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Rules for the Target to Live By - Never Talk to a Bully 

It takes a long time to figure out what to do when someone is bullying you.   We all have different ways of seeing things.  And we have all been taught different things in our lives that help us cope.  Some of what we learn in life is great teaching and at other times - not so great.   

So, I am going to try and give you a few pointers on the things you can do to hold onto some of your own power when someone is bullying or stalking you.  I am also going to provide you with a little insight into the world of organized stalking.

Throughout our lives, we have all been told by one person or another that in order for a bully to leave us alone - we should talk directly to them and tell them off or tell them they are bothering us or that they are hurting us ...or even tell them why they shouldn't be picking on us.

In my opinion, I feel that although these approaches in life are very positive and good because they are honest it turns out, they are all wrong answers and approaches to the gang stalking problem we see today.   

If it was one bully...sure, maybe talking would work.  Then there would be only one person to be worried about.   And so, then maybe a direct approach would help solve the problem.

However, gang stalking is not a one-on-one situation.  It involves many people who gang up and try to empower themselves by overpowering other people.   They exist because they have immense backing and funding supporting their efforts.  Unlimited equipment and supplies.  Tons of directed energy devices and technology.   They have training and amazing and skilled tactical maneuvers - normally only used in a war setting.    

Now, getting back to talking to a bully - well again, reasoning and talking to an upset person might have been the thing to do in the olden days.  At a time before technology and directed energy became known and ended up being on steroids.  Reasoning and making things right with someone would be the normal thing to do to patch things over. And reasoning and showing someone, you cared might have been the thing to do in a time when people better respected others.   

But...those days of reasoning vanished along with the same people who seemed to care and, in their place, - came a level of chaos and apathy that began to root itself and to breathe a negativity in living into the soul of man.

So, what happened in the last 20 or so years?

Let's fast forward to...2022.   21 years after 9/11...and what we end up with is a whole new set of rules about being a human.    We now have a scenario where - all people are deemed threats - unless proven otherwise.  All people are guilty, and innocence cannot be proven.  

So, in theory - because we are all deemed threats or possible threats - it therefore stands to reason that we are all in need of punishment to correct the threat we pose on a neighborhood or to a city or to a nation.   And this very idea is where gang stalking comes into the picture.  

Gang Stalkers are the punishing branch of today's public enforcement of the law.  See EPIC...Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Here is a section of The Department of Homeland Security's Fact Sheet - Through the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).  

September 20, 2001: President Bush announces the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security, and the appointment of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge in his Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People.

Section 3 provides that the Director of the Office of Homeland Security shall have the power to:

(c) coordinate information collection, analysis and sharing to detect threats of terrorism and activities of terrorists within the United States, and prioritize requirements for foreign intelligence collection. The Office shall: facilitate information collection by State and local government and private entities;  "provide [foreign intelligence] requirements and priorities to the Director of Central Intelligence and other agencies"; audit and ensure all executive departments' and agencies' technological capabilities to collect intelligence.

All executive departments and agencies are required to make available to OHS "all information relating to terrorist threats and activities within the United States."

This next excerpt was taken from the Budget section of this same document from EPIC.

Additional Budget Priorities administered under the Office of Homeland Security include:

Transportation Security

Federal Law Enforcement

Citizen Corps

What we are dealing with in Gang Stalking -  is a level or offshoot of Citizen Corps.  It could be either U.S.A.onWatch or NeighborWatchGroup.  

These are both subsidiaries of Citizen Corp.  And they basically give the power to enforce law to the public - like a neighbor - like a teacher - like a coworker - and this includes the ability to turn a suspected person in - who has done nothing at all.

What we are up against when we are stalked by an organization at this level - is bigger than we ever bargained for.   It is not approachable.  Or solvable.  It defies logic and understanding.  It is abstract and unconventional.   

So, reasoning?   Well, it wouldn't help a bit.  Reasoning implies we can work things out in a normal and intelligent manner.  

Even if we feel like want to work things out with what we believe to be just one person treating us poorly - as it turns out, being able to reason with a group of unreasonable humans - and many of nearly impossible.


