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Listening For The Sounds 

of Directed Energy

                   by Carla

I am going to take a few minute to teach you about the different sounds associated with directed energy.   And what to listen for when it is being used.

Over the last nearly 3 1/2 years, I have come to recognize the different meanings behind the frequencies used with electronic harassment and gang stalking and sounds associated with the use of D.E.W.s. 

  There are different types of electromagnetic frequencies (pertaining to or exhibiting magnetism produced by electric charge in motion)  and here are a few ways they are used and what the frequencies sound like.

The first and most recognizable are High Frequencies -  or what I call - audible EMFs...  Audible meaning that you can hear them.

These EMFS are used for different things.   They are a high form of radiation.    

Examples of high-energy radiation include x-rays and gamma rays. They, as well as some higher energy ultraviolet (UV) rays, are classified as ionizing radiation, which means that they have enough energy to remove an electron from (ionize) an atom. 

Ionizing radiation can damage the DNA inside cells, which can lead to mutations and the uncontrolled cell growth we know as cancer.

EMFs in some form - are a huge part of our society now and we hear them...all the time...everywhere we go.   

Still, because humans are creatures of habit - and because we oftentimes block noises and so often, do the same thing with  frequencies.    It turns out - that when we do this - ignore - the radiation and frequencies take their toll on our lives.  

Electromagnetic radiation includes everything from visible light, to X-rays, microwaves, and radio waves.

Because High EMFs are audible - or something we can hear outwardly... they are more easily heard and understood.   

Oftentimes, we confuse what we are hearing though - and mislabel the ringing from EMFs with that of tinnitus.    Which is a health or medical condition that takes place in the inner ear.

The downside to EMFs being around at all is this - the longer they are listened to or absorbed in our body - the more they can do some serious damage and wreck our health.    And our lives.

High frequencies do cause a ringing in the ears like  tinnitus but in the case of directed energy - the ringing comes in pulses and throbs...and more recently for me -  as a super high pitched electrical sounding continuous ringing that almost sounds excited or angry ….   

Now if you are hearing this  latter type of supercharged super high (frenzied pitched) ringing - you might also note that it seems to also be speaking in electrically charged notes, tones and  voice.   

This is how, I believe - and by what I have researched - used (sound patterns and energy)  to implant sound and voices and commands into your sleep state and psyche.

Let's look back at tinnitus - and I will attempt to show you the difference between it and directed energy ringing.

Tinnitus involves the sensation of hearing sound when no external sound is present.  External - being in the room around you or outside of your own head and body.   

Tinnitus comes from inside your own body and head.

Tinnitus  can be a side effect of medication which effects blood flow passing the eardrum and/or it could also come from hearing loud sounds (rock concerts and loud music or a job in construction) that are heard over many years which damage your inner ear.   

Tinnitus is usually a lower level ringing - not loud and usually steady in sound.   It is chronic and usually ongoing.   And this is important to note - it does not change loudness or tone.  And normally it does not pulse.    Note... I said normally.  There are instances when tinnitus does pulse or change a bit.

On the other hand    …  Directed energy tinnitus - is not tinnitus at all - it is a perceived energy hearing in your ears and brain from an external source in the room or even outside - either overhead or around you or even below you coming upwards if you live on a second floor. 

Directed energy tinnitus - is usually from technology or electricity.   It is ringing not directly related to something you have done  in your life or might have taken.   

You will know the ringing in your ears or head  is directed energy, if you get away from your house and the ringing gets noticeably lighter or stops.  Tinnitus does not stop by doing this.


In the case of electromagnetic frequencies - Keep in mind - the longer you have allowed the ringing in your house and you have not taken precautions to cover your ears - you will carry the pulsing ring in the brain for a bit.  Everywhere you go.  

  Good to know is - it is reversible if caught in a timely manner - and as soon as you block the ringing with silver brain hats, foam ear plugs and noise cancellation head phones (all worn together) - it will reverse some and It will not be as pronounced.   Depends on the length of your exposure.

However, with directed energy - as the frequencies keep flowing around you -in your home and the damage is done to the body and brain - a symptom called or known as Microwave Hearing can occur.   As you see - directed energy frequencies assault brain tissue and opens it up to damage and many other things.

