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Satellite Set Up and 

The Van Next Door 

Hello All!

I wanted to share this picture with you because it was parked next door for about 2 weeks and what greeted me as I looked in the direction of my stalkers' house. 

I had deer cameras pointed in this direction  - but during the 2 weeks  of this van's visit  - anything pointed in the direction of this new arrival, had  been erased.   In fact, the arrival of the van was erased from my film footage entirely.

Meaning ...amazingly ...either someone had dared to come into my yard - gotten into my cameras while I was away or asleep and  tweaked time frame and pictures that would have normally occurred during the night.  

Or they aimed a jammer at it.  

Or most likely a laser light - this would disable the camera for night vision but there is No telling really.   With Stalkers - anything and everything is possible. 


As I previously shared with you - the van showed up Sunday The 4th of October and they left on the morning of the 17th.    Roughly 2 weeks.

And accompanying this van - was a crew of 2 men staying at the home around the clock.     I got a look at them - in the back yard on Monday.   Techies no doubt.   Gang stalking techies.  

Let me just say that the attacks got worse after their arrival.   Far worse.    Because the van, I am assuming, was there to help set up the house on the North side of me to increase attack sites in my home.

Because after the van arrived, the attacks started coming at me from both south and north sides of my home.  

Originally, it was south only.  

The attacks felt off and had for roughly 1 month.   Like the energy was coming from behind my head.  Originally - the attacks came from the foot of my bed and  travelled towards me.    

This is also how you can determine direction.  Close your eyes and listen and feel and you will know.   You can feel it hit you and just like a breeze blowing in from the north - you can feel the direction.

I also wanted to point out that with the arrival of this van there was the increased and continued flight path of  small planes, helicopters, drones and satellite overhead.   

 This occurred about 20 or more times a day.   I never counted but can only say it was nonstop.   And noisy.

 The drone airplane  quietly rumbled in the air above my house when it arrived. Not like a regular airplane, not like a helicopter. It sounded faint like a quiet thunder vacillating and oscillating in the sky above. This was on both rainy and clear days and nights.

On Oct 4, 2020 - as the drone moved overhead - ...I believe - scanning my home - looking for blocks I am guessing ... a vibration sound accompanied it.   The vibration or sound, I am guessing from a scanning mechanism - went on for about an hour every night.   Again, no doubt - scanning the field.  Why?   Well this is what I eventually became aware of.


On the north side -  is a neighbor, a man, who originally did a background check on me  in 2013 and afterwards - in the 3rd week of me living in the neighborhood, asked me when I was going to move.  

He was hostile towards me after that and turned the neighbors and  his 11 year old daughter against me.  He  has been extremely rude ever since.  In fact, no neighbor gave me eye contact again.   I was shunned.  


Back to the present - 

I did not realize it during the time of the van's visit but - more hidden weapons were being added to this rude man's house.  

Again, and as always - in gang stalking -  I just didn't know or realize because the changes are hard to recognize.   

 That is the thing about being gang stalked - sometimes you just don't  realize and then, suddenly - you do.  

In this case - Weapons had been added about a month prior to this man's air conditioning unit ..  and was done while I was out running around.  

 But - the old unit that had been altered with stalking weaponry -  broke down.

 I am assuming - stalkers' and the cammpaign were footing the bill for a new advantage point.   This was on October 15th 2020.  

Please be aware - that D.E.W.s can be hidden in anything.  You might not think an air conditioner would be a prime site - but technology is amazing and these small weapons can be added into areas of an air conditioning  unit without interference of sound.

And this was all on the basement level of the guy's house.  (so be aware of this - there are many ways to hide D.E.W.s).   And they can be aimed at you from different distances and levels.


 I decided to watch him work.  I had a gut feeling I was onto something.   As the repair guy took out the old unit - he pulled out a 12 inch by 11 inch by 3 inch sort of beat up metal box which was not part of the old air conditioning unit and had been  attached at the inside upper back of the old unit.   

He did not know I was watching through the fence.   I know it is petty, but I needed to know. 

 When I saw the metal box -  I felt sort of nauseated or queasy - because when it is all been said and done - I knew what it was. 

 Over time - we know what all of it is.   We research, we study and over time, T.I.s come to recognize the very devices that are used against them.  And this is because we have a need to know.

I fumed about what I had just seen but settled myself down and got brave and About an hour later -  I walked up to the man and asked the air conditioning installer what the silver box attached to the back of the old unit was.   

He just looked puzzled and asked - what silver box.?  So,  I asked him again.    I said - you know on the old unit that I saw you take out?   He denied it again.  

 As soon as I walked away, he began to wildly text on his phone and kept looking back to see if I was still there.  A report to authorities, I imagine.

   I just said ok ...why argue with a liar?-and I asked him for a card to let him think I wanted an air conditioner sometime in the future.   

Ta Dah - I had the guys name for future reference.

As far as the stalkers - there are many, many lies.   And so  much deniably.   Do they care they are lying? - NO!  

Think about it - They think nothing about aiming lethal energy at you; they consistently break into your house  and damage things...they stalk you on foot and follow your car...and so, do you really think lying is a concern to the unscrupulous.?

 Still, knowing this - It is hard for me to believe that so many people want to get into the act of punishing another human.   That they would sell out like this.    That instead of just staying away from a neighbor that they don't like - they, in turn, try to hunt, hurt and kill - and all while  undercover...  ???

