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 CAVITATION and What That Might Mean 

To The Targeted Individual

 Cavitation,” or air pockets, in fluids near the inner ear.

The bubbles created by cavitation , can travel quickly through two pathways that carry blood to the brain from the inner ear — the cochlear and the vestibular — and “function as a stroke,”  Symptoms range  from hearing loss, balance and cognitive problems, to brain damage.


With all of this being said -  this past weekend, there has been an additional weapon added to the LED Incapacitator next door -  Remember, the LED incapacitator shoots rapid strobing lights towards you that you can only see at night or in low light.      Remember, I don't have a name for this weaponry and I can only share my experience with the change.

 I can only describe this newer weapon ...or power boost - added this past weekend...which I believe has been added to the Incapacitator  a very strong wave of pulsing energy and  ringing, and then right after you hear this pulsing ring - Right after that, within seconds, an instant strong  sonic wave  like signal follows - that pretty much knocks you off your feet.   

 These wave signals are far more complicated and physical than any of the other weapons used on me before.     The waves actually seem to pass through me.   I felt the energy move through my skin, my heart and mind and when it passed, I felt short of breath and dizzy.   And I mean dizziness beyond dizzy.

At least that is how I felt when that type of energy  moved towards me - across my upstairs hall and caught me unawares on Sunday morning.     I staggered and I felt like my heart and body were momentarily floating.   My heart seemed to stop for a few seconds.   And I felt weak.   And almost lost my footing.    

This, I believe, is because I did not have my protective clothing on.   I was without my silver hats, without my noise cancellation headphones and without my polarized sunglasses.   As it turns out - you need all of these protective items to fight this latest weapon.     Especially if combination weapons are being used.   And might I add?   You just might need a little more.    You will also need to possess a strong desire to fight for your life.

I need to tell you that if you are still standing after a few years of someone gang stalking you -  If you haven't gone nuts or driven yourself into a brick wall.   Or begun taking high doses of anti-psychotic medications...   If you haven't had a stroke or heart attack or gotten cancer - well, let me just say that this stronger weapon is only brought in when the other weapons fail to do the job.   Just consider - Your gang stalkers are greatly annoyed at this stage of the game.   They are wanting quick results without delay.   If you are still with them after 3 years - that is the delay!

I have taken the liberty of providing you with the following  article I came across - please read it.   I realize the article was written in 2018 - but the weaponry they talk about is something that I believe is now being recreated for gang stalking.  Remember - big giant weapons reproduced  and reconfigured into smaller scale hidden devices by a gang stalker's techy friend.  That is gang stalking mentality.

Without further delay  - This was posted by the Miami Herald - I wanted to share with you that the article explains what cavitation is and what it can do to you.


Doctors reveal possible ‘neuro-weapon’ used in alleged attacks in Cuba


SEPTEMBER 07, 2018 09:16 AM , UPDATED SEPTEMBER 07, 2018 04:24 PM

Three doctors who evaluated U.S. personnel affected by alleged attacks in Cuba believe that they were likely carried out with a weapon that uses directed energy and is capable of causing a “cavitation” effect.

“Neuro-weapons” can be biological, chemical, or in the case of the incidents in Havana, “directed energy weapons,” Dr. James Giordano told National Defense magazine. He is a professor in the departments of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, and an expert in “neurotechnology” and its use in the military.

On Thursday, U.S. Department of State officials said at a congressional hearing that investigators still do not know how the attacks against U.S. personnel at the embassy in Havana were carried out or who the perpetrators are. The attacks began in late 2016, and the most recent was reported in May.

But three doctors that are part of a team put together by the State Department believe that those affected by the attacks may have been  exposed to a directed  energy weapon, which can cause injury by creating “cavitation,” or air pockets, in fluids near the inner ear.

The bubbles created by cavitation , can travel quickly through two pathways that carry blood to the brain from the inner ear — the cochlear and the vestibular — and “function as a stroke,” Giordano said.

So far, 26 Americans have been affected with symptoms ranging from hearing loss, balance and cognitive problems, to brain damage.

The team created by the government includes an expert in brain trauma and otolaryngology, Dr. Michael Hoffer of the University of Miami, and Dr. Carey Balaban, professor of otolaryngology, bioengineering and neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh. Giordano, Hoffer and Balaban independently studied the first tests taken by those affected.

The victims traveled to Miami to be evaluated and Hoffer also traveled to Havana shortly after the first incidents were reported in late December 2016, all occurring in diplomatic residences and two hotels.

The U.S. personnel he examined said they were sitting in their homes, or at the hotel, when they suddenly felt the symptoms: a feeling of pressure, pain or ringing in the ears and dizziness after being exposed to a shrill noise. A day later, some reported cognitive deficits.

Hoffer said that some of those affected said they’d perceived that the energy “beam” followed them around their homes or at the hotel, and it only ceased when they opened the front door.

The team was unable to conclude exactly what method the perpetrators of the attacks used but reduced it to several possibilities:

▪ Ultrasonic (acoustic) exposures were considered “very possible and probable.”'

▪ Electromagnetic pulsing was also described as “very possible and probable.”

▪ The team reported that the use of microwave energy was possible, but “unlikely.”

The State Department stopped referring to the attacks as “sonic” because they ruled out that the sound was the cause of the symptoms. In an article recently published by The New York Times, experts pointed to microwaves as possible culprits of the attacks, describing a mechanism, still little understood, that makes human beings able to hear those waves in certain circumstances.

An article written by specialists from the University of Pennsylvania — who also examined affected U.S. personnel months after symptoms were reported, at the request of the government — also mentions that the victims reported feeling the sounds or vibrations as coming from a specific direction.

The article describes how some patients mysteriously exhibit brain damage without apparent cause.

But the case has been received with skepticism by the scientific community and the Cuban government has adamantly denied that there were attacks, suggesting that there is a “collective hysteria” among the employees of the embassy.

Doctors from the initial team created by the State Department also raised the possibility that the attackers used a combination of a drug that was activated with the directed energy weapon or that they used pulsed lasers.

“All these weapons can produce cavitation in fluids and can produce these effects,” Balaban stated in the National Defense magazine.