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Helpful Tips on How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Frequencies

And Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

by Carla

Basic ways to protect yourself from high levels of electrical energy, microwaves and also from EMFs  (Electromagnetic Frequencies) both high and extremely low frequencies.

Before you are able to find the correct fix or solution to the high levels of energy that are  currently surrounding you in your home - you want to make sure of what energy you are actually dealing with.   This, you will know, by listening and paying close attention.   And by using a meter.    You will see numbers of possible readings on your meter - these are just an 

idea and are just giving you an idea of what to look for.

Meters give you measurements in uTs (Tesla Units)  or mG (milligaus).   Anything above 70 to 150 uTs is considered abnormal but not by so much.   And from my own experience - usually signify a microphone placement through the ceiling or walls;  a motion detector lined up the same way - and the readings for these two energies or frequencies are on the High Electromagnetic Frequencies end of the scale.   Meaning most that you can probably hear them.  

 If y0u find a reading, for example,  let's say at about 78 up to 180 uTs -  this usually gives you information that the energy coming through -  is most likely being used to gather information or trail you inside your house.   This is the meter reading that most likely  detects you (motion) and hears you (microphone).   

Keep in mind that these meter readings are usually only present where energy is coming in one spot and not all over a wall.   

These spots are Points of entry - 

Remember with Directed Energy Weapons - the weapons are rheostatic and the signals can be widened by the mob stalker or instead, directed into a small or a more narrow stream.    A wide path to assault many people or a narrow stream to hit just one.    

And normally this is the case in Gang Stalking - since the point of stalking is to target one person and leave the other person alone.     A narrow stream of energy would most likely just be felt by one person and not two.

The pin point and precise sites will be moved by the gang stalker as you cover or block them  for protection on your side - so be prepared to use your meter daily and move your covers or blocks as well.   Gang Stalkers  know when you block them - they always do - expect that and keep your covers or blocks, active,. moving and in place.

Now, let's say you place your meter over a large wall or door frame and begin scanning it - and let's say while you are using the meter  that you suddenly come to a reading or spot on the wall that is 300 uTs or even higher - in fact, let's even say that some readings are in the 900 to 2600 range (this can vary)  - in this case, you should feel some cause for great concern.   

What I have found is this level of meter reading normally means that the amount of radiation entering in that one spot is quite high and very abnormal and could pose major health risks.

 And the longer you allow radiation to come in - the more your chances are of becoming ill.   

And incidentally - that high reading spot you find on your wall or ceiling or door frame is most likely a  directed energy weapon entry site - like Demodulation, like microwaves - like lasers.    

Mob stalkers do not want you locating these sites.   They want to saturate you with energy waves so strong that they literally knock you off your feet and overwhelm you.    And if you find these sites - stalkers get upset.

Now, let's focus on the low end of the meter.   If the meter reading is zero to 30 - you are looking at the other end of the spectrum - low to extremely low EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).   Which are very, very difficult to hear and can cause way more damage because you get fooled into thinking that there is nothing going on because there is no sound - when, in reality, the signals are below the spectrum of sound or hearing and instead of hearing them - you actually receive them through brain tissue and organs and instead, feel them on a more nervous and  emotional level - a mental health level.

Not only do ELFs cause emotional turmoil and agitation,  and depression...they damage hearing as well.      ELFs or Extremely Low Frequencies - cause confusion and dizziness and give a person a foggy feeling.   And maybe even dementia.

--Now Let's switch back and say you are being bombarded with the higher frequencies - High Electromagnetic Frequencies - the kind you can hear.   The first thing you will note with EMFs - is the ear ringing.    

Sometimes individuals think they are having tinnitus.   Which is a health condition  which manifests as ringing in the ear.   Tinnitus is a side effect of drug use or hearing loud sounds for many years.

Unlike regular tinnitus, which is usually a steady ringing in the ear, the ringing you get from electromagnetic frequencies or electronic harassment - is for the most part - a pulsing type of ring and sometimes there is a pattern of ringing that sounds almost staticky.      Some people say they hear clicking or whooshing.   

So...What can you do?

