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Magnets...Magnets...Magnets - Are They the Answer?

For months, I have been experimenting and trying to find a way that I could possibly block Directed Energy or maybe send a little bit of it backwards.   I tried mirrors.   And I grounded fabrics that pulled the energy in a whole other direction.  Down through a grounded outlet and out of the house.  But I never felt truly satisfied with these things and felt they just weren't getting the job done..

Let me explain.  I went to sleep one night (about 5 months ago) and when I woke up, I had a design for a magnetic board.   As you see above.  I thought to myself, if I can ground fabric and some metals - why not magnets?   So, here is what I did.

I bought nearly 200 magnets - rare earth magnets.   This ran me nearly 300 dollars.    Each magnet having a magnetic pull weight of 90 lbs.   It cost me 15 dollars for 10 magnets.  I bought magnets that had a center scew for mounting.  

I picked a 1/2 inch plywood board (32 inches by 18 inches) knowing that when the board was built, it would be fairly heavy.    You will need to know where the electromagnetic energy that is coming into your home - is the highest - to use this board to block.  So, a gauss meter will be helpful.  Even downloading an EMF detector app on your phone will be helpful and work about as well.  I have used both and they are exactly the same when measuring.   

When you find the directed energy entry site - you place this board in front of it - between you and the external attack.

To Start.   As I begin mounting the magnets - I keep each magnet from touching another magnet because these magnets are almost impossible to separate because of their strength and if you get your hands between them - they will pinch you bad.  

Getting back to mounting.   Make sure you have 20 or 18 weight - bare copper wire.    25 to 50 feet of continuous line will do.

I started my board by placing  each magnet (starting from the edge of the board) north side up or magnetic side up, approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch between magnets on the board.    Start one end of the copper wire by wrapping it only once at the top or just below the head of the screw and then take a power screwdriver and attach or anchor both the magnet and the copper wire in place on the plywood surface.   Do this for each and every magnet you put on the board.   The copper wire will run in a continuous line as you mount magnets - any break in the line will cause a grounding deficiency.   So be careful not to break the wire.  The continuous copper line is how the board is able to be grounded.   The copper wire will give you the grounding power you need when you are ready for it.    If grounding this board - make sure you have a grounded point in your yard or outlet.  Unplug in a thunderstorm or lightening strike!!!!!!

When these magnets are mounted and placed close to each other - they begin to push or repel off of the magnet nearest to them.  When you feel the repel of the magnet - This is where you want to mount the magnet and then the next magnet and so on.  Making sure each magnet is that close to the last or the next magnet.   pretty much equal distanced apart.

What I found out and what I believe is - The energy created in the repel or push off section of the board (the space between the magnets) gives your board added power.   So, in essence, you have a nearly 18,000 lbs of pull weight (combined pull weight of all magnets together)   and then areas between each magnet with a super strong repel zone. 

Both the push and pull created  - work by distorting incoming energy.    I believe it pulls the incoming energy harder into the board and then it repels or deflects it.   And if you use the copper wire to ground the board (the grounding clip must be attached to the copper wire - any place on the board) - once the board is plugged in - I have found it to  be nearly 95 percent effective and in some cases 100% effective...depending on the directed energy being sent my way.  

Your board will definitely block all microphones, motion detectors, and coil guns.  It seems to also block microwaves to a large degree.  But this is something you will need to experiment on yourselves.  Keep in mind that your perpetrator can move their weapon - and so too - you can move your board when this happens.

Now, if you use this board alone - here is what I believe it does to microphones and motion detectors.  It seems to deflect back some of the incoming energy - distorts and thereby somehow renders it useless - in let's say in how your stalker might locate you.   Or what they are burning or zapping you with.  This is an ongoing experiment for me.  

The magnetic board, as it turns out,  also seems to block much of the demodulation.  Keep in mind, however,  that it is better if you still layer your and rubber mats and silver fabric etc.  So, on one hand, you would have your board in one area and then grounded fabrics, metals and rubber mats placed in layers in the locations you need them most.    And wear your silver clothing of course.   Don't ever assume that one thing will beat gang stalking and the power of directed energy.  The fight is ongoing.  The source or strength of energy is everchanging.

I have also found that some of the things that I had previously tried in my first year are not as effective as what I am now discovering to help.   

There is very little information about the power of magnets placed together this way.   I am just sharing what is working for me.   You might get it in your mind that A stronger magnet might work - but this is highly inadvisable.   The stronger the rare earth  magnet - the more problematic  And dangerous  when handled.   A strong magnet can affect heart monitors and pacemakers.  They can affect the heart.   If a body part somehow gets trapped between the magnet and a magnetic source - it can be quite painful.   Careful handling of magnets is crucial - so that is why I suggest a lower strength magnet versus a more powerful one.   Also a stronger magnet is probably very dangerous if grounded.  I believe a little moderation is best when using magnets.    90 pound pull weight or less is better advised.   

That's it - if you have questions - please contact me.