Microwave hearing simply  means your hearing is more pronounced or very highly defined - and amazingly you can even hear sound through the affected brain tissue.  Things other people cannot hear.   

Microwave hearing  can be quite upsetting  and unsettling...when you drive or walk down the road and can actually hear electricity pulsing in power lines above you … or hear cell phone towers as you drive past them in a car.   This level of hearing is not good.

With directed energy attacks and directed energy tinnitus - the sole purpose and result would be to feed you with information and Mind Control.  

Here's the thing - If your brain tissue is open and susceptible from being battered by signals - and your hearing is more pronounced - it will take in whatever is thrown at it....    Commands, voices, bells, suggestions, hate  for others - ideation, self hate ideation.  

 Once your brain tissue is open - it is hard to shut it.  The goal is to keep your brain tissue shut off from the ringing associated with Directed Energy attacks from the start or as soon as you recognize it.

 The gang stalker's plan is to ...if not physically harm you ...then it is to robotize you - make you go out of your mind - so you will do whatever it takes for the feelings or the ringing to stop.   

Please - don't let this happen.    There are already enough victims with gang stalking.   The ball needs to stop in our court.   We have to be the ones to help make it go away.

Please keep apprised of changes and keep them from occurring.   From my own experience - it is an ongoing battle...just don't throw in the towel of your fight.  It takes determination, it takes will power and it takes strength.

The next frequency (ringing) to be looking out for is Extremely Low Frequencies.  

 Extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation is at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum and is a type of non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation has enough energy to move atoms around or make them vibrate, but not enough to directly damage DNA.   

ELFs are more difficult to hear.   ELFs are many times harder to notice.  And sometimes the ringing is so low, you cannot hear it at all.   But the psyche or your mind can take it in.   

There is a definite heavy pressure that accompanies ELFs and is felt in the head, body and chest.   The heaviness can be painful.    And the damage caused by these signals will be felt on a more emotional and psychological level.    Depression, 

anxiety...hopelessness...sadness...loss...   These are the signals that push one over the edge.


The problem with this frequency is that you can be exposed for many months before symptoms are noticed.  If you hear anything at all - it is faint.  Barely detectable.   

ELFs (Extremely Low Frequencies) are damaging - because they affect your psyche and can lead to extreme behaviors.     

Still, when you recognize it -  if you suspect gang stalking - be on the look out for changes in how you feel - because can  most definitely sense the change.  Pay attention.   Recognize that the emotions or feelings are probably not your own in this case.

 ELF frequencies feel much heavier than EMFs...meaning you can actually feel them rather them hear them.   There is weigh down feeling on your body and  on your chest, on your head, and your ears will feel thick with pressure...even like you can't hear as well.    You might even feel like you are going deaf.

You'll notice headaches on one side of your head.   Your brain will be cloudy and your thoughts are foggy.   You will feel confused.   Dizzy.  Off balance.   And accident proned.

ELFs are bad because the frequencies are more for tormenting the mind... to make a person hurt themselves due to accidents or because they just can't handle the attacks anymore.   

And ELFs are bad because they play with the emotions, make one feel suicidal, cause one to lash out in anger, make one become easily agitated, to be extremely nervous, and in some cases....have a mental breakdown and lose his or her mind.   

Again, this is the whole point of Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons with gang stalking.   

The next sound to listen for is a wavering - vacillating pulsing ring followed by a  louder solid non-pulse tone burst.  

This ring is what I call the hunting ring or the hunter with D.E.Ws.   The pulse sound I am talking about - is like the ringing is alive ...moving all over the if it is searching.    It pulses and settles and then hovers in the air and it sits in one spot and goes higher or lower near your head.  

Once you are located - the wavering sound locks in place.   You can hear it - there is no doubt to this.      When the searching pulse finds you - it suddenly stops and then a really loud tone burst is heard and sometimes 3 or 4 in a  row.  

Anyway, once the tone bursts are heard - you will hear and feel strong demodulation and possibly feel physically ill for a few seconds.   And sometimes dizzy. 

You will feel or hear the P-F-F-F-T in probably one ear versus the other - mine is the left ear - not sure why.    It can be timed 5 seconds to 60 seconds or more apart or it can come in a rapid fire pattern.

This is how the Perps try to give you their ideas or the idea that will make you go over the edge.   This is where you will be fed the ideas of sadness, depression, anger, hate, terror and possibly suicide.  This normally happens while you sleep.  

