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Assessing Your Enemy From Above - Satellites, Drones and Small Airplanes In Directed Energy Attacks...

Never let it be said that I haven't given it my all.  That I haven't done my homework.   And I believe that For the Targeted Individual - this topic...Satellites and How They Play A Continuous Role In Electronic Harassment -  is of utmost importance in learning just how to better  survive gang stalking.   

.Just picture how much bigger  it all really is.  The stalking that is.    If we think of the degree of involvement of our fellow man taking part in Community based stalking -  - we come to realize that - some of the torment and testing of a targeted individual is just possible through satellites and drones and Sigint (Signals Intelligence).  

 Surveilling and focusing energy on a person or persons is all a big world network of communications... in fact... that filters down from the top - to smaller networks that surrounds us in our communities.   And taking part in this is - those we once trusted...those we come to know....and those who, in time, betray us.  

In the case of Sigint or satellite - A person or people - are scoped out by air and through the trees, through the roof of a house and even in a car as the person travels about.   This is done via  large or small drone planes and then small twin seater planes which are easy to maneuver down low.   Piper - a Cherokee - or a Cessna.   The choice of small plane is dependent  on the individuals with their pilot's license who are involved in the gang Stalking campaign.   When the aircraft has a lock on your position - this is relayed to either the stalkers or directly to the satellite for a discharge of energy in your direction.    

But please, don't let that scare you.   After all - we are pretty much being watched all the time anyway.   And too, Keep in mind - there are probably many, many people who are having to endure this - you and I are not the only ones.   

Remember I told you - it is much bigger than just you or me..    Much, Much bigger.    And more and more individuals will be added to this gang stalking system and campaign as the networks continue to grow and more stalkers are hired.  

While you are at it - just Think of the thousands of people who are homeless and will be homeless by the year's end secondary to a wrecked economy.   And no protection from the crimes that be.  Sadly, they are open to the possibilities of gang stalking.   They are in open air with no protection at all.

 Drones will be used to access signals and satellites will be used to relay information or to send D.E.W. signals themselves.   You will notice these at night.   A drone plane flies slowly above and makes a quiet rumbling noise.   They are used to pinpoint locations and help your gang stalkers who are usually set up in buildings near you - to get around any blocks you might have.   You will also notice a small airplane is always present when you hear the drone.

Anyway - Once you hear the plane - .      you will feel and hear both high and low frequency signals surround you immediately, a steady lock tone (no pulsing) and at times - possibly some very  strong demodulation.    It happens this way repeatedly because it is the gang stalking pattern of attack.   Their sequence of dealing with you from above.

You will notice that even when a wall is well blocked - at times, the signals seem to come from above or from a different side.   I believe a plane is used to get you from an angle that the perpetrators cannot reach.   And when the plane does not work at this point in time  - satellites will help to find you so that the job can be done.  

Some people will get quite annoyed even with a slight bit of demodulation and others - it takes a good whacking up the side of your head.   But regardless - The goal is to wear you down.  Bring you to your earthly knees.   And most often - many other more awful things.  

This is the new age for the military - An advanced age of technology.    And instead of a physical bullet - an invisible signal might be used.  A laser.   A burning microwave.   A pulse beam of light.   A strobe to induce dizziness and cause clot formation in your blood.   

 Instead of skin being torn apart  from a handgun blast or shredded by an assault rifle  - there is, rather,  a slow, quiet deterioration of the mind or a stroke or even a heart attack.  Or an internal burning of the brain or body.     

These types of attacks cause the  entire demise of a human being without the physical evidence.   No damage to the surrounding environment -nothing in plain sight.    just the targeted soul.

 Sort of a silent ...deadly terrorism don't you think?  - and no one to blame if humans pass away.   Isn't it true that people die anyway? 

 If this sounds outlandish or way out there - ask yourself this question - why wouldn't this type of battle field be in play?    In an ever changing  electronic world and with amazing changes in technology - why not weapons of different sizes and abilities to match the level of advancements.?   All levels - both small and large to get a job done.  And quietly....   If you can think or imagine it - it conceivably can be done.

These electronic signals by both air and by a neighbor are used to see how well a chosen person or TI holds up to zapping, demodulation, voice simulation and stimulation and sounds via V2K and Neurophone. 

  It is to assess the varying degrees of burns by microwaves and lasers, and to the subsequent   saturation by both low and high frequencies, that cause depression,  mental breakdowns, heart attacks, cancer, parkinsons's desease and  dementia,  brain aneurysms.  and strokes.   

Why? - Well, here is what I think.   When the world moves into a more advanced way of  thinking.  They develop new ideas and concepts.    Let's say the concept is the ability to do battle in a stealthy and quiet way using high energy weaponry that cannot be seen -  Let's say the goal is to influence emotions and thought in another human.   This would be the ultimate battle - creating submissive humans.   The goal - it would be to control another control the mind - 

And here's the thing - There absolutely needs to be guinea pigs and test subjects - and these are most definitely the casualties.  These are the targeted individuals.   Your every day average Joe or Josephine ....

You can count on the fact there would most probably never be volunteers.  So, instead - innocent people are forced to endure the hell of experimentation for the benefit of a great many.   Atrocious.  and unforgiveable.     But in my opinion - this is not our true government - it is an offshoot corrupt sector hidden from Uncle Sam's eyes and living right under his nose.

As far as the test subjects - well - you or I get selected because we have come to light in front of the community based network of mob stalkers - because we annoyed someone - because we are creative - because we are a woman - or we take strong stands against wrong things...because we are a loner ...face it - we just got  on the bad side of some pretty crazy goings on....   

What about the outcome? - well, we all know that not everyone in a war dies.   Not everyone who gets shot - is killed.   And not everyone who gets tormented falls apart or gives in.   Some of us are made of stronger stuff.    

As targeted individuals - Our job is to see that all of whatever is given to us - does not destroy us.   That they do not succeed in breaking us down.

But what it boils down to is this - Gang stalking is the testing field for future military experimentation and a field that brings these concepts and ideas to fruition.      Basically it is a concept and realization of mind control .  Community based agents - neighbors - co workers - are all hired and put in place to deliver and determine how much more torturing is needed to get the job done.   

The gang stalkers or community based agents as we have come to call them - once friends...once acquaintances...who turned on us  - .are merely the delivery agents of whatever it takes - in a much bigger game.


And  Sigint... explained below.   

(SIGINT Explained

SIGINT is the interception of signals for the purpose of gathering intelligence. It is divided into three sub-disciplines:

• Communications Intelligence (COMINT) which is the interception of communication between people and groups

• Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) which is the intercepting of electronic signals which are not specifically used for communication

• Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT), which is the collection of signals created by the testing and use of foreign weapons systems. (Source))