The thing to  do in this type of situation is to purchase home and body shielding products.   I have provided you with links for home and body shielding items in this article.

-If you just have a simple case of telephone or power lines above your house emitting signals and it is uncomfortable hearing the ringing associated with this, you can purchase protective clothing and head coverings from    

 There is also an EMF paint .    

This paint is carbon based and blocks some EMF signals and most electrically emitted sound or signals.   EMF blocking paint  is  black in color.    Again, The black comes from carbon.    

 Personally, I have found that the paint is not so helpful for  EMFs - the directed energy signals are still able to pass through the carbon in the paint.   Maybe if the paint was in super heavy coatings - then maybe it would block better.   

 If you decide to use the paint - this EMF blocking paint can be used in the attic where the color won't matter.    You can even build a subfloor in the attic and then paint it to lower EMF signals or electricity coming into your home.     If you paint on an interior wall - you can paint a latex color paint over it.     Place the carbon paint between the source of electricity or signal and you inside the house.   In the case of electrical lines or Dirty electricity which is created by many electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and other devices that run on electricity.- the carbon paint is a big help.

There are many  shielding items and they come in many forms - For example, Protective clothing and fabric can be purchased at      

 Note - When you hear ringing associated with electronic harassment -  It is extremely important to cover your ears and your brain from energy saturation of delicate brain tissue and the inner ear.   

Most of the damage done by EMFs and ELFs are through the inner ears and brain.    So - use brain caps or coats, foam ear plugs and noise cancellation headphones and silver clothing or silver hats - they are all a great help in softening the effects of radiation, and microwaves.

Another thing to do is  - is when the ringing is present in the house - make sure to keep windows in the home  open at least 2 - 4 inches to bring in the outside air and sound to help ground you.    Plus outside noise and nature and added oxygen help to lessen the harsh sounds and environment produced and associated with EMFs and microwaves.    

When your Gang Stalkers use these directed weapons - there are, in many cases, ideal conditions for the weapons to work the best.    A closed or sealed up house is an ideal condition for their weapons.

So, If your window is open or in fact,  many windows open - this breaks up the flow of closed off energy associated with electronic harassment and allows the bad energy to move in other directions or maybe even be lost out of the window.


--If you are energy sensitive and even if you are not -  It is very important that You shut off the WiFi at night.   I don't mean turn the volume down - I mean turn it off and put the phone in another room.  This is true for anyone and everyone.   

Microwave radiation is very high in cell phones.   Shut off anything connected to wireless.   Shut off your computer.    And your Television.   And please take the cell phone out of your kids' hands -   Poor child - what is the world thinking - putting cell phones in a child's hand???

Cell phones, computers and televisions all emit high EMFs and microwaves and add to the ear ringing.   EMF radiation and microwaves from cell phones  can make you very ill - even causing cancer.    Heart disease and stroke.   And dementia.    Since the energy emitted from the phone is entering your brain from the side where the phone is resting on the face....brain tumors are possible.   The energy associated with this type of energy can make the brain foggy and lower the ability to concentrate.   Adults and Children do not need this in their lives.    

With 5 G - what can we expect? - faster speed - more microwave activity and output.  

So, a good rule of thumb - if you just can't stop using the cell phone - use your cell phone less often.   30 years ago, cell phones were not in existence and so, do we have to have them?   Can we do without them for a short period of time?     


- Next, there are fabrics that can be hung on the wall or ceiling to also block electrical or EMF signals - also sold at    In order to be effective against directed energy,  the fabric must and should be grounded.   And Silver fabrics are the best.   Be sure to ask for instructions on mounting this fabric and also how to ground it safely.   If opting to ground fabric -make sure your outlets are grounded.  

 An electrician can help you with this.   This is important for safety.   This type of silver fabric is highly conductive - and should not be used near any heat or flame source and it can  be used over windows. 

 When mounting conductive fabric, like silver or even copper,  make sure to place black electrical  tape between where your fabric touches the mounting surface and the fabric itself.   You can nail, staple, tack or attach with tape on top of the where you have placed the black tape and then the fabric, to hold it in place.   