Anyway, Now I am blocking my bedroom and bed from yet another angle.   Behind my headboard.    Since these attacks are much closer to me in my home as far as distance on the North side - (instead of 70 feet on the south side - it is now 20 ft).

  I am  also having to be creative in creating blocks outside along my fence line  where the energy is passing through on this north end  - the fence is 8 feet tall.   

This fence is in front of and in line with the new addition of D.E.Ws.  

 From this lower position in the guy's basement - they have to shoot energy upwards from below - through the floor under my bed - so I am using a meter and measuring along the fence.  

 Where I find a high reading or even a low one -    I am using rare earth magnets under wood pieces on the fence and painting the wood and adding them onto a planter box over the energy sites - to create art work..  

  The magnets are unrecognizable under the wooden art and the box is adorable.  What do I say?- I say - Hello - assholes - two can play at deniability!


 And you will get creative too as you deal with this and no one is there to hear you - What it boils down to is this - you are your own best friend and confidant - protect yourself without violence or hate.   

"Through  it all - we can stop and breathe and see the beauty of everything else outside of the problem.   It is called solution solving and living in the minute... and being so very thankful for our lives."  Carla

In summary - Overall, I now receive demodulation through a "through the wall or ceiling source" and weapons are quickly moved if the stalkers encounter a block.    In This case - this is now on both sides.   North and South sides.

If the blocks are cumbersome to the stalkers - they enlist help of satellites and drones and small aircraft. 

 I have gradually built up some resistance to the attacks by use of grounding mats and keeping a flow of grounded energy flowing under me as I lay on my bed.  

 And  I continue to wear my silver cover ups and head gear (cancellation head phones and silver brain caps and silver hoodie).

I came to realize  during the van's visit that during the time  all of the work was being done on the house next door  - north side - that  satellites and drones were actually here to help find or pinpoint positions in direct line of where I sleep.    I just didn't realize it.  Some of this you learn as you go.

I also wanted to point out that  after the  van's arrival - Ground surveillance during the same 2  weeks had guadrupled  - someone was in front of my house at all times - pretending to be occupied doing something else.  

Walking dogs or just walking, standing, staring down my driveway and at the garage door and It was so very obvious - They started passing the house...and they always took a very long sideward glance as they tried to maintain an appearance of looking straight ahead.  

  Remember - they are not highly skilled agents.  They are amateurs at best.  Dumb bumbling amateurs.  

Note - We do not want to get caught up in paranoia.  There are many people who just take walks and are not involved in this - so, I want to clarify  - for me - it is probably about 10 different people that I came to recognize and sometimes less.  

 As these individuals began passing my house  - they would visually scan my driveway and  my garage ...they checked out the windows in the front of my house.  And as they reached the edge of my yard - they scanned down the other side of my yard which is a garden area.   

Once they completed their surveillance - they checked their wrist watch...I am guessing to note the time of report,  And  then  as they began moving  towards the house next door - "gang stalker command central"- they quickly gazed upward towards the front window where all the activity was taking place  and as they did - they  raised a hand, touched their shoulder - scratched their forehead...saluted or nodded or shook their head or they just smiled arrogantly and moronically up at the window  or point of contact.    And sometimes   they wildly texted, called  and waved up at that window.   Like I said - obvious.   

But all so very deniable.   

I would have never noticed this activity  - because honestly i am trying my best to live a full life gardening and breathing in flowers and plants and beauty - but because some of it was so blatant  - I became intrigued with their behavior though and began watching this activity about 3 months ago.   It was most active while the van was here.

A few  of their agents weren't so great at their spy routine fact - pretty crappy and gave themselves away.  

 Like  waving or flailing their arms all over the place as they  passed the house next door - instead of being discreet.   They are no longer passing the house.   I am assuming they were moved somewhere else.

Back to the Van -

As I told you - as far as I am concerned - this van's arrival is a testament to the fact that the stalkers are becoming more aggressive.    

Anyway, if you see vehicles like this - parked out front or in the drive next door - or down the street or out on the road near you or where you live and you  have been going through heavy stalking and electronic attacks - keep a watch out and protect yourself.   

 It could be any type of van though.   Any color.  It could be a vehicle like a truck or car - but van's are easier for your perp to hide in.  And hide stuff in equipment.   

And because gang stalkers are people who are relatively stereotypical... (For some reason I am experiencing the white van scenario.)  you will most likely see white.  And sometimes black.


And if you see a van - you will most likely have satellite, drone, helicopter and small plane flyovers.   A huge amount in fact.  All of this, like I said, is I believe - to put a new surveillance and weaponry area in place on the ground somewhere.   

Drones and Satellites are necessary to set up these fields of attack with a clearer picture from above.   

If you see a van and it is parked for a while - it could be the weapons are inside of it and being used on you from the parked site  or and this is most likely - a satellite set up crew.   And things are about to change for you.

Folks - this is as physical as it  gets without touching you.   They (the gang stalkers)  would of course, deny it - according to them - the white van is a repair service, a contractor - someone doing work.  

 Remember - Gang Stalkers have done their homework - Society sees white as  the acceptable color of work vehicles so - they play up to the public for blending of accepted vehicles.  A black van would be more conspicuous.  

   Anyway - nonetheless - I took a picture and here it is.

Talk to you soon,