your roofline...but that can be staged and arranged so that it makes you look guilty.  And makes it look like you threatened them on their property.     Do you deserve that?   After all the hell you are going through?...the answer is - NO!    NO!   NO!

      Everything a bully or gang stalker does is self serving and meant to destroy you.  So don't let them.   Think to yourself - if I was a gang stalker what would I be feeling or doing and then when you think you know - you stay out of their path and do the opposite?  Outthink the enemy!

#5 - Following your gang stalker around while they are driving -  Waiting for them in the dark - Stalking them back but not with electronics.  

       Again, this is aggressive and will come back to haunt you.  Remember two wrongs don't make a right.   Stalking of any kind is wrong.   And life is short - why waste your own life in making someone else's life bad.    Just because your bully is on this level does not mean you should be there as well.   Try to take the higher path and wait it out.   Life will always change.   Count on it!

#6 - Trying to get someone to help you break into the trailer, house, or any other building you suspect the gang stalking and Directed Energy Weapons are located:

         Anything you do outside of the law will be awful for you.   I realize that what you are suffering can feel unrelenting and like it is going on forever.   Still, you have to look at the big picture.   In the first place - you don't have proof.   Well, you do...but not exactly.   That is the hard part.   Still, there are cameras out there everywhere now.   Cameras that will catch you in the act.   Cameras that should be protecting you from creeps that gang stalk - well, because things are not fair in this world - those same cameras can be used by those same creeps to frame you.   Gang stalkers can hack into almost anything.   

             If you are going to get a camera to  protect your home - or one that can help you see what the gang stalkers are doing - get a battery powered one.   A wireless camera can be hacked and the downloaded or uploaded info ...manipulated.   Gang Stalkers are masterminds at working their way around electronics - cameras are no exceptions.

         My advise - get a hobby - be productive.  Stay busy and keep a clear conscious.   Don't think about what they are doing all of the time.    Let them eventually hang themselves.   Bad people often get to that point.

#7 - Dressing in a black outfit - fitted with a black mask and night vision goggles and slashing the hell out of the tires of your bully's car in the dark.  Your feeling - if they are busy fixing flat tires - they won't bother you. 

           First of all - it is not true that someone will stop bothering you.   Because gang stalkers are running fast with a paranoid brain - they will be the first to point the finger at you if anything like this happens at all.  Or if anything goes wrong.   That is the setup.  Get you to react and set you up.  Don't go there.   

         Still, if you have gotten to a point of wanting to retaliate with any weapon at all  - you need to pull back and take a deep breath.   Count to 10 or even 20.   And think about what you can do to make things more positive for yourself.   In this case, especially for yourself.  Go for a run.   Go out and have a dinner with friends.   Take your dog for a walk.  Pray.   Go somewhere away from the mess and have a good cry -just don't let them see you.   The bottom lines is - Just don't do what you feel like doing first.   No matter how damn mad you feel!   It isn't worth it.

#8 - Going hysterical -and calling 911 or the SWAT team or the police.

         This is totally what gang stalkers want you to do.   So, when the police show up - they hide their stuff.   They deny what is happening.   They gang up.   They tell the police you have been bothering them for a long time or that you have always been nuts.  Feeding a negative vibe about you.

                   Believe me when I tell you - this type of stalking is what nightmares are made up of.   This type of stalking campaign is so big - it boggles the mind.    Gang stalkers  can hide their weapons quickly and without a trace and if the weapon can be simply  hidden in plain site - like a box - it won't even be noticed.   

         A gang stalker wants you to go insane and make accusations and act like you are nuts.   They want to prove they drove you over the edge.  They want you to lose your job and lose your life.  Destroying you by appearance of mental illness -  now this gives them the biggest chuckle of all.   Mean as that sounds - it feeds the whole campaign.   So, don't do it.   Wait it out.   Stay calm and focused.   Gang stalking cannot be seen and rarely is it proven.   So, be patient - there is a new day coming for Targeted Individuals.  It just isn't yet.  

#9 - Hiding from the gang stalkers and running every time you sense them around.

         Quit hiding - In the beginning - I hid all the time.  But over time - I grew more accustomed to the frequencies and signals.  I learned what I needed to use to cover more.  I learned what worked and what didn't.  I knew to remain quiet but be in plain site.  And I began to reemerge to live life.     We do not have to have the last word...but we have a right to be in our own space and live our life.   Stand up for that.  And don't hide.  You need to live your life.  

#10 - Letting your gang stalkers know what is working or what you are doing to stop their efforts.

           Never, and I mean ever let someone know what tactics you are using to protect yourself against an attack.   Since they don't have an exact x-ray vision - they can only guess.   If you have a situation like I have - the gang stalkers are more and more frustrated every day - because I have done fairly good research and homework in order to block.   Now that does not mean it is 100% all the time.   Because they somehow manage to keep getting through.  But I do not panic and that is the secret.   It will be for you as well.     Trust me....

As always, thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

This is The First Time I Have Been Sick in Nearly 2 years.

April 13,  2019

I have done so much to protect myself against my neighbors' assaults.   Everything I could think of to stay one step ahead.  Still, we are just human, after all, and sometimes we can keep going and going.   And then when the adrenaline wears off - we can't keep going and we get sick.   

I think for targeted individuals - there is a constant anticipation of what will be next?   And for us that is what keeps the adrenaline or the fight or flight in us alive.   

It isn't so much the gang stalking action to try and keep me from sleeping that actually caused this.    Because I have developed a way of going back to sleep even if I get disturbed.   Still, when you keep going and going and are always in the mode of defending and covering and protecting what is yours.   It is a bit wearing over time.   So, now I am sick -  I came down with a bad flu.   My Temperature last night was 103.   

There is a part of me that gets concerned that the spies next door will hear me coughing and hacking and up the juice some more.  So far this hasn't happened.   I am not sure why.   We can or should appreciate breaks when we get them.

Today - they had a new directed energy - gang stalking service guy to their house - he stayed for 2 hours.   I believe he was a new microphone guy - since they are becoming frustrated with my ability to spot them when they enter my roofline.  

 I explained that before on my home page.   A photoelectric smoke detector not only picks up smoke coming into it if there is a fire on the stove or burning smoke - but I found out trough trial and error that the photoelectric smoke detector also acts as a warning device and lights up  for incoming electromagnetic signals - in this case - associated with shot gun microphones and contact wall microphones. has been a blessing to me to have figured out that I could monitor their movements in the roofline by a cheap old smoke detector.

Because there was someone new at my neighbors' house today - to help turn up the spying and signals  - I will have to see what happens tonight.   I do have some blocking material in my closet which I shared with you in one of my earlier blogs.    I will let you know in a few days.

So this is a newer area for me to cover -"The"  if someone actually gets sick from the electronic attacks.   My advise to you if you get sick - try not to let your gang stalkers hear much of it.   Like the vomiting, hacking or coughing.  This is a time when you need to hide - at least a little  - just in case they decide to zap or burn you a little more while you are down and out.   

