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DEEPFAKE Technology- 

The Road to Ruining a Target's Life

The information I am now sharing came out in 2020.   The picture you see above is recent - it is a fake...this year 2023.

I just want to say that with the accelerated level of perfecting Artificial Intelligence in recent years, the ability to use this fake picture technology to destroy people and to also plant a seed of doubt about a person...has grown exponentially.

Let me provide you with an example of how this could happen to any of us.

If we are on social media, there is no doubt that each of us has literally 100s of selfies which we have posted in an online feed...over many years...for the world to heart, hate, and to make comments on.  


As it turns out, humans crave the attention of "what others think of them" through social media and this validation and/or approval of what feeds the hungering soul in a world of desperation and lost recognition.

Also, as it turns out, this need to be validated by strangers appears to be of utmost importance when it comes to knowing who we are and what we mean to others.

And that's all well and fine to a point...or is it?

Let's say that our happy or provocative face, posted on Instagram is just sitting there for the world to see, but somehow, it just happens to fall into the wrong hands.  How would we even know? 

Well, I guess we have so many pictures posted, we sort of lose track of them.

Without us realizing it though, our photo was downloaded by a cyber criminal...and then someone with the AI Deepfake capability, perhaps, is now in the process of working on a defamatory use for the photo.

It is needless to say that because of all our vanity and all of this self-posting - we have unwittingly given all the cyber-criminals out there, an unlimited use of... "our face" to put on something else not associated with us.

Deepfakes are a form of artificial intelligence in their compilation of doctored images and sounds that are put together with machine-learning algorithms.

Deepfake technology can make it extremely hard to determine whether the news or photo we are seeing and hearing on the internet is real.  

Still, even if a picture of a person is a deepfake and in that photo, that person is shown doing something they shouldn't be it turns out, in the time it would take for experts to study the image and perform tests of authenticity...a lot can happen to the victim of this deepfake photography to destroy his or her life.

What is the purpose of a deepfake?

This evolving form of artificial intelligence via DeepFake is adept at making certain media appear to be real, when in fact, the images are forged photography, video and audio that are designed to fool people.

A surge in what’s known as fake news has shown how deepfakes oftentimes trick audiences into believing made-up stories.

Deepfakes seek to deceive viewers with manipulated, false or fake content.    Its creators want us to believe something was said or happened that never even occurred. 

Now, as we know, common sense would tell us that knowing this should be obvious...however, humans are extremely susceptible and gullible and they pretty much believe anything that is put in front of them.  And they don't ask questions. 

By the way, isn't it true that "pictures don't lie?"  

We can now ask, "or do they?"

What would be the purpose in this type of deepfake deception?  

As it turns out, Deepfake designers are using this type of fake media for malicious purposes, like spreading misinformation and stealing identities.

So, let's focus on the targeted individual.  What is the significance of Deepfake for the targeted individual?   How is there a connection?

For one, if we are being gang stalked - the ability of organized stalking to use DeepFake technology is extremely high...since the overall goal of said stalking is to ruin the reputation and destroy the life of a target.

Would the stalking world do such a thing?  

You bet they would!   This technology would allow Gang Stalkers to destroy us much more efficiently in much less time.  

Still, there is a possibility that the reason it may not be being used much at this point, is because it is a traceable action.  Organized stalking is all about deniability or about being untraceable or invisible.

Deepfake does seem to leave a user trail.

There is a part of me, however, that thinks if organized stalking can, in fact, plant a fake picture of us and we cannot prove innocence to what is could possibly get us fired...cause a marital rift, make people hate us and they might even attack us, and it could cause a target to get arrested and go to jail or prison.

Here are some ways that DeepFake technology is a big problem:

Phishing and other scams


Celebrity pornography

And other pornography

Reputation smearing

Election manipulation

Social engineering

Automated disinformation attacks

Identity theft

Financial fraud


The situations listed above in red also show the possible risks for a targeted individual with the stalking phase and gaslighting phase, of defamation of character via gang stalking.

Among the possible risks, deepfakes can threaten cybersecurity, political elections, individual and corporate finances, reputations, and more. 

This misuse can play out in scams against individuals and companies, including on social media.  

So, why show you this?  

Well, I believe if we are being targeted, anything is possible as a threat.  Including Deepfake.    In order to survive the stalking - we need to be aware of what is out there.   And what it means to our personal lives.   

Now, I want you to take a moment and put yourself in the Gang Stalker's shoes - think about what they would do next ...and then find a way to block this out.  Blocking also means protecting our image and our identity on social media.

Now, if we begin to believe that an organization via its stalkers can destroy us or try to anyway, then it will hold true that with the use of computer apps, wireless and cyber world mechanisms and technology...a person might more thoroughly find a way of destroying a target's life.

So, what can we do?

I believe we need to get off social media sites.  

I realize most of us really don't want to do this.  

So, if you can't do, instead, non-personal a dog or a cat or a flowering tree.   Like a beautiful building.    No identifiable physical human characteristics or markers.

Otherwise, steer clear of selfies...I know...I know...that means you are having to change your life to something else.   And won't people will forget you when they don't see you so much?

There is another side to this and one I am quite aware of.  I believe that even without using your online feed in finding a desired photo of you...there is the possibility that a criminal with Deepfake technology can simply take a picture of you when you are out and about and do the exact same thing.

This means you could be out walking and someone snaps your picture.

However, I do not feel criminals would have a need to take your picture in this manner...when social media is just chock full of photographs of faces.

For me, it is quite amazing what someone can do with a beautiful face collected from a social media site.   

So, what exactly is that?   What am I talking about here?

Experts with this AI technology...can take someone's head (again your face from Social Media) and using AI, can place it on a body of a person breaking into a building. 

They can take that same image of the face and put it on the body of a person who is homeless or doing drugs. 

Or they can place that face on the body of a person in the middle of a physical altercation.   Or they can create pornography with that same face in mind.

Now, you know it isn't you...but no one else will know that - at least not in the beginning.   Nor will they believe you are innocent.   Today, we are all guilty and it is difficult proving innocence.

You do realize that I can't be the one that tells you how to live your life?  That is not my place.   I can't say stop posting pictures and expect you to stop posting them.  But I will say this...vanity and the need for so many selfies is ruining society.  

Here are the facts, there has never before in history, been a time where people smiled all the time or shoved a captured image of their pleasant face in front of the world continuously.    Today, the sheer number of selfies is unprecedented.

The following says it all:

In history, there was only one Pharaoh or one person- normally to rule one or two kingdoms - that was the person who presented with power and notoriety.    The one with the greater importance.   The Great Influencer.

And at the same time, there were all the 1000s of pharaoh's workers...the block-draggers, we'll call them - whose sole purpose it was to build that Pharaoh's kingdom.   Their life was to make his life better.  Nothing more...nothing less.

I believe that the difference in human behavior today is this...everyone wants to be the Pharaoh.  And no one who wants to drag blocks.  Or to work.  

We want to play.

We all want to be seen...and loved.   To be respected and adored.   All, without the effort.

And this continued need for self-importance on social media feeds, is what drives the heart and soul of modern man.

In closing, I just want to say this: that when it comes right down to it...this need to be recognized and to feel important all the making us into targets.  

We simply put our face out there...without thought to the possibilities...

By the way, the world just doesn't need that many selfies.