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Carla's EMF - Energy Store

Corruption en Masse

The Alpha and the Omega Of Organized Punishment

and Conditioned Awareness

I am so very excited to be sharing a collection of targeted Individual's stories with you.  I am only sharing 32.   Keep in mind if something looks familiar to is because most targets have the near same experience.  So, in this  way...the accounts are similar.

The book is now listed on Amazon. 

Here are the links.

Hardcopy -

Paperback -

Ebook -

 My New Book

Hostile Environment - The Energy That Drives The Chaos

I am providing you with 2 options for buying my book.  A downloadable format and a paperback.   The paperback is quite pretty.   Your choice - let me know if you have any questions.   Carla K.W.

Hostile Environment - The Energy That Drives The Chaos

New Book Options on Amazon