Try to recover at a friends house if you can.   If you can't - I highly suggest using white noise machines.    Many white noise machines.  Use different sounds in the same room  on several machines - to distort what the perps hears.   Examples are  - static, ocean waves - birds chirping - a water fountain.

In my case, I am not letting on.   I turned on my white noise machines on high - anything to mask sound - I say.   I am hoping by a few more days - I can kick this and get back to moving about and planning more of my own life.   As I told you before - keep living - keep breathing - and 

keep being thankful.   Even if you get sick.  Or even if you are not.   And even if someone just can't seem to quit following your every move.

There are those out there who are truly worse off -   The blind, the deaf, the crippled...someone who is wheelchair bound.   A person with cancer and is terminally ill.  You see where I am going with this?    Even if we don't see it - we need to compare our lives and be thankful for what we do have.     That is where I am today - tired - but trying to keep my thoughts positive.   I am keeping this short - need to rest up.  

Please take care of yourselves - and while you are at it - beef up on vitamins and things for the immune system.  That was something that I hadn't done in a while.  And just look at me now!!!

As always, thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

On The Matter Of Forgiveness...

April 22,  2019

I have a fantasy in my mind.  A dumb one really.   About my gang stalkers coming up to me and saying they are sorry.   That they should have never treated me the way they have.   I think about it often.  I envision it.  I hope for it.   And I pray that one day it happens.    I think about an alternate world - where things are peaceful again.   I keep hoping in my heart that the outcome with all of this will be ok.  I hope and I hope and I hope some more.   Still, I can't go too far with the thoughts though - because for me - I have found that I need to live in the moment to survive - so that is where I stay.  

I also know that fantasies are not reality.   And the longer a person goes on in a certain pattern of behavior (in this case, our gang stalkers) -  the chances of them seeing "an error of their ways" lessons over time.    Let's face it  - if a gang stalker is involved in gang stalking activity - they are pretty much past the point of no return.   If they are involved at that level - they seriously don't give a damn.  About you or me or anyone else.

But if you want to know if I would forgive them if they asked me to forgive them right now - today?  Let me see...  I will have to say -  NO.   I can't.   And here are the reasons.

Thinking about all of this at the 2 year mark - well, like I said - if you were to ask me If I would have forgiven my gang stalkers a year ago - my answer would have been "possibly or probably."   Today - there's too much water under the bridge.    Like a flood that has carried away any hope of survival, safety, comfort and a new beginning...The gang stalkers have destroyed a little bit of my life.   And a whole lot of my trust in mankind.

 But even if I thought about forgiving someone - the fact that they spent so much time tormenting me - hunting me down.   Following me.    Well, It created a counter intelligence in me.   Spy versus Spy.   Some strong paranoia.   And I am always aware of what they are doing to me.   I am always aware they are near - somewhere.    

So, in my opinion, sometimes it is wisest to keep on your toes and don't expect normal behavior out of seriously psychotic people.   A gang stalker is not a nice person - they are mixed up in their heads - so the idea of them asking for forgiveness - is a possibility that just doesn't exist.   And for the most part - it will never exist.  Unless there is a miracle - and I guess that is always a possibility.

Look at it this way - the whole extra year that has gone by...that I waited for my neighbors to make things right with me and it just didn't happen.   Well,  that extra year has allowed my neighbors to become more malicious.  The attacks are now far more brutal and cruel.   Their intent to do bodily damage to me is loud and clear.   Burns...zaps...demodulated name it..    Even when I show no reaction - they continue.   If I work in the yard -  my zaps and burns are worse at night to punish me for moving about in a human world.  For having the nerve to enjoy beauty and wildlife.  

 I think one of the sad things for me is to  watch this mob stalking couple interact in the neighborhood...smiling... and befriending people and all the while - hiding all of this psychosis -   And it doesn't do a whole lot to help me feel any trust towards them.  And for that matter...anyone else.  I find it incredulous.   Surreal.   And it makes me dislike them intensely.  

And I think that even if all of the mean torment went away -today..    Even if I never felt another burn or zap again - I could never forget all the many mean things they did.   So after all of this - after all of these many things - I would never, ever be able to trust my neighbors again.   

They have after all, trained me to hide and shield myself and to deflect their attacks. They trained this targeted individual soldier to fight back. And I would always expect the hunting and the torment to return...even if it wasn't there. I would never be able to let my guard down.  And even if I forgave - I would never be able to stand near them or talk to them or feel comfortable.   Because they spent the last 2 years making me horribly uncomfortable.   

I suppose it is like having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - there is a little bit of me inside that will never be the same again.   Traumatized over and over and over again.   Always watching over my shoulder - glancing in my rearview mirror.  Knowing that when I return home after a day out...things will go back to the gang stalkers inside my roofline and their cold focus in trying to get rid of me and to injure me. 

I know it is a weird thing to think about .   Forgiveness - I guess some of you have done this too.  Maybe - maybe not.   You start thinking about the possibilities of change and for the better. 


That kind of thinking, by the way, is good thinking from a healthy mind.   Life is and should be all about being a human with a resilient heart.   Always hoping and never wavering from hope.   That is what life should be anyway.   

Still, after being burned, zapped and lasered...until you just can't stand it resilient are you after so much of it?  Not very, am I right?

Maybe you haven't even gotten to the point of thinking about what forgiveness is.   Because just maybe you are still in the worst part of your own gang stalking ordeal.   Just trying to cover yourself is all you can handle right now.  And I can understand that...I have been there.

Keep in mind.   Even though the bible does talk about us forgiving others and them forgiving us - it surely does not tell us to be flippin idiots and stand in the path of an attacker.   It doesn't tell us to be door mats.  Or even allow someone to hurt you.    It tells us to be strong and have faith.

So, for me --- it is a no brainer - I am not a victim - I am strong and I fight back.    And for me... fighting  back is - staying alive and avoiding psychotic people.   It isn't a question about forgiveness...It is about loving myself  enough to survive.  And respecting myself enough to move out of the way.   And cover up.   

So forgiveness for my gang stalker?   Naw - it just ain't going to happen.   At least not right now.   At this point - I just want the gang stalking neighbors to go away and leave me alone.  A move perhaps - to a new state.   An alternate universe would be very nice.   Or a great big black hole.   Why can't they just slide down inside one of those for a bit?    

In retrospect, we...targeted individuals... just have to keep fighting for what's right though.  We don't have a choice.   If we want to live - we have to problem solve.  And we have to keep going.    We have to take care of who we are and not let someone else abuse us.   So,  my hope has changed over time - in the beginning, I wanted forgiveness and moving on.   Now...I just want my damn life back.     

I do know that someday - it will be ok.  It will all be okay.   That is something I feel in my heart.   And someday - they...our gang stalkers... will move on.   Either by choice or by someone else forcing them to go.  That ... I can guarantee.      


"Do not do to others what angers you... if done to you by others." 