Remember, you are not dealing with one lone soul.   You are not looking at just one person who would just have to get over being upset at you.

What we are looking at instead, is a group of highly narcissistic, highly sophisticated and a highly controlling group of people who are upset enough at you to send directed energy to break you down.  

And past this - is the fact that the more people who become involved in the campaign being used against you - the less emotionally involved they are in your life.  The more distanced they are from the beginning of your stalking origin.  The more distanced they are from you being a soul or a valued human.   And so, they are just going through the motions of destroying your life.  

Keep this thought in mind when you want to yell at them.

In the case of organized stalking - the participants are all there going at you and joining forces with the person you ticked off first.  It builds - slowly and then gets escalated as time goes on.   And they don't stop.  Their goal is to clean up and make things right.   

So, if you find yourself - feeling like you need to be screaming in the face of a gang stalker you see by himself or herself - I would tell you to hold off.    

I would have to tell you that you would be wasting your breath.  And I would also tell you to make plans to protect yourself and to continue to live around the organization's hate and behavior.  Because what else can we do?  This situation might just be there for a while.  How long?  I don't have a clue.

These people who stalk are past a reasoning point in their level of involvement or understanding.    They are too far gone.   Add this to the fact that they are all being paid a salary.   And they feel a sense of power over you.   And what you get is euphoria with evil intent.

So, if you yell at them or even just simply talk to them - they just add your yelling or communication with them - to the list of bigger slights in what you have done to harm is called building a bigger case against you.   The stalking will continue - until it doesn't.   Believe me - getting you to react - gives these people a thrill.  It is what they want and what they expect.


So, what do we do to stand up to the stalker and to what they are doing?  Well, I believe we should never talk to a stalker, and I have many reasons I feel this way. 


The first is - The gang stalker is always trying to get you to talk - not because they like you - because they don't - and as it turns out, it's more than that.   

They just want to hear you talk and to catch your voice in a recording.   It gives the stalker a sample of your voice which can be used for voice recognition at some point in time.    Amplitude modulation is a sample of your voice.


Amplitude (voice) modulation can be incorporated into other things and into technology and can be reconfigured in apps like DAW network....  Amazingly, your own voice can be incorporated into a device - so that when you speak - a directed energy device gets fired and this happens each and every time you talk.   

So, because of this one thing - the fact you need to talk or yell at your stalker and to give your opinion about what's going on - you inadvertently provide them with a sample of what you sound like - and this in turn, gives them more ammo to be used against you later on.   

I firmly believe that - silence is important around gang stalkers.  At least in their direction.   Even if you don't like it.  Even if it takes away from your constitutional rights or the freedom to express yourself.  I am not telling you to not talk to people you care about - I am just suggesting you don't talk to gang stalkers.

The next issue I have with not talking to the stalkers is - there is a logical and reasoning level in all of us that allows us to think that if we say the right things or offer reasons or other helpful insight into what went wrong in a relationship that started this...we can fix the problem with just a few words.  

But here's the thing...we can't.  

Gang stalkers harden themselves to human emotion and the human condition.  And the more they do on the evil side and through acts of hate - the worse they become.  They harden their minds to their egregious acts of inhumanity.   To them, we - the targets - are objects to be used in any old way.  They will never have respect for anything you say.

So, if you chatter at them about things, they really don't want to hear...they will simply up the juice of painful directed energy.

Again, do not talk to matter how much you want to.  They are not worth your time. 

Besides, we don't have to have the last word in the fight.  And we don't have to consider ourselves a victim either.

A wise person - will wait for the proper time to lay open his points of contention.   

If you are being gang stalked - there is nothing we can say to the stalker that will change what he is doing to us.  Or the way he feels about us. 

The next issue in telling you not to talk to your stalkers is this - YOU ARE GIVING THE GANG STALKERS POWER OVER YOU.   You are showing them recognition.  You are showing them awareness.  

Don't do it.  

