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Distortion Shielding

and Why it is So Important.

Distortion is not a new concept.   Distortion is the action of distorting or the state of being distorted.

And if we do a bit of research and go back in time, we will see that the Faraday Cage was invented along these lines and was in existence in the early 1800s. 

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields.  A Faraday shield may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or in the case of a Faraday cage, by a mesh of such materials. Faraday cages are named after scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.

The chamber was grounded so that it created an electrostatic environment to bounce off incoming energy.

What I want to explain here is that yes, this Faraday enclosure or electrostatic environment did and does work - but I believe - only to a certain degree.  

This is because "Today's energy is so much stronger" than it was in the olden days. And this has to do with science and advanced technology.

So, when shielding -- especially in today's time - we need a bit more ummph or added power when we block out directed energy signals and assaults.

Most of us realize that there is no escaping these assaults unless we are a bit proactive and decide to do something about them.    Thus, we learn through trial and error, what works for us and what doesn't.  

We also recognize that when we are stalked, we know explicitly that we need protection.  We know that we need to create barriers.  And we come to the understanding that we need to survive the harsh radioactive and myriad of assorted waves emitted through directed energy devices.

I have been writing about the different ways to block energy in these attacks for nearly 6 years...and I have also shared what happens when we fail to do so.   In this article, I want to add other pertinent information that will make it all work better.

A while back I shared how important it is to layer material in shielding.   For example, creating a multi-layered wall of rubber mats and zinc sheet metal or other metals, lead included in this layering...grounded fabrics on that and then tightly spaced rare earth magnets...etc.  

Still, even with all of this stuff between us and the energy coming in, I have found that this is where and why the above mentioned items may not be nearly enough in today's attacks.

There are two reasons for this. 

The first has to do with wave tunneling.    As it turns out, energy via directed energy - is tunable.  Meaning it can be adjusted - narrowed and widened in its path.   The stream of energy traveling in can also be increased in intensity.  Making it a whole lot stronger.   I like to call it - energy on steroids.

So, when the energy coming in at us meets up with our block, it might possibly penetrate the block. 

Here is how it works.  

The energy travels through the wall or floor and up against the block...and it slows down at the block.  However, due to a widening or narrowing of energy waves and also increased strength...some of that incoming energy can go around the shield (on the sides or above or below) or some waves have the ability to pass right through the shield, and still be able to locate us.

The other reason our blocks may not be strong enough to keep energy out is this.  I believe that today's energy is technologically smart in its delivery.  

By this I mean, a part of our biological and organic matter in our bodies is somehow tied in with the weapon for a more efficient delivery.  Or possibly to control the device.  Sort of A.I. in design.

For example, if we speak, or our heat field or electrical activity in the brain is sensed and detected by the weapon...these organic levels of being human - somehow trigger or activate the directed energy to find us and assault us. 

I also believe that most of this is set up remotely.

So, I want to take a few minutes here and talk about my newest findings in reference to blocking energy out. 

Speaking from personal experience, as time has passed and my own attacks have intensified, I began to feel that something was missing in my layered barrier.  

Yes, I had grounded fabric.  And of course, I had used all of the materials that I just spoke of in this article.  

Still, a lot of the heavy energy coming in appeared to be spilling in all around my blocks and coming in through the very tiny open spaces in my design. 

Now, even though the attacks were much lighter in feel...they were still there   I was aware of them.  I felt them.  And to me- this did not feel like success.   

Over the last month or two, I came to understand that my blocked surface needed something more...I felt it needed to become more human like...breathing, sensing...all the things needed for life.  I know this is not possible for inanimate objects, but I am making a point bear with me.

Basically, my wall needed movement and distortion.   Not just the electrostatic aspect of a Faraday Cage, and simply being plugged in via grounding of, by distortion I mean something else entirely.


Understandably, with directed energy - we have a lot of different waves of energy coming in at us.  For example, there are sound waves, radio waves, microwaves, light waves, etc. 

I also believe that directed energy weapons are combo weapons which are able to send an assortment of different waves in at us - all at one time.   This is why I believe there is a need for distortion.  

Note:  you still want to use all the layering materials I talked about...however, at this conjuncture, you will want to add 2 more variations in the shielding. 

One - reflective and deflective materials - like a mirror with silver backing - placed in numerous spots throughout the wall of blocking materials.   The silver on the back of your mirror and the glass - reflects and deflects off a good number of incoming energy waves - mainly light waves.  

Adding the deflection and reflective aspect of blocking to the first materials I shared with you...the sum total of all layering - will help to create distortion or confusion for your directed energy signal as it attempts to pass through a wall.

My final finding has to do with sound.   Sound is a wave.   If you place sound machines in your shielding along with the other material and in the path of directed energy - it will create noise and chaos which has has an added blocking benefit.    A sound machine is also electromagnetic in its design. 

Our goal is to bounce off and deflect all incoming energy.  And no one thing works  without all the other methods of blocking with them.

Ultimately, the secret to your success - is in the amount and level of distortion you create in your barrier. 

Distortion is a deflection via mirrors, noise via sound machines, static - via grounded fabric.  And then all the passive material you layer with it.   Rubber, sheet metal, silver fabric, aluminum, lead sheet metal, iron etc.

Make it difficult for energy to find you! 

One key issue here is - not only do you want to make your wall impenetrable, you want to make it as portable as possible. 

The wall can either be put up at night and taken down in the a.m. or you can make the wall mobile and move it around.  Other areas of blocking - like the floor...will have to be done a little differently. 

FACT:   If you leave a barrier in place, Gang Stalkers will find ways of memorizing your wall area and your spaces between blocks.  They will then realign their weapons to pass the open areas they locate.

Don't allow them to do this.  Make it difficult for them to find you or the open spaces in your barrier. 

Creating your wall of protection is personal, but you must work at perfecting the  protection in order to survive.

A final note here - it is very sad that I need to share something like this at all.   In our homeland and our own country, yes, our beautiful country where we have been  free to live life...we should all be protected by our leaders...from the things that bring us harm through tyranny.   We are a good people, after all.   We are citizens who love our country and life.  

There has never before in history (at least not in our time) - been a time that our own leaders and those in powers that be - turned on us and turned us into threats.  This includes those who are our neighbors.   This is totally unimaginable.

My best,