As always, thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

Maxing Out - 

Limitations to Directed Energy Attacks..

April 26,  2019

I didn't want to write about this until I had a month to figure it out.   But as it turns out - there appears to be some limitations to Directed Energy Weapons - at least the kind used on the average joe...the nonmilitary grade type.

Over the past month, I have kept a watchful eye on the neighbor's behavior and their visitors.   Because in the past, it never failed.   If I survived the attacks during the week and it was getting close to the next weekend - the neighbors called in a new helper  to help them work on either increasing power on the directed energy weapons in their home.   Or upgrading their current weapons.   Over time - if I went by the weekly visits - they upgraded about 70 times.   Like I said, it was either the D.E.W. guy showing up weekly or another individual -  to adjust microphones and motion detectors in the roofline.   Sadly they even go to church with this people.

Seriously, everything about my neighbors' life has been about hunting the human next door.   Like a real life Hunger Game - these 2 decided to end my life with a bang.  I guess their thinking was "nothing like having a little fun along the way!"   Seriously psychotic but what can I do?

Anyway, getting back to a change over the last month.   Here it is!   The helpers stopped coming.   And it looks like the power quit being increased.   Since I didn't talk to my neighbors during this entire time - and still  knew everything they were doing...I began to have homefield advantage.  Or let's just say the ball was in my court.  

And as time went on - the stalkers next door were becoming  more and more perplexed about my survival.  And after the last helper quit coming...a month ago... The gang stalkers next door were left on their own -  - to try to figure things out.   And that is where this gets interesting.   They are now very angry.

As it turns out - the directed energy also appears to have a capacity or a topping out of power.    I am feeling this way because of what I am feeling with signals.  Even if there are a lot of signals all going at the same time - they are the same strength.   So, if one of my fabrics works - it works for all together.

In the beginning about 1  1/2 years ago - shot gun microphones had been placed in my roofline - which I had previously told you that.   They were lined up with all of my duct work and these induction style coils delivered the energy that my neighbors wanted me to least at that point in time.     

But over the last several months, the gang stalking neighbors began moving these coil guns again.   The reason I know this is because the shot gun microphone/induction coils make a shot gun blast as they are  turned on.   This time, they are being lined up straight  through my walls of my dining room and bedroom closet.   So that this way - I will receive a heavier dose of the directed energy in a more concentrated line of power.   I suppose that is the plan anyway.

 I had also shared with you previously... that I have been experimenting with different fabrics on the closet wall.  Grounded of course.   I just ordered a peel off back - black sort of contact paper fabric called Stick E Shield - It is copper and nickel coated...when grounded - this blocks many frequencies - up to 10 GHz.   So, I will plan to place it in my closet along with the other shields.   This new fabric is highly conductive and has a much higher shielding effect.  Here is the link.

As usual - everything in a Targeted Individual's life is experimental when working on solutions and survival.   Still, the more you research and read about that works with or for other targeted individuals...  will help you determine what will work in your own case.   Since my neighbors are no more than 80 feet away at the farthest point and as close as 15 in other points in my home I am dealing with a great deal of headache.   The distance definitely gives my neighbors a too close advantage in their attacks on me.

But I told you before - I refuse to give up and I don't want you to either.  Don't let this get to you.   Don't crumble under the pressure.   We all have a limit to our time on earth.   If someone is being totally evil - like in the case of your gang stalker - it will go away at some point.   Just don't get impatient about the time.    Use all of the covers I told you about.   If you want to watch TV - watch your television with headsets.   And try to not make as much noise - at least human noise - because after a while, this will send your perps in a whole new direction of going crazy.  They go by motion and sound when trying to locate you.   Don't let them find you.   Make them nuts.    They deserve it...don't you think?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.   I hope you have a blessed weekend and that you will come out of all of this strong and thankful.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

Sharing a Little Data

On The World Of Electronics and Gang Stalking

April 29,  2019​

Good Afternoon!

Well, I survived another night...and it wasn't so bad.     I wanted to let you know that my peel off sticky copper and nickel grounding fabric arrived on Saturday.     It runs about 20 bucks per linear foot and is sold by .    I spent late afternoon yesterday... mounting it on the back wall of my closet.   This fabric is rated  one of the best at blocking a multitude of frequencies, radiation and microwaves.     I will let you know how it works after I test it a bit.

Keep in mind, you cannot wear the new fabric, or make clothing items out of it.   It cannot be used as bedding - but it serves its purpose by being a  barrier on the wall you need blocked.   

Trust me - there is nothing worse than sitting at a computer or sitting in a chair trying to read a good book and then feeling like your insides are being moved around or being burned.   So, this fabric placed on a wall and grounded... between you and the perp is so very helpful.   As careful as I like to be - I don't always get a chance to wear my radiation protection clothing so - sometimes I just get caught off guard.  

I have to tell you - my neighbors are determined to end this -   I can tell ...but only on their own terms.   These are two narcissistic individuals whose egos are horribly inflated.   They are not that attractive - but think they are.   They are not that smart - but think they are r0cket scientists.   

 It is funny - because they don't really seem to have friends - they just think they do - and people seem to avoid their company more often than not.   

Still, there is a part of their personality that does not take negative confrontations or someone not going along with them  well at all.  These two are all about appearances.  And here  is the thing...they don't like losing or being unsuccessful in their attempt to destroy me.   So, every day that passes without a success on their side - their anger is growing.

I guess I could be petrified by this - and I could be shaking in my shoes.  But I AM NOT!   I am not a fearful person - at least not in this day and time.   I figure I get what I get.  We all do.   And this knowledge alone helps me survive the insanity coming from next door.

As far as trying to hurt me and destroy my life..    Well, as it turns out - it isn't up to them.   They are not God,  so it doesn't matter how much they do or attempt to do - God has the final say on when I go and how long I stay in my life.   If you try to picture life this way - it will give you strength to combat your gang stalkers.

With all of this being said - I decided that it was time that I share some things with you that will help you in the electronics arena as far as gang stalking.   This is in reference to your cell phones, your computers, surveillance cameras and security and your televisions.

Part of gang stalking is to sabotage electronics.    What I mean by this is - by using  a signal jammer and directed energy weapons...a gang stalker can disrupt your viewing of television and even shut it down while you are watching it.  Your perp can even destroy your electronics by using the very same directed energy weapons that they use on you.  This can be your refrigerator, microwave, stereo equipment, air conditioning and many other things that are electronically operated.   And forcing you to have to spend money and time and replace items.

 Signal jammers are often used by gang stalking campaigns and can  be used to drop your phone calls when you are talking.   This is what gang stalkers deem a harmless game and fun to do...just part of the sick appeal.    I had my phone calls dropped 8 times in one phone call - over and over and over again.   I could have gotten mad about it - but I knew what was going on and I just worked with what I had to deal with.

It has been shared by other targeted individuals - that gang stalkers can either break into your house themselves or have someone else in their campaign do it.   Break ins - are a big part of harassment.   So, a good security system is of utmost importance for your peace of mind.   

