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Theory - What I Believe Electromagnetic Energy Needs to Travel Efficiently...And What You Can Do To Slow or Stop It.

The longer I have been on the receiving end of being electronically harassed - the more I have paid attention to what is going on around me.   Like - what is happening to my body and also, what the energy feels like as it touches me or as it fills my home at any given time.   

I pay attention to symptoms I might be having - pain - weird thoughts - fogginess - sadness.   And then I step back and note   - the direction of the incoming energy source - the sounds  and pattern of attacks I am experiencing both day and night.    Direction is extremely important - so, please pay attention.    And so is sound.

Being sensitive to energy is what this is all about - it is what makes things very difficult for you (being sensitive) or it can help you feel the world around you and do something about it.  

Note - Am I hearing ringing?   Is there pulsing in the ring?  Are there pause in the pulsing ring?   And if so, why?    Is there steady loud tone bursts in the ringing?   Are my eyes slightly red or very red?   Are my eyes blurry?  Am I off balance or dizzy?    Am I nauseated?    Is the energy I am feeling heavy?   Am I having headaches?  Are my ears hurting and feeling pressure and can I hear?   Is my chest feeling pressure or my head?   Am I able to think?    Do I feel burning at any given time - in my hip or ovary or lower back or anywhere for that matter?   Do I feel electrical pulsing moving inside my body?

I take meter readings fact, several times...   Seems overkill, but I believe that desperate times call for desperate measures.

But getting to the point - it was while I was noting the meter readings and their locations throughout  - that I began to notice a pattern of energy placement  and pinpointed sites - inside of my home.

I did not realize this in the beginning - But what I have discovered is that Electromagnetic energy seems to need attraction points to help it in its travel.   Sort of to line it up and get it to where it needs to go and be controlled.  Electromagnetic energy on a path through walls or ceiling  needs something to help pull it along or something that possibly slows the incoming energy - 

A few months back, I began to find the highest readings and points of entry into my house usually ran along a metal path.   Nails...air duct or ceiling vent covers. ...a corner of the wall where two walls meet (this is covered normally with a metal corner guard - at least it was in older built houses).    


Low readings like in Extremely Low Frequencies - seem to travel a little in this manner  but will also be located in the center of a sheetrock wall - so my guess is that ELFs (possibly because of their low energy output) can be sent or be moved along a little differently.   My guess - lower frequencies - easier to control.

In new homes, the corner guard in a room will be PVC or plastic in design now.  However - there should be nails or screws to attach it and they will of course -  be metal.    More metal in the home and magnetic attractors- A refrigerator.  A dishwasher.   A wall plate or light switch (these also contain electrical flow).  A door plate or a door knob or a door knob latch.   A door hinge.    A ceiling light  and metal mounting brackets.    Air conditioning duct work.     So, you get the picture.     You will find your highest readings where some form of metal is located.     

The higher readings, appear to be the ones used with the heavier directed energy weaponry - these would be microwaves - plasma pulse guns,  ion beam guns or particle beam weapon- radar guns and lasers - LED Incapacitators and also, neurophones.   These are the weapons that cause ringing - burns - demodulation and v2K or voice to skull.   


Since it is my feelings that the Gang Stalkers have a blueprint of your home or apartment - they will also know where electricity flows and where the ductwork and metal are located throughout the house.   Some of locating the higher readings of the metal in the house, on my part, was through trial and error over time - about 8 months.  

I believe that as the energy enters your home (Point B) an outside wall (Point A is the perpetrators location or home and their interior wall) -Point B is your external wall of your home -   As the energy exits their location and enters yours - it appears to actually go through sheet rock and exterior building material without a glitch - but as it gets inside your walls or home - the magnetic energy in Electromagnetic frequencies will need to slow down and will seek out metal and be  lined up with metal objects along its journey  (metal connecting points inside the house - Points B, C, D etc) in the wall, ceiling and other places - to ensure it makes it through all structural blocks to its predetermined destination.   This being you.  (Point Z).

This is only a theory of mine - but it seems to be about 90 percent accurate so far.  And I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences in life - just a correlation of events - either positive or negative.   

For now - we will say that we are viewing this magnetic attraction as a positive correlation or series of events as it moves along.


Another thing I have noticed is that if I place a meter in open doorways - I get no  readings.   Rather I get them, but they are all within normal  range - under 50 uT.      

At first this puzzled me - where was the incoming energy I was feeling and experiencing... going or coming from?     As I ran a meter over every bit of wall and ceiling, I made an interesting discovery.

What I found was that the meter readings that were higher than normal were actually lined up and ran long a door frame (which  have metal nails).   And as we all know, the doors in the door frames  also have door knobs and hinges which are metal.

  Now Since all screws in the same door should conceivably have the same reading - if there is a notable difference from one point compared to the other....this  showed me that the only difference in these 2 metal sites in the door was a change of incoming magnetic energy causing a higher reading.       So I realized I possibly had something....

 To explain this -  I came to see that it is not the metal pulling the energy exactly - it is more - the energy connecting to the metal placement and then to the next metal as it passes through your walls or ceiling.   

And I found that the higher the reading on the meter - the worse the weapon or radiation  was and is...coming through at the site.   

The readings are the highest on my meter on the  metal corner guard to each line of where I might sit or sleep.   

Gang stalkers are a wily, sly group of people and they have done their research and homework well in locating you.   Analyzing you and then attacking you.

My conclusion - is that Electromagnetic energy needs a conduit for its path of travel.   Preferably metal.   And also electricity at times - To propel it along.  

To block this - I found that If you use rare earth magnets and place one or two over the point or sites of energy  -  the magnets seem to help to disable the continued path of travel  for the Electromagnetic  energy.   Sort of breaking it up, bouncing it and deflecting it.    For me - these magnets has been 100 % effective in blocking.   

The downside to this is - since the sites are moved almost continuously by the gang stalker - you will have to move your magnets as well.   Keep a meter handy!   Also be aware if you place a magnet over an entry site - it might be suddenly deflected to a point nearby - lift your magnet back off the site and redo the reading - use your meter to determine this.

Remember - the north side of magnet or attraction side - needs to face  the entering magnetic energy field which is north side as well.      

To me, it is amazing that good old magnetic energy seems to be the answer to the problem of magnetic flow of energy.      Sort of like fighting fire with fire - magnets with magnetic flow.

I know, I looks messy with magnets everywhere - but if it is just you - who cares as long as you are safe and protected.? 

Keep in mind though - unless grounded - the energy of the rare earth magnets  combined with the flow of magnetic energy entering your home space, even if blocked -  will still be loosely floating about inside the house if not grounded.   And Radiation can be very high in this unprotected scenario.    The magnets work without grounding but the scenario is much less controlled.

In this case - please work on grounding your magnets.   Using  or wrapping  copper wire around and between magnets and then grounding the magnet or line of magnets with a grounding plug will help to better protect you.      This is so the magnetic energy is pulled out of your home and out through the grounded outlet.     You can secure your magnets in place with duct tape.   

Make sure you ground properly for safety reasons.   Please read my page on magnets, magnets, magnets...

And please wear your silver hats and protective clothing.    

To help you with the saturation of magnetic energy in your home, it might also be an excellent idea and advisable to open windows a bit to allow outside air and energy to disrupt the flow of bad energy inside.    Open windows are a good way to help ground your home.    I have found that opening a window both day and night - help to break up the sounds or ringing from directed energy.  

But - Don't leave open windows when you exit the house.  ...too many other problems with gang stalkers.

Anyway - wanted to share my discovery - hope it helps you!