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H‚Äčow A Poorly Built Faraday Cage Nearly Did Me In.  

Wow, where do I begin with this?  

This title says it all and it also tells us that what we do and how we do it, are critical in surviving Organized Stalking.  So, I want to take a few minutes at this time, to share with you what happened to me years ago...during the first 10 months of my stalking in 2017. 


It is needless to say that I was nervous and anxious and wanting a lot of answers when I first began to experience this type and level of stalking.   5 years ago.   Five long years. 

And too, like so many targets, I could not understand why or how it could even be defied logic and understanding and so right away, I began to peruse the internet for answers.  I was so afraid that my neighbors would kill me.  That they would somehow ruin me.  That they would destroy my relationship.  That they would burn me with energy. 

And when I was online, I found a lot of information.  Like joining groups.  Like using mirrors to deflect.  Like grounding of the self and using metals.   And of course, as you can see by the title, I found what is called a Faraday Cage, and the importance of using sheet metal to build a cover and block the directed energy out.  

When I found this information - there was no explanation about what exactly to do and no one explained that all seams of the cover needed to be taped closed with copper conductive tape.  The advice did not say that energy could wave tunnel and seep through open areas and still find you.   (Wave tunneling is where energy comes up against a wall or a barrier and some of it gets through and around the barrier).  

Still, once I got my structure built and supported above me, I crawled under it to sleep...and not once did I think that what I was doing was egregious and would eventually do nothing for me at all.    

So, months passed and I stayed in the living room - under the getup...about 70 feet from my bedroom and my beloved husband... and under my supposedly protective barrier...and this went on for 10 months.

My structure was built out of 3 supporting scaffolding step ladders all lined up in a 6 foot row to support sheet rock and sheet metal and tile and rubber which surrounded me on all sides.  I really thought I had something with it...but I didn't.

And, for some reason,  the energy always found me - and I mean all the time.   It was painful and snapped horribly through my head in an electrically charged demodulation.  It hurt my heart and my body.  And It zapped me painfully if I began to nod off.  So, I lost a lot of sleep.

During this time, I found myself self-talking - telling myself that I could get through it.   I had come through a very rough life, in fact.   I believed I could do anything.  And I thought that even if I had 2 hours sleep, I would be fine.  So, there I was, I continued to climb under the metal cover each and every night....and every time I did... the energy found me - all night long.

Most of the time, I felt irritated by it and jumped up after being demodulated and moved to sit in a chair.  At which point, the energy would find me again, and began pelting me with more demodulation.  So, I moved again and again and again.  Sometimes, I slept outside on the back patio where I got some relief.  

And the whole time, I constantly asked myself, how could I possibly keep living this way...without yelling at someone or getting back at them? 

Still, this is what I did.  I stayed quiet and determined and steadfast to overcome this temporary setback and hurdle in life. I managed to keep my composure and fight.  I knew, somehow, that the answer was in remaining silent but being determined to fight for my life.  And to never allow my stalkers to know what or how I was feeling or thinking.

For the life of me, I could not understand how something invisible could actually follow me.  And again, at that time, there was no one who seemed to know how to explain it.   

(I now know this concept is like a heat seeking missile and is lined up to follow electrical activity or organic heat fields around -  these fields are a part of our body).   

So, if you are wondering - that is how it is being done.  And the only way to fight it and not be found is to cover up with silver and create blocks.

Getting back to my misguided design of a Faraday Cage...

Well, as it turns out, the horror of living this way,  was pushed out of my mind in my need to survive and to find a way around the directed energy assaults and the health issues associated with them.   I knew there were answers somewhere.   There had to be.   But, who had them?

Thinking back over how I kept jumping up and running from the attacks was, what I thought, a really bad thing basically.      I found myself wondering that maybe if I had not jumped up and run around and had not provided the stalkers with lots of hours of nightly entertainment and reaction - they might have stopped stalking me early on.  

But this is not what happened. Since my stalkers were getting to me in the beginning and I didn't know how to fight them...well, they kept on hunting me, I am guessing - in hopes that they could start getting to me again at some future point.  They were relentless and horrible and they just did not stop.   

One day, my husband (yes, I was and am still married) said to me...when are you coming back to bed?   Now, that was a good question.    This was at the end of 10 long months.  Amazingly, he never gave up on me.  He was committed to me as I was to him.  Yes, he thought I was a strange one...but he left me alone and let me fight it.  Anyway, I thought...well, getting back under my own covers and in my own bed did have appeal - in fact, great appeal and I also knew it couldn't be any worse than what I was going through holed up under a metal box like structure with no relief in sight. 

So, I went back to my own bed.   And trust me-my stalking kept going.  There were points where 1800 uTs were being directed from the house next door and through my roof and at me where I lay in bed.    I am guessing via coil gun energy.    This was and is some bad stuff.

Still, over time, I began to get creative.   I began to hang things in front of the entry points that were in line with me.  I used silver fabric.  I used sheet metal and grounded both it an the fabric.  I used 100% rubber mats.   I even used cast iron skillets in some of the spots.

Still, it was later - probably in my 3rd year that I discovered magnets.   Again, I always use silver and zinc plated sheet metal and rubber but I found that by incorporating rare earth magnets into my layering designs, I was able to achieve a good 80 to 98 percent blocking and to me this was acceptable.

Sometimes I think back over the silly Faraday design I had built and just roll my eyes.   I built it yes with the hopes of 100% protection.  I expected it to protect me.  I knew very little about what I was up against....

And looking back, I believe building it - actually put me further behind in my fight against organized stalking.   On the other hand - building the cage helped me to figure out the things that work and also the things that don't.  And this has helped me a lot.

I am here to say - with gang stalking, there are no quick fixes.  Only determined people who want to make things right.