Because once inside your house - the perps can poison food...hide surveillance bugs and cameras...take things that belong to you...and go through personal information you have filed and steal social security numbers, credit card numbers and many other things.    If you have animals you love - you definitely want to keep your stalkers OUT!  They can even hurt or kill your animals if they get inside your house. 

Another thing to note is that - if you decide to use a security company - let's say like ADT - you should know that these systems can be overridden by people who are pretty much electronic geniuses.   i.e. - yours truly - the mob stalker.   

Since stalking campaigns employ people who are technology savvy -   Your camera and the footage it obtains - can be  taken and funneled to another location by the gang stalkers.   They do this by installing applications to perform the task.  So, don't bother getting anything wireless.   Steer the hell clear of advanced technology and choose instead old fashioned security protection.

As far as I am concerned - the best security is a door jamming device.   A window jamming device (metal normally) or a wooden stick wedged in the window or door that keeps someone from opening it.  Here is the link to purchase these:

As far as security - I have read that gang stalkers can enter your front or back doors via lock picking and can enter and then leave without you ever knowing they have been there for a visit.   

Since gang stalkers can enter and leave your home without a  trace - forcing them to break a window for entry, will prove - without a reasonable doubt that someone entered your home unannounced and without permission.    

The only things that will hold up in court are things that can be proven.    A broken window is proof of forced entry.   So, if you call the police - you have something you can show.

Many people opt for a security camera  or security system.   If it was me and I was going to use a camera - I would steer clear of Ring doorbell cameras because they can be hacked into.   Also avoid blink cameras because the film footage is uploaded to the Cloud.   Avoid all wireless and wifi cameras completely.   Any and all of these can be hacked.   

Instead, I would use  a battery powered wildlife camera - stuck up on the side of a tree - camouflaged ...untraceable to technology and others and it is worth its weight in gold.  If you are going to use a battery powered camera ...always change the batteries.  

 And  please don't let anyone see you pull your SD card or memory card from the camera.   This is what your film footage will be stored on.  Your film does not go anywhere online - just onto the memory card.     Always...always...always keep a covert and stealth  approach when doing things in front of  your perps.   

Which brings me to my next topic - Cell Phones.    Cell phones can be hacked into by gang stalkers even without them having physical possession of the device.   They can access your phone by one simple method of sending an app into your cell phone via text message.   

One such application is called Tasker.  There are others.   Tasker is used to duplicate the settings and applications that are in your phone.   In the case of Tasker - the duplicate copy of your applications is sent to the hacker's destination.   How this is done is that your perp will send you a text via text messaging with a series of numbers as a subject.     This is the spyware access text.   And I know for a fact that malware scans - do not find this type of spyware.

And here is the bad part - Once the text shows up in your text messaging.  It will only take several seconds to minutes and then the text disappears from site.   At this point - the spyware is already on board.  Even if you delete it - it is in your phone - it is already doing its thing.   

If this happens to you - go into your settings and then file application first and also your  smart cleaning application immediately and clean your phone right away - clean out and delete all downloads.   Still, there is a good chance the Tasker app is so quick in invading your phone - it may not do any good.

Information that is duplicated and stolen from you are as follows:    Your contact list of phone numbers, all of your incoming emails, also outgoing banking information and stored passwords.   And any other applications that you have in your phone that you really don't want others to have without your permission.   Your hacker will know who you call and when you call them.  They can intercept the call or text message or they can listen in on you while you talk.    They can GPS you by turning your locator and blue tooth on.    If they GPS you, they will follow you about town.

So, if this happens - and a hacker is on board your phone, you will see odd things happening that are out of your control.     In one of my next blogs - I will give you signs of a hacked cell phone.

 In my own case, I took the advice of many different people and articles I read ...which told me to factory reset and start over.  However, each time I hacker returned.    I did this 9 times.   And I want to say the factory rest did absolutely no good because once a thief or hacker has your IMEI address - they will always be onboard your cell phone.    Today's thieves are cyber intelligent.   

So, to make a long story short...After dealing with this for almost 2  years...I finally had to purchase a new phone  2 months ago and get a new phone number. This has made a big difference. 

I also have the Norton app lock application and many mobile security features that I would never be without again.   It would also be wise to encrypt your phone.   And never and I mean ever... give out your phone number to any stranger again … I don't care how attention starved you are.   You need to think about your safety right now.   You can have warm and fuzzy friendships later.   If you are a targeted individual...please heed this advice.   When my neighbors did this to me - they knew where I was and every minute I was there. That is a big feature of gang stalking.

One more thing I want to cover and that is your home computer and I guess a laptop as well.  Because many people now use laptops versus a desk top computer.    Here is how your computer can be hacked.   

The first - is downloading malware that is attached to a site you are visiting.  This would be something you wouldn't realize you were doing.   Many sites you visit have malicious links attached to them.   Most people innocently browse the internet and look at things.   Still, there are so many scummy crooks and cyber bullies - today, we need to be more on guard.    You can also download links through email attachments without realizing they are corrupt.

 So, my advice is - try to avoid sites you are not familiar with.  If you have a security application on your computer trust it when it says a site is safe or not safe.   And make sure you have a good firewall and security system in place on your computer.   Don't open links on emails you don't recognize.  Ever.

Another way your computer can be hijacked is by a application called keylogger.   You will be shocked when I tell you how this is done.   Let's say you are on your computer and you have to use a password to sign in.  If someone has already hacked into your cell phone and you have placed your cell phone on the desk or table top next to the computer, all a cyber criminal has to do is use an application called key logger in the same hacked cell phone.  

 This application will be set up to capture what you type on the computer by key strokes...yes, that's right - it picks up the key strokes and then pulls the information thorugh your phone and then onward to the hackers location.     So, now the gang stalkers or hackers have access to both your cell phone and your computer.

Once you have this happen...your perp will be able to log into your computer any time they want and pull information from this end as well. 

  Big rule of thumb while working on a lap top or desk top.   Put your cell phone in another location - away from the desk.  And turn off your computer whenever it is not in use.   Sometimes it is a good idea to take a break from technology.   The worst crimes now seem to be in the cyber world.

You can't be too careful anymore.   And if you are aware of just one other area of gang stalking and the electronics world - you will be better off in the long run.  Like I said - you can always email me on my contact page with questions.

Anyway, I hope some of this advice has helped today.   

As always, thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

How to Tell If Your Cell Phone has Been Hacked.

April 30,  2019​

Today's smartphones are powerful computers that allow us to perform tasks that only a generation ago would have been considered science fiction. The devices also often contain a tremendous amount of confidential information, including the contents of our text and email communications, as well as access to various accounts via pre-logged-in apps. It is imperative, therefore, to keep the devices safe from hackers, and to take immediate corrective action if one's phone is breached. But how can you tell if your smartphone has been compromised? Below are some symptoms to look out for.

