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It's Time To Stop Calling Ourselves "Targeted Individuals"

And Start Calling Ourselves "Individuals"

Changing How We Perceive Ourselves And How Others, In Turn, See Us

By Carla

Let's Talk about what it does to us as human beings to refer to ourselves as Targeted Individuals or TIs.  

While it is true that if we are being electronically harassed, fired on with devices that maim, torture, inflict burns and cause headaches, chest pain and so much more.   If we are followed in a car or on foot, or Brighted with the headlights of automobiles, cut off in traffic, our phones or computers hacked into... and even our jobs,  friendships and relationships interfered with by the ones  who wish to destroy our lives in a campaign called Gang Stalking. ..    Even if all of this is true...and we are being bullied and stalked with no end in sight...the truth is  - it is still up to us to maintain or to try and keep our empowerment by not feeling we are victims.    

It is...after all... in how we see ourselves in the world.

So, here's what I am thinking -  might it be much better to call ourselves just - individuals?  And not so much targets?

 Hmmmm.   Yes, "individual" that has a nice sound or ring to it.   I like it.   This word individual - it sort of rolls off the tongue with ease.

And the word "individual" - in itself - implies singleness - single mindedness, soul survivor, an island,  A power of one,  A powerhouse of one...Someone with a goal - someone who fights and takes what they are given and changes the outcome...and ultimately - it implies a single person who matters on their own.... in a very large universe.     

See, I believe that by calling ourselves TIs - it groups us into a cattle yard - a herd setting and a fenced in setting mentally and it puts us in a box and   it blurs our vision and our lives so that we are not seen as a one person - but as a group.   A group of frightened people who cling to  other people who feel the same way in support situations.   

And this does not look so hot or bode well to the world who scoffs at the idea of gang stalking.    Seriously, we want them to believe in what we are going through - but it is in how we present it and ourselves to the public that causes a conundrum in this whole gang stalking thing.   

Again, we present ourselves as anxious, panicky and out of sorts  - and the world looking for the truth - cannot see that truth past the package of panic delivering the information.

 I further believe the longer we choose to call ourselves TIs - in front of the doubting world - The stalking will continue as is - invisible to most  - because no one will believe us and it will continue until we change what we are doing to protect ourselves and others and also when we learn to call ourselves something else.   

 Calling ourselves TIs - sort of makes us look like Al-Anon - like recovering drug addicts  - like we are desperate - like we are sinking into an oblivion.    Like... that at any moment our lives will cease to exist.   Or we will be thrown off the earth.

  Calling ourselves TIs? -  well that just  takes the power away from who we are and subsequently, gives the power to the stalkers who just want us to go away and quietly disappear.    

Being considered a TI - although it is the only term any of us could come up with in the beginning of all of this - well, it turns us into victims and makes us look weak.   

From the beginning of my own stalking experience - nearly 5 years ago - I really never saw myself as a victim or a targeted person.  I have never felt I was a victim of anything.  And I never said openly or to anyone I knew that I felt I was a target.    I felt once I did that - I was giving into the hate and the torment and to the whole thought process of being gang stalked.   

Basically, I felt I was Just a person who needed to address what was happening to me...surprising behavior as it was.   I wasn't able to process a whole lot with this painful type of stalking but I knew that overall what was happening to so many ...wasn't good and that I had to be strong and keep going.      

I also knew - when my stalking began that my life was changed and probably for good - hell, I didn't want to think that way - but it was strongly apparent when the attacks  never stopped.  And then after that, - all I could think about was finding solutions to survive.   So, I pulled back in thought - began to  live in the minute of my new life and began to take steps to find better answers to my being stalked.

I came to recognize a while back that talking about being stalked nonstop does not change the outcome of being stalked or the stalking itself or  what the nature of the beast is.   In fact, talking nonstop about being stalked - well, it just keeps us from going or moving forward - and from  reaching our goals and it delays us in our efforts to survive. 

 The truth is - somewhere - deep inside of each and every person - lurks a warrior and person who just might make a difference in the world if we just put forth the effort.  Someone who can - redirect thought and use a mental edge and heart when dealing with those who want to stalk  or bully us.  I think they call it having "No Fear."    

While I understand that there are those out there who are not so strong and not really so much warriors - it still holds true - that on our own - we have to research and look for the things that most protect us overall.  And things that will help us overcome adversity.

See, that's why gang stalking happens and what the organized campaigns or employing agencies who  stalk are all about.  Organized stalking groups know that people are fearful and they also know that people like to be surrounded by friends and social media.   Gang stalking groups know that today's society is filled with sensitive  egos who just want to be recognized and caudled and have their egos gang stalkers  plan their attacks around the ego of a person.   And attempt to break it down.

The  stalker knows that in taking away what the individual has - the security, the friends, the socializing and so much more - they can destroy how a person feels about his or her own life.   And  the act of stalking  just might unhinge the wary person being stalked and - send that delicate person over the edge.

Let's talk about social media.  Honestly, we are blessed if we even have one true friend in life.   However, today ...illusions surround us.   And it is a total  illusion at best if we think we have 500 or 900 friends like we have on Facebook ...purported friendships like these are only an illusion that keeps a person from being one or being an individual.     

In truth, We come into life on our own and we leave it the same way.   And there are points in our life and living where being on our own and being alone is invaluable.    

Just think about this - was Jesus Christ a team player?  Were the apostles Christ's  helpers or his best buds?  Christ came here and did what he had to do as an individual.   Yes, he stepped forth into the masses of people - but he was always a separate act making changes.  He moved according to his soul and mind and being true to what he was inside and designed to do?   We can all take a lesson from Christ.  Remember the 40 days he isolated himself in the desert to reflect about living?  

So now, this is where my question comes into play.   Are we truly a targeted individual or are we instead - an individual who just happens to be - being stalked?   

 Ultimately - in order to survive our life and the obstacles we come up against -  it turns out that we need to be alone to enact the best changes or find the best solutions - and we can't do that when we are not left alone to focus and concentrate  and when we think we are all "one mind."    One big team.   A team player.  Part of a big social event.  Or attending a big party with others.    

 At some  point in time - we must be alone...and this is okay.    When we are alone - and individual - we can research and find the answers we need to make changes happen.  And when we find these answers - we can, in turn,  give them to another individual to help them overcome.    

So, again, my question is -  Should we call ourselves Targeted Individuals (Sort of Little fish darting around and trapped in a  big  fish bowl in life)  or would it be better to refer to ourselves as  - -  individuals - goal setters - living life - taking one thing at a time -   Thanking God for what we have - and well,  who just happen to be up against a new form of stalking?   

 There's great power in how we think, after all.   And how others perceive our message.