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​           Survival Of The Fittest...

          Or Can I Outlast The Gang Stalker?

It has been a while since I have posted anything.   I apologize.   I really do.   I guess dealing with my neighbors (aka) my gang stalkers...has been  more difficult than first realized.   For you see, the more I come up with solutions - the more these two...husband and wife...  attempt and sometimes succeed in one-upping me.   Today, it is building a higher platform in their attic to try and reach me inside the house.  It is always something.

After many days and even weeks of not posting - I have thought about many things and helpful ideas that might help you in gang stalking and have come up with some important facts that should not be ignored when dealing with your advisary.  And I want to share them.    So, here is what I want to say.  

The first is - No matter how much you think you are winning - your gang stalker is also thinking the same thing.  They are giggling and snickering and knee slapping joyously about all of the mean and spiteful things they are doing to you.  And they love seeing a weakened person keel over from exhaustion.   This empowers them.

What makes them do this? - that is a good question.   And your guess is as good as mine.    The point is...they do it.   So, you will need to prepare and adjust your mind for this and not become disillusioned or lose hope.   And after all of the demodulation - v2k - electrical zapping - microwave burns, overall body vibrations and well, just never being left alone - a person can only stand so much.    And under so much duress - it is not hard to see why people fall apart.   

You will need to understand that this is how this game works...The gang stalking game.   You will need a mental Darwin's Theory of Evolution.   Only the strong will survive...and this is only after months, if not years of conditioning.    

The gang stalker is counting on you giving up and losing it or getting sick - and it is up to you  and you alone,  to be strong and to not give them what they want.   To protect yourself and cover up.   We as humans can do what we want if we set our minds to it.   We don't have to do anything we don't want to do.    We have to condition our own minds to handle hard times and obstacles.   And believe me when I tell you that - being strong and fighting the world of gang stalking - is very difficult indeed.   So, what do I say to this?   

Do what I do....Shoot for victory anyway.  One day at a time.  Fight back - by not giving up.   Shoot for the goal of winning!!!   Be thankful for your life.   And share love with others.   What have you got to lose!?   Absolutely, nothing.   So fight!  Fight!  Fight!  Cover up, Cover up, Cover up And love, love, love.   These words are your new mantra.

Let's talk about long range goals and when gang stalking will end.  ?????  

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news and to tell you this - Gang stalking may not end for quite some time.   Years and years maybe...   Some people say 12 years and going.    Sounds depressing...    Well, it is.  But it is not life ending...unless you allow it to be.  Let's talk about how long gang stalking might last.

First, using this as an example, let's say it is not just one person trying to get back at you and it is, instead, some kind of secret service appointed test to try and break you.  Sort of like what was used in the day of Hitler and WWII.  Maybe our gang stalkers are getting a salary or are involved in a group game.    If any of these scenarios are the case - this could last a while.   A long, long time.   Any type of reason can last a while - it all depends on what the gang stalker sees as the reward.   Sometimes stalkers get bored and move on.  But that is the exception not the rule.

Whether it is to ruin your life or just torment you for a while.   This determines the length of time you are stalked.  In my case, it might last a while - 2 years have gone by and these people show no signs of slowing down - in fact, they are getting worse.   And with no one to catch them - probably ever - they will most likely continue.   People always do what they are not supposed to do - If they have a mean streak, no belief or accountability to God and if they are getting enjoyment out of doing it - it will continue  - these people could be insatiable in their quest to punish you or me.  And they have enjoyment doing it.

   The truth is - you will have to learn to live with some of the things in order to handle all of it or most of it.   Let me explain.   If you can take one issue - let's say demodulation of energy - the constant p-f-f-t against your head.    In this case - you will need to adjust your thinking again.    First, after wearing protection - silver clothing.    Focus on the demodulation.   Try to think about what you are feeling...without panicking.   You want to allow yourself to feel some of it.   A small bit.    To toughen yourself to it.   Don't take too much - just a little at a time.   Ground yourself with a grounding pad or a Tens unit.    And tell yourself - that it isn't so bad.   Not really.   The more you can handle - the more you can see a day past it.   It is plain old conditioning.  