Please keep in mind, however, that none of the clues that I discuss in this article exists in a vacuum, or is, on its own, in any way absolute. There are reasons other than a breach that may cause devices to act abnormally. However, if your device suddenly starts exhibiting multiple questionable behaviors, or the relevant issues develop shortly after you clicked some link, downloaded some app from a third-party market, opened some attachment, or otherwise did something that you now question, you may want to take corrective action, as discussed below:

Your smartphone or tablet seems slower than before.


Malware running in the background can impact the performance of legitimate apps on a device, and malware transmissions can slow down a device's network connection. It is important to realize, however, that updates to a device's operating system can sometimes also cause a device to suffer from decreased performance, so don't panic if you just updated your operating system and performance now seems degraded. Likewise, if you fill up the memory on your device or install many processor and bandwidth intensive apps, performance can also drop.

Your device is sending or receiving strange text messages

If your friends or colleagues report receiving messages that you didn't send, something may be amiss (this is true for emails as well). Likewise, if you see strange text messages coming in, they may be related to a breach.

New apps are installed on your device--and you didn't install them

While your device manufacturer or service provider may legitimately install apps from time to time due to updates, if new apps are suddenly appearing you want to be sure they are kosher. Do a Google search on the apps and see what reliable tech sites say about them. 

Vulnerabilities in operating systems may let Android or iOS malware escalate privileges and thereby gain the ability to circumvent security features--allowing it to potentially steal your data, record your calls and text messages, hijack your social-media and online banking sessions, and wreak all sorts of havoc.

Your device's battery drains more quickly than before.

Extra code running in the background (for example, malware that is constantly monitoring and capturing user activity and relaying it to third parties) uses battery power.

Your device is hotter than before

For the same reason, it may also run physically "hotter" than before.

Websites appear somewhat different than before

If someone has installed malware that is "proxying" on your device--that is, sitting between your browser and the internet and relaying the communications between them (while reading all of the contents of the communications and, perhaps, inserting various instructions of its own)--it might affect how some sites display.

Some apps stop working properly

If apps that used to work properly suddenly stop working, that may also be a sign of proxying or other malware interfering with the apps' functionality.

You notice an increased use of data or text messaging (SMS)

If you monitor your data or SMS usage and see greater use than expected, especially if that increase begins right after some "suspicious event," that may be a sign that malware is transmitting data from your device to other parties. You can even check your data usage per app--if one of them looks like it is using way too much data for the functionality that it provides, something may be amiss. If you installed the app from a third party app store you can try deleting the app and reinstalling it from a more trusted source--but if there is malware on your device, doing so may not always fix the problem.

Your cell-phone bill shows unexpected charges

Criminals can exploit an infected device to make expensive overseas phone calls on behalf of a remote party proxying through your device, can send SMS messages to international numbers, or ring up charges in other ways.

"Pop-ups" appear on your device--and they never appeared before

Just like on computers, some mobile-device malware produces pop-up windows asking the user to perform various actions. If you are seeing pop-ups, beware.

Your email from the device is getting blocked by spam filters

If email sent from your device is suddenly getting blocked by spam filters it could be a sign that your email configuration has been changed and email is now being relayed via some unauthorized server that is allowing a nefarious party to read your messages.

Your device is attempting to access "bad" sites

If you use your device on a network that blocks access to known problematic sites and networks (many businesses have such technology on both their corporate and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) networks) and you find out that it was trying to access such sites without your knowledge, your device may be infected.

You are experiencing unusual service disruptions

If you experience calls being dropped, the inability to make calls at times when you appear to have good signal strength, or strange noises occurring during your phone conversations, something may be amiss. Normally, these problems are indicative of technical issues unrelated to a breach, but that is not always the case. So, if you noticed these symptoms shortly after you took some action that you now regret, you may wish to consider whether you need to take corrective action.

Data breaches and/or leaks

Of course, if you have experienced some data leak you should always check to determine the source of the problem--and the process of checking obviously includes examining your smartphone.

Another way to tell if your phone has been hacked is your locator and blue tooth turn on by themselves - which is indicative of someone turning them on from another location while in our phone.

So what should you do if you suspect your device was hacked?

If you suspect that your phone is infected, run mobile anti-malware software (preferably run more than one vendor's offering) and remove any apps that you don't recognize. If possible, wipe the device, restore factory settings, and reinstall apps from trusted app stores. Obviously, use internet security software on your device going forward. If you are concerned that the device has been rooted by malware, show it to a professional.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

A Cat and Mouse Game - 

    And we are the mice....

May 4,  2019​

Have you ever watched old cartoons where the villain is a mean cat?   A predator who is hell bent on capturing a tiny mouse.   The villain is a mean, hungry, predatory cat - whose sole purpose is to hunt the scurrying rodent.   He is so obsessed by this concept -  He can't eat...he can't think...he can't live his life....Because he is thinking about tormenting and capturing another life.


He has ceased to be a leisurely cat who spends the day napping.   Or lapping a bowl of cool milk.  He chooses instead, to victimize  another living being on the earth.   All this cat can do - is lay in wait for the tiny mouse who is trying its hardest to stay clear of the nasty cat and live his tiny little life.    The cartoon is Tom and Jerry - but the analogy is similar to a real life event called "Gang Stalking."

Does this sound familiar?   If so, welcome to my world.   The cat and mouse game of the gang stalker.   However, in this case - and scenario... the gang stalker is the big nasty cat..     And we are all the tiny mice trying to get away.

Case in point, my neighbors.   As much time as they can spare from their own lives - is put towards a never ending effort and endeavor to "do me in."   The obsession seems to feed on itself with these people...   In my case, my neighbors are obvious but don't think they are being noticed.   They pace back and forth on foot in front of my house.  They drive back and forth in front of my house in their car.   They try to peek in my windows.   They hunt for me inside my house with microphones and motion detectors and aim directed energy at me and try to weaken the just a little so that I am easier to take down.   

They hunt me in my yard and direct signals at my head - once they even caused me to stroke because they shot energy at the side of my head and I was not aware that I was in danger.

Like I told you before - it could be for many reasons - but basically...the gang stalker  is angry you did not go along with him.  At least, this was the case for me.   The gang stalker is psychotic.  All gang stalkers are psychotic.   The gang stalker is lacking a soul.  The gang stalker is a pain in the ass.   The gang stalker is many things we are not.   Where we would never think of doing something like this to another human - the gang stalker lacks empathy and feels no remorse.

In real life - we targeted individuals - are stuck in a virtual world of Tom and Jerry...where everyday is an effort to survive and to stay alive and not be eaten by our big giant predator.  

Still,  maybe we can take a lesson from a simple cartoon..  Maybe we can figure out how to get our big bully predator to back off and stay alive in the process.  Though only a cartoon - thankfully in this cartoon, the mouse or Jerry, seems to be a shade smarter than the predatory cat, Tom... and that makes everything seem so much better.   And in our case - we can outthink the enemy as well.  We just have to know how and where to look for and find solutions.