 But can happen when you are awake.   DON'T LET IT HAPPEN!!!   Remember the term - voice to skull.   It is a biggie with gang stalking.

When I tell you to cover your head and body - I mean just that.   Cover your mind and body.   Since these signals are coming in through your brain and your ears - you have to block those areas so as not to take in the damage they cause.   

How does it know how to find you? I have to come to find out that that is an individual thing. Mainly - because of how you are hunted - scalar waves, body heat, electrical activity in the brain or chips in the body.  

Even if mind control is not imminent (or about to happen) - taking in the signals (high EMFs and ELFs) in your brain or your ears can cause you to get cancer, cause you to have a heart attack, have a stroke...become off accident prone...go insane - go deaf and so many other things. 


The secret in this case is to not to allow the frequencies to batter your body or enter your mind - and silver is of utmost importance.   Silver clothing.   Silver grounding fabric. carries these silver clothing items and fabrics - buy them and wear them.   

Anyway, once you hear the frequencies - cover and keep covered.   If you do this - you will be one step ahead.   Lead aprons when you are puttering around the house.   Lead vests.   Lead is an amazing blocker.   

FYI - You might want to keep your head and ears covered in  your home at all times.   Because the attacks can happen quickly and it is better to be prepared.

You can make a wall of copper, nickel, and silver fabrics and include rubber and place it in between the signal entry site and your body.  Or you can make A grounded magnet board - see my page on this link magnets, magnets, magnets.   

Your wall is best if it is a portable wall - that way  you can wheel it around and place it where it is needed.   Gang stalkers move their sites of entry.  You need to have a flexible cover to combat this.  And move it as needed.

If you have an EMF meter - you can at least have some idea of signal entry sites...even if you don't know the magnitude or exact measurement of the frequency.   

Still, a meter definitely helps you to understand what you are up against.    High EMFs - range in numbers or readings from 70 to 5000 uT or mg.    The higher the reading - the more dangerous the level of radiation.   ELFs range in readings from 2 - 30 uT.    The lower the number in this case - the higher the probability of damage.

You will know over time.  You have to hunt and look for where the attacks are happening and where your feel things the most.  There is always a pattern to directed energy attacks.

Getting back to rubber.  I highly suggest you get a few large 100 percent rubber mats and use them as a shield in your barrier.   Rubber slows down the signal in its travel a bit and helps some.  Keep in mind that directed energy weapons were not designed with rubber in mind.   In fact - no weapon would be designed to penetrate a tire.   Because no one person is sitting inside of a tire.    

Directed energy is designed for use on people.

Rubber is heavy - so if you use it - try to float it on a brace of some kind or again- a movable wall.

   This and zinc metal or muMetal sheets (grounded) will protect to some degree.   Layers...lots of layers -  with silver fabric and other conductive fabrics.   Again, make sure to ground them.  And remember safety first.   Keep grounded fabric away from open flame or open circuitry.   Also check your outlets to make sure they are grounded.

Notice I said all of these things help some - or to some degree …    With directed energy - nothing is 100 percent all of the time.   Your attackers  change constantly.   

Liken your home and situation to a castle fortress - you being the fortress - and the gang stalkers using a battering ram to break down your doors. 

 If they see the battering ram is ineffective in getting to you - they will climb up and come over the fortress wall.   

This is how directed energy is used against you.   It is changed up to overcome obstacles you present to it - So the term flexibility is utmost for the targeted individual.

Still - layers of different things are a tremendous help.   If you can block out 80 percent - you are on a good road and the effects are less bothersome.

So, there you have it - the frequencies and sounds that tell us that D.E.W. is a part of our life.   I want you to fight the fight.  You have to do it for you.  

Those in charge of gang stalking and mind control are not concerned about you or me or this side of life.  Believe me...they don't give a shit.  

In the beginning of my own personal attacks - I had tried to find someone to help me and was turned down by every single organization out there.   And why -  Because it is much bigger than we imagine.   So, I remain silent and do what I have to do to block it out.

Surround yourself with life and involvement and a good friend.   These things will make life a lot easier for you.  And keep positive and prayerful.  We get what we get - we don't live forever - and we need to be thankful for what we do have. ...while we have it....