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Coming Soon 

"Hostile Environment"

(A Survival Guide to the bad energy Surrounding Us  - And the World Of Organized Stalking Behind It)

Preordering available...just order from this page and allow time for the guide to be sent.

On December 20th - I will be selling a Complete Step by Step Survival Guide as Titled above and ways to better protect yourself against unwanted and unhealthy Electromagnetic and microwave energy.  This guide will also be a "how to" in being able to survive Organized Gang Stalking.    

This will be a downloadable PDF Guide -and EBook and once you pay for it - I will send you an email with a downloadable PDF or Ebook link.  Please provide me with your email at time of purchase.   

This Guide will be nice and it will be helpful.   It will be available soon!

Hostile Environment - A Survival Guide To The Bad Energy Surrounding Us