We humans have always been fascinated with a "picked on victim" and a "just punishment" for someone who has crossed the line and tries to hurt someone else.  Thankfully, most people are still kind - and have not reached the level of mentality of the gang stalker.   Most people would not hurt  a hair on another person's head.   

Still, for us targeted individuals, it just feels like everyone is evil now.  It feels horrible and like the world is against us.     Hopefully, one day  - we can return to a level of normalcy in our lives.

Getting back to the Cat and Mouse game - it seemed to me that the mouse ….Jerry - took pretty good care of himself and fought back when  Tom tried to kill and eat him.   As it turns out - Jerry had a few tricks up his little mouse sleeves and gave Tom a run for the money.   And we can give our gang stalkers a run for their money as well.

So, the key is fighting back.   The key is fighting back  at all levels of life and survival.  Fighting back does not mean trying to retaliate and hurt someone.   It might feel like a good thought.  It might make you think you have control.  But the truth is - if you are thinking about getting even - you have lowered your own standards and principals to the level of an evil mob stalker.   

I know this is hard to imagine - we all need to be accountable in our soul for our actions towards others.   We need to live in a mindset of doing things to bring about glory and love in the process.   We cannot be in a loving mindset - if we hate.

Fighting back means being smart.   It means knowing when to stay clear and when to cover up and when to get away.   And even when to ask for help.  It means being knowledgeable about what another person is up to...watching...waiting and staying silent and taking action so that you have the advantage because the stalking bully is left guessing what you are doing or what you are up to.   It takes a while - but sometimes the hardest battles in life take a good deal of time to fight - we just need to be patient.

So, yeah...for now...we are the mice in the cat and mouse game of gang stalking.      The ones who are being hunted...zapped...burned...tracked...followed...listened to...and so many other things that are horribly invasive.   But someday -- it will go away - Amazingly, all of life silently slips into the universe.    Never remembered again.   What we think is important now - will be very unimportant later and in the grand scheme of things.   We do not suffer in our spirit - only in the flesh.

 Life is fragile and then we move on.   Keep thinking from the heart - and you can accomplish great things.   Even when you are tired in the human form.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

Cast Iron Skillet??

May 7,  2019​

Ok - I am going to update you on my closet blocking materials.   I had shared with you several blogs ago that I had purchased a peel off sticky highly conductive sort of contact paper composed of copper and nickel.  I placed it on the back wall of my closet where high signals are aimed from my neighbors house in  exact line of my bed.   

I added the black sticky paper to my already multi-layered block of silver fabric (grounded), rubber mats, a lead blanket and several sheets of zinc metal 2 by 3 foot sized sheets of metal (also grounded).    I grounded the supposedly highly conductive paper and - well - nothing really.   No real help with horribly strong nasty demodulation energy or leg twitching zaps.  In fact, nothing at all.   

This being said - I am onto another solution.  Like I told you before - don't give up - solution solve until you get it right.  So, after talking to my husband - and with his advice - we decided to use cast iron.   Before I put it in place - I measured the EMFs coming through the wall and the energy was ungodly high.  Uncomfortably so.  It was nearly unbearable because over the last month - my neighbors turned up the energy nearly every day.

Still, we took the cast iron skillet - a 14 inch size and hung it over one of the points of energy.  Then remeasured the energy.  Well - the energy dropped by nearly 80 percent.   And with the directed energy - 80 percent is quite a big drop.   So, 4 days ago - I went to bed with the skillet in place over the entry site and I felt far less demodulation...even though the directed energy is now on me all night long.   I felt no zaps or movement of my intestines or insides.  So, there is some improvement.   

So, I have decided to increase the cast iron one more time in the same site to zero the energy.   I will have to do the same thing on the other back wall.  Since my rather unpleasant neighbors have about 3 or 4 sites of entry -into my closet but only 2 with exceptionally high readings on the gauss meter.   I will keep you posted on this.

Another secret about all of this is - you cannot tell anyone what you are doing to block energy.   You don't want anyone to know you are one upping them.   You want to act like you don't know what is going on and let your  enemy guess about what you are doing.   Never, ever let them know at all.   Let them run ragged and go nuts trying to figure you out.  That's all I'm saying!    Most of all - let them squirm.


Anyway, I will let you know how it goes.   Who would have thought?   Cast Iron... 

As , thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

Should I Share My Ideas With You...

               Or Should I Not?

May 11,  2019​

On reaching out to you and sharing the things that have helped me?...well, I have to say that not only has it helped to strengthen my own resolve to fight gang stalking and my mob stalkers ...but it helps me to feel I am doing something for someone else who is suffering from bullying and electronic harassment and torture.

Yesterday, my sister told me that I was not doing the right thing by having a website devoted to discussing this topic.   The topic of bullying and gang stalking.   She was strong in her opinion about the fact I was causing problems for myself.   And when she said what she did - it upset me.   The reason.  Well, for months I have been going through hell with all of this - 2 years actually.  I can't even describe it.   Being zapped, burned and an ongoing demodulation at my head - energy always coming at me.  And really there was no one to talk to about it.  Hell, who would even understand?   That's right - no one.  No one except a targeted individual.   So, I felt I needed to do something... anything.

And if I were to ask anyone else about the same idea and shutting my mouth or keeping off of the computer...they share my sister's viewpoint...they are scared.   They are afraid things will get worse for me.  They are frightened that something will happen to them just by association.  

It is typical of most people to think about themselves first.  Humans don't like confrontation - well, most don't.   They are fearful.   And sadly, very few people take a stand for something...  For another life.  For an animal.   For a just cause.    

People are self centered and their own safety and needs come first.   So, in effect, they never stand up for one thing while living their lives.  

 "It is better to take a stand for one thing 

                                      - than to live  a life for nothing at all."

But what if I were to tell you that it doesn't matter what you do - whether you hide or not.  Whether you run away or not.  Whether you never talk to another person again...because in your mind you believe things will get worse for you with the gang stalking if you show yourself in front of them.  Or show them you are living your life.   Well, I am here to tell you - if it is going to get worse, it will get worse regardless of what you do.   

I know this - because I did all the different and many things to avoid my gang stalking neighbors and they came after me anyway.   I hid.  Avoided cameras.  Avoided microphones and motion detectors.   I avoided my gang stalkers  physically - and the attacks grew worse by the day.   I left my house.   I stayed away for a week.   I did everything and anything I could think of.  And things never improved.   Well, they did improve - but it was because of me - it was because of the things I did to protect myself.  It was because I found the strength in me to fight back.   

So, over time...I decided to not be much as possible...of the things I do or the things I write about - even if I use another name.   It is the subject matter that I hope will make a difference to someone out there.   We all need someone to support us and be there for us.

My personal goal is to help you to cope.  Help you to find hope.  Help you to be in the moment you are in and not worry so far ahead into the future.   But I really just want  you to recognize life for what it is.  And that is - a lot of obstacles, journeys, pain, trauma, sadness and hate - peppered with tranquility, happiness, gladness, contentment and love. 