This grounding set up captures the signals as they pass through or into the fabric - and then the signal is absorbed and taken  out through the grounding cord and the grounded socket and then out of the house.    

I have found that Silver fabric does not block microwaves but rather helps to block the ability of my neighbors to listen to my conversations and some other EMF signals.    

You can also purchase white noise sound machines and keep them turned up at a comfortable volume - the sound will mask frequency noise or signals.   You want to make sure you turn these on a continuous setting.       

Another cool thing is that sound machines have a high magnetic field themselves - and  so help deflect electromagnetic signals entering your home.  Or that pass the machines when they are turned on.

 I have found that The more sound machines you have and turn onto different sounds - the more deflection and privacy and protection you will have.   


Your eyes will  also be subject to major attacks in gang stalking - not so much in the beginning - but as time passes.     Visual attacks are used when other weapons fail.

At some point in time - your gang stalkers will use what is called an L.E.D. incapacitator - this weapon sends strobe type lights into your eyes and you will normally see these lights at the top or sides of your eyes...peripheral vision,   

This weapon will cause extreme nausea and dizziness and panic.    Don't panic.  Cover your head and ears and wear polarized sun glasses.   You might also want to add blinders at the side of the glasses.      You will probably need to count on at least a week of this weapon being used really hard on you,

The good thing in all of this is - Gang stalkers move quickly - they fly from one thing to another - onto the next thing.   So if you are dealing with an uncomfortable situation involving one weapon - it might take a week or two for your stalkers to  move on to something else.   They are very impatient people.    The gang stalker is ruthless and out of control.   They want to be rewarded quickly by results.     Be patient yourself - and ride it out.    Things never stay the same.

Note - if being gang stalked - Your gang stalkers can and do get around your sound machines at some point in time - so it is a good idea is to move them occasionally - and change their sound up about once a more or more often and maybe add another.

--Acoustic foam is an answer to dampen excess electrical noise from above.   If can be placed over your  insulation in the attic on the attic floor and it will dampen the ring of power lines.      Though acoustic foam absorbs sound - it really does not do much to block the signals associated with D.E.Ws.    

- Believe me, if you are going through this - any help at all is a Godsend and a true blessing.  

With gang stalking - microphones can periodically be increased in power - and so can motion detectors...and for that matter, the directed energy weapon itself.     This I have seen many times over and usually weekly - in my 3 1/2 years of being gang stalked.     The energy can eventually become downright painful.   So, best to keep up with the changes.  

Your gang stalkers  already know the location of where you sleep and will just send signals at you while you lie still.   In this case, make sure you are covered with 100% rubber mats, metals such as copper, silver, lead aprons or mats and nickel.   And grounded fabric.    Float the rubber mats and metals and fabric on a rack above you.   This set up acts like a faraday cage and helps prevent heavy energy attacks on your brain and body.  And keeps your blocking material from falling  in on you.    

This is only effective if the attacks are from one direction.   If the direction of your attacks change - you will  need to continue placing blocking material over any and all  new energy entry sites.

Lead aprons and lead blankets.    These items also block  just about all signals completely - motion detection and listening devices and demodulation and v2k.    And microwaves, believe it or not.    Lead blankets and lead clothing is 100% effective...but heavy.      If you are able to hang a lead blanket - then do it.   

I made a new discovery  on 1/14/20 - rare earth magnets with a center hole in them- all mounted 1/2 inch apart of a large board.    I use at least 65 to 100 pound pull weight rare earth magnets.   Don't use anything larger or stronger.   

Make sure to pass an 18 to 20 inch line of pure copper wire through each hole and screw it in place - mount one at a time after threading the copper. ...  by the time you mount them on your plywood board (1/2 inch plywood board),  you will end up with at least 8600 pound pull weight and much higher depending on the size of board you use.     The power of this pull weight increases when you ground the board with wire -  Set the board where you want it or make it portable with rolling ability.   Once in place - Use an alligator clip and ground the copper wire when finished with the board

I have an 18 inch by 2 1/2 foot board with 130 magnets on it.  Over the past year - I have added at least 600 more magnets to my blocking.   They are amazing.   Even when they are not grounded.   