Don't let a gang stalker know you are vulnerable.  Or that you are sad.  Or that they are getting to you.  Yes, gang stalking is terribly difficult, and it takes everything a person has to get through the agony of being tormented and stalked.  So, keep some of the power for yourself...and leave your stalkers guessing at what you know or feel. 

Now here's the thing. If you feel you need to talk to these people - keep in mind that it better be something pretty darn important...because we want what we have to say be important enough to make a dent in the mind of a stalker.    If we are not able to change what they are doing - then don't talk to them - keep it in your heart.

Also, keep in mind, that only God can soften the heart. We can't - we are just people. So, step back and allow God the chance to handle it.

And that brings me to my last thought on this - Stalkers don't need much in the way of encouragement. And whether or not you decide to talk to them - will not change the assaults with directed energy you are getting through your walls and roofline. They stalk regardless.

If I could give you any suggestion - it would be this... watch for the stalker's routines and live your life around that.   That's right.  I am teaching you how to avoid them.  

In Gang Stalking - avoidance in public is best.  We are not just looking at someone called a bully - we are looking, instead, at a highly planned out and dangerous level of organizational stalking as well.  This is the place and level of big money and powerful corruption.  It is best to counter what is happening - at a level of quiet and knowledgeable awareness.  And in the meantime - protect yourselves.

This being said - I am a firm believer that you should live your life and - to go about your business.  Mow the lawn.   Go to work.  Plant a garden.   If you are worried about directed energy reaching you in the yard.  Use silver brain hats and silverell hoodies and noise cancellation to block it out.   You have a right to remain active.

Just do your best to stay away from the stalker.   It will give you back some of your control.  Again, always remember, you are not a victim.   Be aware...always be aware...but do not be paranoid.  Don't think everything is about feels like it is...but other things are going on.  

Next, do not talk about your stalkers - in open areas and even on the phone.  If they are as sophisticated as I feel they are - they listen and record everything you say and do.  So, again, don't give power to them by discussing them.   Don't focus all of your time and attention to what they are doing.  By doing that - it takes away from your own ability to live a life.

Do not text others and gossip about your stalkers.  Again, advanced technology and being able to pull your texts elsewhere would be the reason for this.  This again, is another power issue - the more you talk about your stalkers - the more you are keeping the stalking alive and well in your mind and soul.   Just act like they don't exist.

Even though you are getting hit by energy - work towards covering up.  And blocking it out.  And this means mentally as well.   Try to learn to drive the demons out of your mind.   And let me say - Gang Stalking is a demon.

It takes work.  All of this - being able to see it for what it is and change direction when you need to.   I say this all the time.  Life changes.  It can't help but change.   

All of life is unidirectional line that forms a circle... It is the line or direction of the Universe and all things in life travel forward and then dissipate and then a new cycle happens - along the same path.   This is the circle of living.

One other point I would like to discuss...if you are being tormented with street theatre - turn away from it.  Act like you don't see it.  If the stalkers follow you.  Keep walking...pick up your phone and pretend to be talking.  Pretend to be looking at something else.  Do not react.

Keep walking until other people see what is happening.  

The people who end up seeing this act ...and see you being screamed at - will either think you are responsible (but who cares) or they will question why so many people are ganging up.  Will they do anything about it? - probably not. 

People today do not like a negative involvement.  They want to feel rosy and happy and be untroubled in life.   If someone comes to your rescue - they implicate themselves to the stalkers.  

So, should you fall apart because there is no one to rescue you?  NO!      We need to look inside our own mind and heart for strength.  And be thankful for the moment we are given in our life.  All life is a gift from God.  And it is expectations about what others should be doing... that let us down.  

I just want to say - I know it feels like it - but there is nothing to be afraid of as far as bullies.    Just know that by living your life - you are keeping some of the control.   Show no fear.   It does not matter how many people do this or are involved as agents to bring you harm - there is only so much they can do anyway - before their acts are seen by everyone at some point in time.  

So, stalkers are somewhat reigned in on what they are willing to do before they allow themselves to be seen or caught.  There are limits in their world as well.

Always choose right for yourself.  And steer clear of matter what the stalker does to you.  Cover up and block it out.  And finally...let it go and let God handle it.