There are so many sides to living life.  So many things that come our way that can and will make us stronger.  If we allow it.    A gang stalker and his cohorts are a bunch dumb asses.   They care only about themselves.   They don't have remorse.  They are atypical spirits who prey on good people.  They are a large obstacle.  

So, pull from your spirit and find strength.  And take this situation for what it is.  An obstacle that will be cleared out of the way at some point.  So, you can go back to living your life.

  And if I can be a part of you finding the  strength you need- then I want to continue to write and share things from my soul.   Even if I was ever injured or hurt by my gang stalkers - to me it is well worth it if I can continue to help bring about resolution to a fellow TI.   So, I will write.  

Am I afraid?   Well, if I said no - I would be partly lying.  There are moments it totally gets to me.   Like yesterday - my neighbor parked his truck out in front and left it there all day.   And there was a part of me that worried it would be left all night.   Part of the harassment?  No doubt.  

And there is a part of me that just doesn't understand what I could have possibly done to have someone stalk me at this level.  Still,  life isn't fair.  It isn't always about what should be done versus what shouldn't be.  There is a world of people who feel nothing from the heart - and they don't live by the good versus evil ideal.  They are lacking accountability and an acknowledgement of God.   For them, evil takes precedence and it is the driving force behind their gang stalking.   

So, I am here.   I will write from my heart.  I will fight and fight and share what I am doing.  I don't care who reads it.   I don't care if someone goes after me more.   I could roll over and play dead...but I won't.   And I want to continue to reach out and give you the tools you need to fight your own battle.    It is a  decision I made - to do what is right - to benefit those who are  in the path of gang stalking...

As always , thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

I Need My Sleep "Damn IT!"

May 15,  2019​

3 nights ago - I had the sleep from hell.   That was Mother's Day.  And believe me - even with family visiting - my gang stalkers gave me nonstop zaps, demodulation and energy for my mother's day gift.   Freakin nice people...wouldn't you say?

The reason I couldn't sleep?   I don't know why.  I guess it was anticipation of the crap my gang stalkers would give me when I tried to sleep.  Normally, I don't do that.   I just expect there will be problems and I prepare my mind and then I go to sleep.  But something else was going on.    Maybe it was my medicine I had taken hours earlier.   Maybe it was a need to figure things out some more.   Who even knows?  All I know is - I slept like garbage.   I tossed and turned and got up and sat up and moved to another room and nothing helped.   I didn't fall asleep until 3:30 am and then I slept until 8:30 a.   Still, I was thankful I got that.

People don't realize how much the sleep scenario is figured into gang stalking.   After all, what better way to break a person than to sleep deprive them?   This is the number one area you have to keep working around and planning for in your counter attacks against your stalker.   Prepare for the night attacks!!!  Always - from now on.   Until you no longer have to.   Just my opinion - but helpful advice.

In my case, I have a bedtime ritual - I get a hot shower or bath ...several hours before I go to sleep.   I use a Unisom sleep tab and also take 1 or 2 melatonin tabs spaced several hours apart.   These usually ensure I fall asleep and if I get disturbed - they ensure I fall back to sleep.   So, for now this is my ritual.

One of the things I have not been doing is wearing my silver brain caps in my house every day during the day - but I didn't feel the need to until today.   And why is this?   Well as it turns out ...yesterday - there was an upgrade to the directed energy.  I recognized the vehicle.   I knew what to expect.  And let me tell you.   This new energy is fierce and it is accompanied by a few blasts of V2k.  

For those of you who don't know what v2k is - it is voice to skull.   Voice to skull is when your gang stalker is trying to make you think you are hearing voices - but if you are smart about it - and have been aware from the beginning - you will recognize that the stupid voice or clanging bell or whatever the hell they throw at you - is not a part of your own inner voice.   So, ignore the shit.   You might even get a laugh out of it.   Like, please, using Freddy Kruger- I don't know what my neighbors were thinking with that one - but they didn't use it again.   Good for them - because I might have busted out laughing on that one.

I can't even remember what was sent last night - but it was ridiculous and dumb.   In my mind I was thinking - Seriously???!!   And also - "what the hell was that?"  Then I shut my eyes and went back to sleep.

And I don't care anymore.  It has all become a big game - my advantage - is I don't talk to them.   I pretend I don't know  anything - about the energy, about their little plan...about the disruption of my life.   It gives me a one up on what they are guessing about.   When you open your mouth to tell them how you feel - it destroys any leverage you just might have.  In my case, I told you - I want my sleep and that is number one.   I already know that v2k is part of it and you just have to disregard it.    Wear earplugs, noise cancellation headphones...and silver brain hats.  I now wear 5 to bed.   Believe me it feels so much better with them on.  

The sounds to disregard from your own experience with v2k - are the following - Freddy Kruger scary voice or some other equally repulsive sounding evil devil voice, bells clanging, telephone ringing, someone breathing.   Oh, I forgot to mention - once the same neighbor used their own voice to try and scare me - I just took it for what it was.   Silly. 

Going back to the signals - well, the signals were stronger last night - but I believe my cast iron, my silver fabric, my rubber mats, my lead blanket and all of my grounding...well, they actually helped  could have been worse.      

I have shared this so many times - even though this is all majorly exhausting and difficult to deal with - the important thing to note is - keep your attackers in the dark about what you are experiencing.   Believe me, there have been a few times when I felt like yelling out - I know you are doing this jerks!!!...but I didn't.   

Instead...I turned a fan on higher or a sound machine up high to mask my sounds and hide me from my enemy a little more.  And also, I guess I feel like my angels are handling it - and they want me quiet.    Very quiet.   The thing I am feeling strongest about is this "Keep your enemy guessing!!!"   That is my plan and I want you to be safe and for it to be your plan also.  

Anyway, I thought I would share the latest.   Thanks so much for dropping in.

As always , thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

Directed Energy In Human Hands...

May 26,  2019​

What would you say if I told you that directed energy needs manual control to work the best.   Meaning that even though, yes, it can be set on automation - and yes, it can attack you all night long.   Automated or otherwise... The thing to understand is this… the attacks are far worse when a person is at the wheel and controlling the machine.   And much lighter when they are not.  

For example, automated set up does not feel anger - a person pushing the buttons does.   Directed Energy Weapons do not have feelings of retaliation, but the person involved in gang stalking does and is usually attacking you - "angry."   That person can increase power and sense what you are feeling in the heat of the moment.   They are high on your suffering.   They are high on trying to end you - period.  

   When a person is stalking  you as in gang stalking - it is with premeditation, calculation and an ultimate underhanded goal.  And that is to end your life or your sanity.    It is to ruin your health.   The machine - Directed energy on its own does not think.   And remember - machines don't kill men.  .....Men kill men.  

This may or may not be to your advantage.   Just something to know about.   And something that might help you outsmart the dumbass behind the stalking.