The perps or my gang stalkers keep moving their equipment around in my house and my board - Here's the thing - Magnets can also be moved.   

See my page on Magnets, Magnets, Magnets...Are they the Answer?

Successfully, used - 2 large mirrors around my bed - near the head - and even aim them back at where I believe the energy source to be coming from.   The mirrors seem to cut the signals by about 50%.  Which is a big help.     If you are opting for mirrors,  They need silver backing on them.   Nothing else works as well.   Mirrors seem to deflect energy.

Some other things that help - 

--B vitamins, calcium, a good diet, exercise, 8 glasses of water a day, Kelp (natural potassium Iodide) to protect the thyroid.   Why?  Because Directed energy pushes radiation at you and tears your body down to include the thyroid.   Kelp should help your thyroid and keep damage to a minimum.   B-vitamins help you to stay calm.  And so does calcium.  B-6 in Melatonin are essential for sleep.    Wear silver brain hats to keep your hair from breaking because of high levels of radiation.

--I know this will be hard to believe but some of the signals sent to you by the directed energy weapons will actually cause you to cough and sneeze, pee and pass gas.  The reason that I believe this is used  is to locate you if the harassers have lost signal or track of you.   

This is a very helpful tip - As far as coughing - you will feel an overall powerful gang tickle at the top back of your throat - the feeling almost is impossible to squelch or stop.   To keep from coughing - swallow quickly and then have a glass of water and sip it non-stop when you feel the overwhelming tickle scratchy signal in your throat.   Or if water is not available - keep cough drops in your pocket and pop a cough drop in the mouth as soon as you feel it. 

 Do Anything that induces swallowing or prevents the cough and doesn't allow for a cough.    Your gang stalkers hunt you and send you body activation signals to help locate you when you are out of range or site - these tactics are also used on you to irritate you.

Sneezing signals are also sent to you on occasion.   Sneezing is a bit more difficult to control   But simply - take a cloth and as quietly as you can - sneeze into the fabric.   

Peeing and passing gas are tougher to control - but if you have to - again - being quiet is the best solution.   

--Other things I have found helpful through all of this - Stay busy.  Don't fall apart.  

 Seriously, no matter how bad it feels to deal with it and experience the effects of D.E.W., it is not the end of the world.   And think about this - there are people out there who are blind, have lost limbs, can't walk, have to stay in bed...or have cancer.   Be thankful in the moment.     And that so are ok.

--I have lots of hobbies.   So, get a hobby.   Do the hobby out of mob stalking site.  Creativity soothes the soul.

--One of the first things that might happen to you through all of this is - you may want to go into hiding.   Whatever you do - don't hide.  I did this at first and the twosome next door ...still went after me all the time.   In fact my hiding - put them into a malicious and excited frenzy of hunting - In the early days of this - I kept moving around and running away from attack sights.   Every time I got shot at with signals - I Jumped up and moved again and again.  and because of this - they got a reaction out of me.    It is most likely the reason they don't quit.   That and the fact they are getting paid to hunt me.

Anyway, today - over 3 years later - I know not to run - and this advise is for you also  - cover yourself and I mean really cover.    If at that point you are comfortable under your cover at night and happen to feel a little of the bad stuff - then hunker down under cover and wait it out.   The night passes and a new day begins.   Gang stalkers - have to and do the same things you have to do.    

 There are limits to gang stalking - so look for the weaknesses and flaws and in your attacks.  You will see them.  Open you eyes.  And hunt back.  Just do it quietly. They have a pattern of doing their thing and if you watch, you will figure it out.

Sometimes your gang stalkers will bring in other people to help - don't panic with this - keep living your life and wait it out.    Keep a watchful eye.   And document or take notes.     

--Get involved with others.   Volunteer and help others out. 

--Some people tell you to move to a new home - oftentimes - and I know this for a fact - moving might not be feasible.  These stalkers even interfered with the move my husband and I tried to make last year.    Our house is now off the market.   And seriously, what is to stop a mean person from following you.   So, be strong and go about your life and never let them see you sweat.

