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In Gang Stalking...

....See No Evil...

 Hear No Evil...

Speak No Evil....

In the case of Gang Stalking - these 3 rules apply.   Never forget them.

See No Evil.   Hear No Evil.   And Speak No Evil.  

Just what does this mean for the Targeted Individual?   


Well, to begin with - and foremost - it is ok for you  to see.   Have vision.   For seeing things around you is important in survival.  


In fact - It  is really more than ok for you to see life - the case of gang stalking -    Be objective in what you are seeing.   Be Objective in your viewing.   Objective site helps give us a clear picture of what is truly in front of us.    Not something unreal.  Not something we make up.   Don't make it up - see it for what it is.    Seeing the truth - helps us choose the correct path in survival.

On the other hand - Subjective vision - is construed or distorted type of vision - because we allow our own feelings and thoughts and emotions to get in the way of our vision.    So remember - Objective - versus Subjective.

Another thought in sight or seeing in Gang Stalking - seeing the truth and deciding to pretend to ignore it in front of your bullies - is extremely helpful...   

You have to choose to do this.   Being aware of your surroundings is crucial - but allowing another to think you do not see is even better....   It gives you a bit more power in trying to survive.

In my opinion - I believe it is for your benefit and safety and also for the stalker's  benefit that you allow them to think they have control...that you allow them to think you do not see what they are doing.    This is sort of a reverse mind control.   

Without a doubt - your gang stalkers are going to continue to increase the strength of their weapons - whether you talk to them or not.   Whether you allow them to know you know - or not.   

So - Pretend you do not see their evil where they are able to see they are affecting you.     It is all a big game really.   

Sun Tzu, was a Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China.   Sun Tzu is traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War, an influential work of military strategy that has affected both Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking.

According to Sun Tsu...

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"


I feel this means observe others quietly - watch in a nonviolent manner - allow others to think you are strong and friendly and keep a vigilant and watchful eye on your enemy to figure out their next step or plans..   Your gang stalker in this case, is your enemy!

In reality - being quiet - helps you prepare - take action - to do  everything you can to protect yourself.   Seeing the whole truth behind it all.   Knowing what is going on.   But not  allowing THEM to ever know.


This part will be short because it is self explanatory for the targeted individual.    

If you are constantly being bombarded with signals ...both High frequencies and Low frequencies - you need to not hear it.   The damage to your brain and hearing and eyes come from your brain having high levels of magnetic energy (radiation) shoved at it - all while you watch TV...while you sit in the yard - while you try to sleep.   

Cover your ears - plug them up - and cancel out sound.   Use a noise cancellation headphone.   Silver fabric cancels out sound against brain tissue.   So, find some and make a hat or cap out of it or buy caps already made.   This material needs to block up to 10 GHz.   If you do not have a fabric like this - double and triple it to get it to the higher protection.

Also under hear no evil - do not allow a neurophone to be used on you...ever.   You will know.  It is not your own brain pattern or behavior.   It is not your own thought.  It is not your own dreaming.   

Instead of thinking - oh - that was a weird dream or that was a weird thought.    Think about what you saw in the dream and you will know if it is your own mind and body.

Block it all out with sound - coverings and walls of magnetic paper - magnets - iron - lead - rubber and then silver and gold and copper fabrics - which would be grounded.   Make sure you buy a gauss meter to measure signals-    And then always protect yourself.


It has often been said that today - humans speak their minds a little too much.   And should we?   

While it is ok to say what you feel - saying things without thinking often leads to problems.   Like in the case of Gang Stalking. 

The Bible states that a soft answer turns away wrath.  Probably...But In my case - this is far from true.   Because, as it turns out, some folks hang onto the hate in life.   And it can go on forever or at least feel like it. can quiet things down by stilling your tongue and not trying to battle it out with an extremist groups like Gang Stalkers.   It is far bigger than we even know.

So - keep a hold on those retorts - on angry things you want to say or yell out to them.   Again, don't let them know you know.    This is your strategy.   You are someone who is not being affected by their hell.

And this is utmost - Don't gossip about your gang stalkers to others - bad idea - truly!  Gossip gets back to the person and then your punishment gets even worse.   So, keep a tight lip.  Speak No Evil.  

  At some point the gang stalking will all go away.   When?   That is hard to say - I am now going into my fourth year.   Tiring yes -  but a part of my life now.

Also, remember - don't tell too many people about this - it is, after all,  rather unbelievable - Be Strong - and remember - you cannot trust everyone with your heart or your feelings.   

Remember - with Gang Stalking - it is always - Hear No Evil,  See No Evil and Speak No Evil....

I hope this helps - I am here.