Still, that being said, there are sometimes you will need to get a break from the demodulation and the directed energy.    And you need to ask yourself - what can I do to free myself of this?   

One thing I find is this - I move  about from one room to the next.  I turn on air noise and turn it on loud and use white noise sound machines.    I use 10 and turn them on different settings and sounds and place them within 2 feet of each other.   The white noise is confusing to the gang stalker.  Still, they can and sometimes do, through persistence - get through all of the noise and locate you again.  In this case, change all of the white noise stations to different sounds again.  A cat and mouse game so to speak.  Spy versus counterspy.  Just keep coming up with something new with variation of sound.

The next thing I do is -  wear my brain hats and headphones.   I found that the perpetrators have difficulty finding me with the silver block hats.   I can tell it infuriates them because I am sort of invisible to them with my blocking clothing on.   The reason is they are tracking me through brain mapping - electrical energy in the brain.   Lately though, they figured out that I did this and are tracking me through motion as well.

Sometimes - to get a break, I get the hell out of the house and go somewhere else.   When I leave, I make sure no one follows me.   I turn my cell phone on airplane mode.  I check the phone to make sure no one has turned on my location setting or Bluetooth before turning airplane mode on.  Bluetooth and the location app -  are tracking apps by the way.    If they are turned on or left on - you can be tracked.

And then I drive - I go to the store.  I go to a plant nursery and look at flowers.  I go to work.     Sometimes...I go out in my yard and trim trees and clip hedges and build retaining walls.   I work in the yard.   I build birdhouses and I feed wildlife.    These are the things that bring me harmony.   Believe me - we all need a little harmony from time to time.  

 Oh, don't get me wrong - if I stay home - and am in my yard - I get the demodulation energy shit non-stop.   But I cover up my head and ears and torso and enjoy my yard anyway.   Sometimes you just have to stand firm.  And put up with some of it.

Still, Interrupting the constant one thing that is happening among the many other things associated with directed energy will help you get that breath of air you need, so you will not feel overwhelmed.   Remember each day to take a break from the gang stalking.  

I want to talk about how you can be hunted in your home.  

I just recently came to realize that I was being monitored through electrical impulses in the head.   It is called brain mapping.   I told you about how when I passed sensors or motion detectors in the house - my warning light (photoelectric sensor) in the kitchen would flick on.   Microphones and motion detectors were placed by my gang stalkers over time but I came to recognize their location just by a photoelectric sensor in my smoke alarm. .   Anyway -  their equipment- sensing my brain activity - provide my perps with my location.  

 It took me a year to figure this out.   Over the last 6 months,  I have been wearing my silver caps and noise cancellation headphones in the house - they have not been as successful in being able to find me.   So, this is a God-send - I will continue to wear the hats in the house - even though I really don't want to.  But I want to get through this - unscathed.

Now I want to talk to you about staying fit and keeping a healthy mind.

Over time, it is easy to let yourself go with the ill-effects of gang stalking.   You might feel nervous.  You might have pain from being attacked or burned.  You might feel depressed.   You might have gained weight from eating and trying to drown out the hell you are going through.    It is ok to feel sad or get a little down about this because- really - gang stalking is a terrible thing to deal with.  We all have something we have to work our way up from.   

If you are in a fairly good frame of mind though - What you need to do to maintain balance in your life is find a way  each day to get exercise in.   25 or 30 minutes of walking.  Going to the gym.  Jogging.   Going for a bike ride.   Sweating out toxins and impurities and the gang stalking awfulness will make you feel like a million bucks.   I try to walk about an hour in the heat of the day.  In the winter., I walk in the cold.     But, I don't leave my house on foot because there is a good chance my neighbors would give me total hell and chase me in their car.  This, they have done before.  