This is a biggie -  - Never, never talk to your attacker.   Don't acknowledge them. And don't lose it in front of them   Especially - don't be confrontational with them even if you suspect them doing their thing.     Pretend you don't know.... play dumb.    No matter how hard it is.

--We all know that bullies like to get a reaction - and no matter how horrible things can get or no matter how bad you may feel with electronic harassment...don't talk to these people at all.   

Don't go out of your way to antagonize or fight or have the last word.   First of all, stalkers do not care what you think.       They don't care about you and they don't care how you feel.   This one thought has been helpful to me - to date...I will not give my stalkers the pleasure of knowing I am aware.   I leave them guessing.  It is good for them.   

That all being said...the type of bullying done with and through electronic harassment tells you to be very cautious.     Like look over your shoulder cautious.    Electronic harassment isn't like someone yelling at you.    It isn't like someone punching you in the nose.   

This  covert and hidden bullying and is much, much more dangerous.   And at any given time it could escalate to something much more difficult.    Watch, listen and be prepared to cover up....folks, this is a long vicious game your stalkers are playing.

--Again, the gang stalker's goal is to get a reaction - don't react - and maybe for you... the stalking will stop.     Sometimes it does stop and sometimes it doesn't. It depends on what the harasser is after.   

--Now, this one is from experience:

 I can't impress on you how much you need to stop talking to everyone about what is happening to you.   You are scared and freaking out....sure.   My advice is find one good friend and keep it at that.   Just one.  

Try to keep in mind that people are extremely simple for the most part and are limited in their brain power.   They lack vision.   They lack openness.   They fall apart.  They keep inside a simple little  box in their mind and are not abstract thinkers.   

So, think about this - the whole time you are telling all of this "way out there stuff" to anyone who will listen to you   - those very simple people are looking at you like you have 3 heads and are really trying to apply logic where there is no logic.  Remember  It scares them.    It scares them bad.   

--And what do people do when they are afraid?...afraid of you?   Well, they tell others or they call someone and report you.   The last thing you need is for someone to think you are off your rocker.   Especially if you are not.    The last thing you want is for someone pushing their will on you and telling you what you need.   Or carting you off to the funny farm.


--That being said - you do need friends so, like I said, find that one good friend who you can trust and share your story and make sure to document what you are going through. 

 At some point in time, your documented information may in fact be something that ends up helping you along the way. It also helps to be creative and to write and put down your thoughts. A very healthy outlet. 

 I personally believe at some point in time, public figures will pass bills and make things happen and laws will take hold and help to stop these types of things from even starting.  But this is a long way off.   A very long way off.

--Now if you think there is no hope and you can't see life going on and don't want to go on - And you feel that being stalked and harassed is driving  you over the edge - call a professional and get help RIGHT AWAY!  

 They can redirect you on that end.   There are people who care - all kinds of people - even if they don't understand what you are going through.

--You need to try and find strength by prayer and by thanking God for each day and for that ray of sunshine and that singing bird and the fact that no one can take your soul.   We all have it in us to find inner strength.*** 

As far as getting someone to help you -- well, since directed energy and electronic stalking is relatively new to the public and very much hidden - there is absolutely no one to assist you in Law Enforcement.   Because it is an unprovable crime.    Just keep in mind, the more people you share with - the worse you life will get from Mob Stalkers.  So, Instead...

--Join a group like targeted individuals on facebook - here is the link.

--Something on the positive side is  -   None of us knows what the future may hold - not one of us - so my advice is to live in the minute and thank God for your life.   

The bully will eventually go away.   Probably by his own life and life events.   Things happen to everyone.   Even when you are not there to see it.  Don't live with revenge in your heart for these bullies either.  These humans doing this kind of thing are sick.   Sickness is horribly sad.   Don't sink to their level.

And finally --Don't live in fear - again, pray and thank God.   Share your love with others.  Ask God for more angels.  Thank your angels for taking care of you.    Get your mind off of the stuff when you can and let go and let God handle it.   Remember - Life always changes.  We can count on it...