So, I believe there is hope for all of us yet.   I am a person who tries to get a feel for things going on in my life.   Like for example, how often I am aware of the perps coming through the roofline and listening to me.  Like, for example, how demodulation feels when the perps think I have gone to bed and start zapping and forcing air into my bedroom and onto my bed and at my legs, torso and head.   I told you, I try to get a feel for things.   I endure things for a while - so I know what I am confronted with.  

  So, while I am waiting for one thing to change and another to begin.   I try to note heaviness of power.  Severity of a burn.   Strength of overall attacks.   And from that, I deduce what I need to do to change what is happening - so that I can feel some control in all of this.  

And it is with this understanding that I somehow know that the neighbors have gone to bed or they are still up and hunting me.   I have learned so much about gang stalking in the last 2 years.   At first - scary - and then after a while... Something I just have to live with and keep blocking.   So, when the attacks are lighter - I take a breath of air and I am thankful for that moment.

I have to tell you that I am majorly pissed that they - my neighbors - just don't give up.  Let things go.   If you want to know the truth, it is surprising that 2 people in their 50s can be so childish and filled with so much hate.  But, it is what it is.  And so, I am teaching myself to work and live my life around the awfulness of someone or someones... trying to maim me and drive me over the brink.   

Here is the most amazing thing about me though...Little do my neighbors know that I have come through a very hard life.   I had parents who did not care for us.   My mother ran away often when I was young and I barely knew her.     I lived in an orphanage for a while when I was 5.  As I got older -  I was bullied.   And never once did I ever break under any of it.   

I guess it is all about what you are made of or what I am made of.  What is inside of us that makes us uniquely us and helps us to find strength to endure hardships and sadness in life.   I was blessed that I knew my angels and I knew I was a strong soul.     So, bullying is not new to me.   It is not shocking or frightening.   And for the most part, it is not overwhelming.

Just remember ...we are all born...equal...we grow and we find ourselves and others along the way.   And in that time - we encounter many things  - like obstacles and things that block our happiness and paths in life.   We either cope or we don't.   We learn to survive.  Or we don't.     But there is one thing that is important and a constant -   the need to be flexible and keep on going.     Flexibility will inevitably help us adjust our lives in order to survive.

I want to share with you a few things from the heart - I believe that we live because God wants us to.  We succeed - because God wants us to.   We get sick - because things happen to every human who ever lived on the planet.  We get what we get - because if things are going the way they need to - we should grow and be thankful through everything.   

So, a gang stalker cannot take our lives or injure us - oh, they can try - but things will only happen to us - if we allow it.   Or if God allows it.   And if that happens - then it is to bring awareness to our lives of our frailness and need to focus on our spirit.   Someday - we all go home to be with God - but the gang stalker is not the deciding factor.    God is...      Don't give an evil person control over your life.   And don't give him the power to play God.

With all of your strength and conviction and perseverance - I want you to fight to survive.  Fight because God wants you to be strong.   Fight because you can fight evil and fight because you believe you will be ok.   Have faith.    Love who you are inside.   Love your soul.  Love your life.   And keep going - Protect yourself - be smarter than the evil people who gang up and stalk you and again, don't give the gang stalker power to control you or hurt you.     That's all I'm saying....

 As always , thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     

My Gang Stalkers Went To Europe and Are Still Zapping Me 

By Remote Control

June 6,  2019​

 As it turns out, until the gang stalker decides to stop doing the mean thing to you...they can reach you even at great distances. 

For example - my neighbors have been gone for almost 2 weeks.   Their house is quiet.  The cars never move.   And I saw them leave 2 weekends ago.  As in the past, they take their 8 year old to France.   They have been doing this since she was 5.   They leave every May as soon as school is out for the summer.   

On the positive side - I can count on them being gone... On the negative -  they are still hunting and sending signals into my house and onto my body by remote control.  Meaning through their cell phone.

Don't get me wrong.   It is so much better without them being nearby.  I get longer breaks from the zaps, the frequencies that make me want to cough uncontrollably...and the waves of nausea that overtake me as I try to cook a meal at the stove...they are farther apart and fewer.   Still, these two check in often.   And their attacks at night are bad - like they always are.   

You would think they would want to stop the insanity and spend time with their child.   But it appears the hate for me is stronger than any love they have for their child.   Sad really.   The child didn't ask to be brought into the world by selfish adults.   And as for me  - well - I never really did anything to them to have this continue.  But that is irrelevant now.   

I guess I could compare gang stalkers to the Hatfields and McCoys of old renowned fame.   The story goes the Hatfields and McCoys were feuding with each other.   They hated each other.   They were mortal enemies.   And the fighting went on for decades.   One family out to destroy the other - year after year - decade after decade.      Over time - the hate grew stronger and stronger - but the reason for the fighting was not quite ever understood by anyone.

That is the same thing that is going on with my gang stalkers.  And your gang stalkers as well.  They probably get to the point that they don't really know why they are attacking you or me - they just are.   It becomes ingrained and a habit after a while.   And they just keep going because it has become an addiction...the hate builds and they can't stop.  This is not an excuse - I am just stating fact.   

If you want to defeat the enemy - 

you must first get inside his mind and understand his thinking.   "Carla"

In my case, even though I tried to make things right a year ago - they - my gang stalking neighbors - refused the attempt at making peace and to date - the attacks grow stronger because my neighbors want them to.  

I can only guess that they want to feel hate and revenge and to hurt someone.   My question is - are these the traits of a sane or rational person or a sociopath?   I guess we know the answer to that.

Anyway, not sure when they will return - probably this next weekend.   I had hoped they would not come back at all.  Ever.   But that isn't life.   We get what we get - until it stops and sometimes that can be a very long time.  So, in the meantime - remember (JOY) in the heart.  And thankfulness.   That is the only way to live life.  

And don't forget to protect yourself along the way.  Read my website and blog for helpful tips on surviving gang stalking.

 As always , thank you so much for reading.

                          Sincerely, Carla     


June 10,  2019​

 As previously written - my gang stalkers went away for 2 weeks.    As in previous years - Paris, France to provide their 8 year old with foreign culture. Not once did their cars move in their driveway or the blinds open that cover their windows.   Still, like I said in the post before this one...they used remote control and blasted me from thousands of miles away.  Sometimes, that is why I hate cell phones.  And much of technology.

Overall, I had some restful moments while they were gone...some really wonderful moments.  Without having to be totally on my toes about surviving...I was able to take naps in the open and sit in a chair and put my feet up.  There were also those moments where they checked in from a different time zone and tried to zap me here and there.   Shove demodulation at me.  And sadly,  the attacks continued almost like they always had at night.  Lighter, but still overall disruptive to my life.

Even though I had a few moments of relaxation while they were away, I refused to let my guard down and the whole time they were gone - I kept thinking that if they were going to that much effort of continuing their attack from abroad  - I was probably in for a super nasty attack once they returned.   And I was right.