 So, instead...I drive my vehicle to a street about 2 blocks over and walk from there.   My gang stalkers never know about my walks and they have no way of knowing.   They aren't God and they can't be everywhere at one time.   So - I give myself one point for creative thought in getting my exercise in.  And being one step ahead makes me feel I can overcome the gang stalking at some point in time.

However, If you have already given up - here is my answer for you.   Don't   Not yet.  Gang stalking can shove you and put you at a very low place in your life. The point is - not to stay in that low place. Not to be overwhelmed. (If you are feeling suicidal - please call 911 or seek medical help). It doesn't matter if someone thinks you are weird - the point is - you know you are not. Get your help and your focus back and then go back to living your life. One thing at a time.

Always pay attention to your surroundings and your life.  Realize that if gang stalking is a reality for you - it is not you or in your mind.   Don't ever think psychotic and evil thoughts are in your mind or are your own...especially if you hear words spoken near your head or in the room first.  That is the tell-tell sign.    Especially If you have all of the other things happening with directed energy ...Take it for what it is - gang stalkers giving you voice commands and wanting to get you in trouble.   Creeps - and double creeps!!!

Here is how our minds work.   We have a thought - and normally it would not be something seriously deranged.   Like "Throw a rock at that man" or  "beat that person up", or maybe you hear "a growling voice" - like the devil or Freddy Crougar.     Freddy Crougar's growling voice is not part of your thinking.   Again, the gang stalker using V2K.     So, if it is not something you normally do - it ain't you....

Grabbing sleep when time allows.   

I once read an article by a targeted individual.  She stated that when she was under attack at night - she used the time to lay in bed and to think about what she would do the next day.  She was a physician.   She knew she would not sleep because of the attacks.    She closed here eyes and rested...realizing she would sleep at some point.   She was thankful for the rest and not necessarily the sleep.   She was a positive person and this is how she dealt with the torment.

I disagree with this a little.  Well, maybe a lot.   Yes, you can still get rest from laying still and closing your eyes but it is not sleep - and if you do this all of the time - you will get seriously worn out.   So, again, build your shield.   Sleep under the cover I shared with you in my blog and on the website.   Wear head coverings that block out sound and frequencies...silver is a big one.     Read about this in my blog please.   Protect yourself.   And then if you need a sleep aid - get one.   See a doctor and get a sleeping pill or go to the drug store and buy something less strong over the counter.   Your sleep is important.   

That being said - you need to learn to be positive and to self talk and know that even if you are awakened by demodulated energy or voice to skull verbal cues or sounds - tell yourself - the voice is not mine.   The sounds are not normal.     Whenever you hear a Freddy Crougar voice or something bizarre that you know is not you...recognize it for what it is.   Laugh out loud! - please!  "Freddy Crougar?!"  Couldn't they come up with something more creative?  

The sounds that are being thrown at you are being thrown at you by a bully.   Tell yourself - this is my life  … though not great at the moment... it is my life for the time being - it is not permanent -  and nothing is permanent.   

Tell yourself all of that - focus on the fact that you are going back to will go back to sleep.   Tell yourself - I am thankful - despite this stalking because there are people whose lives are far worse than mine right now.   And then Pray.  Pray like your life depends on it.   Even if you do not see results right away - be assured, God will answer you.   In his time.    

After you do all of this brain thinking and practice...You will fall back to sleep.  I guarantee it.   And  If awaken again - do the same thing all over again.  

Repetition in mind and heart and strong focus helps to overcome someone trying to take over your thoughts.   Someone jerking you around.   Someone being totally mean and low and evil.   This is the one and only way you fight gang stalking.  You take baby steps.  Tiny little sanity control baby steps.     It is how you protect yourself from those who would take your peace of mind.   It is how you prevent mind control.

So...survival of the fittest?- why, yes - I guess that is how you might put learning to live with gang stalking.   One has to be strong mentally - to overcome others mentally.   That is life.   It is the only way to fight and win and outlast the Gang Stalker.  This is one thing I know for sure.   We can do so much with a desire to overcome...

                                                         With Love,