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Planning The Steps In Your Life To Fight Bullying and/or Gang Stalking


The Target's Plan of Defense

At some point in your life you will have to stand up for yourself.   And you cannot depend on others to do this for you.    At some point in all of this gang stalking - you will need to take action and find solutions.   And stop reacting to what is being thrown at you...stop being afraid.     

You will need to take charge of the things in your life and make an effort to stop the things that cause you sadness and despair.    And you will really need to keep the things in your mind and heart that bring you the  most joy and comfort.   We have such a short time on the earth.

Remember, It is not the other person's fault in life that you are losing control of your own life - this is a choice you make day in and day out.  We...all of us... are responsible for ourselves and the things we do.   Even with gang stalking.   The question is -  Do I let other people - gang stalkers - have power over me or do I maintain my own control and power?    

So this brings me to bullying and gang stalking.   And another question I would like to present...If gang stalkers did not use highly developed electronic technology and weaponry to go after you - how would you handle just being physically bullied?  Or emotionally bullied?    Probably a little better I think.  

But the truth of the matter - is that electronic equipment used on humans to torture and kill - well, that in itself causes the worst problems for a person who is a victim of gang stalking or bullying.   Nowadays - Lasers, microwaves and directed energy take the act of bullying to a whole new level.    So, for the targeted soul - The reasons for the hardships you feel are many and I have some listed as follows.  

One - you just aren't expecting others to do this kind of thing.     To shoot energy to hurt.   It is shocking and inconceivable...and just plain wild.  "Out there" is a better word.   It is unethical and inhumane.    And so very much against God and God's love.   So, the shock value of it all is probably the greatest problem and one that is hard to get past.    It freaks a person out.    The first response to being stalked is fear and anxiety.   And Panic.

Two - unless a person is part of the gang stalking campaign - for the most part, directed energy is  invisible to others -  So as far as the world is concerned - Things are made to look normal...ordinary...and part of living a daily life.     So, while, you, the target are being bombarded with nightmarish energy and signals - the rest of the world is pretty much oblivious.   It wouldn't matter how much you want to talk about it.  

So, if you just happen to  notice a problem or that something is going on or just not right  and let's say - you were to try to get help or tell someone about it -  most people would  not believe you and this causes  you to feel alone and scared.   And isolated.   And maybe even given to feelings of self doubts.

But my advise here is - do not do a lot of talking to others.   Just be determined to change things to  make life better for yourself.   

Do not, I repeat Do Not - engage your stalkers in conversations.   They are looking for anything you say to increase their hate for you and attacks on you.   Trust me on this one.   Anything you say or do - is part of why gang stalkers don't like you.   It is the symptom they are trying to treat.    You are being you - and they just don't like you.   So, spare yourself agony and frustration - you just can't get through to these people.   (if you want, you can pray about them - but keep the conversations with gang stalkers to none).

Three -  when you are being pummeled with energy and things that bring you pain and discomfort - you may want to run - move away - get help - scream out to someone who cares.  But that truth of the matter is - no one really cares .   At least not in the way that would help you.   This may sound horrible - but the truth of the matter is - bullies are like roaches in the world - they have been on the earth forever.

...and here's the thing - even if you move - the stalking normally follows you if you keep moving.  

This is because gang stalking members belong to a huge network of individuals  who pass information to the next guy -  in your state and even as you move across borders to  others states.

Four - The breakdown of the human spirit in a targeted or bullied individual is swift in gang stalking - but that is the  plan for a victim by a group of people who are known as a neighborhood campaign or more simply The Campaign.    They are self righteous and self important humans and there is not an ounce of guilt in them about this kind of behavior.

The gang stalking agenda is to remove the atrocities of humans from the face of the earth.   That would be you or me... Because the narcissistic human who is gang stalking - believes they are superior in some way, shape or form.    This is the same way Hitler thought in WWII when he killed millions of Jews.

Five - By the way, Gang stalkers do not really  refer to themselves as gang stalkers., no, no.   The term gang stalker - implies negative connotations as a whole - and they - the gang stalkers are all about self-importance,  confidence, power, group support, belonging to like type humans and ultimately... imposing of their will and torture on someone who is in the way of their own life going smoothly. 

They do not feel anything for the person they are hunting or going after or stalking.   They do not have the ability to think about what it would be like to be targeted themselves.

-In the gang stalker's minds - the punishment you (the target) are receiving  is done because the stalker or community of stalkers  feel  they are doing the right thing - the just thing - the community and social thing.   They are getting rid of an undesirable human being.  In essence, they are playing God.

Keep in mind - these people are not answering to God in heaven - they are so far removed from that - instead, they are answering to the Guy in charge of mob stalking.   The Big Cheese or the mobster in charge.

So, let's you and I come up with a plan for a counter attack and make a plan of action for some changes that might assist you in the battle of wills and the battle you face trying to  live your life.


A.   Keep a calm mind and soul.   Realize - life does not always give us what we want.   So, as the saying  goes - "when life gives us lemons - we make lemonade."   Take deep breaths and say thank you to God for your life - be in the moment (not in the past and not in the future) - no matter how hard it gets.   Let some of what you see and hear roll off your back...don't let it get to you.   You will receive many blessings from having  a contented heart.   


     Remember, staying calm goes against what gang stalking is all about - the purpose of gang stalking is to get you out of your comfort zone so, that you fall to pieces.   DON'T!

B.   Take vitamins  (B especially), Calcium citrate (1 tablet or capsule daily), magnesium citrate (1 tablet or capsule daily), Kelp (this is a natural iodine) - to protect the thyroid from radiation - this can be taken 1 daily.   Vitamin C and E - keep your skin from breaking down or tearing down.   


        Do Not - I repeat - Do Not take Potassium Iodide regimen treatments - Potassium Iodide was designed to be taken once after a nuclear or radiation fallout.   If you take this tablet more then once - you are looking at destroying your thyroid.   (There are people out there who advertise quick solutions - and some are very dangerous)     Gang stalking is a slow process - fighting it that is.   It takes time and patience to get through it.

      And I almost forgot -  Don't forget to exercise - this helps to keep you calm and will keep you in shape.   And it will help give you a little more confidence if you maintain a normal lifestyle.

C.   Pay very close attention to what is going on around you - don't be paranoid about everyone (sometimes people just pass by) - and continue to live your life.  

Steps to collecting information about your stalkers:

 1.  Watch who shows up at the stalker's house.   

2.   Notice the houses around you that have the same cars visit each week.   Notice how many homes or people seem to be involved.   Don't accuse - just make mental notes of the possibility and jot it down.

3.   Notice the amount of deliveries from UPS, and people who deliver the things necessary for your  attacks.  This can be a white van, a black SUV - just be aware.     

For example - Gang stalking upgrades and arrival of new equipment (at least in the early phases) will normally take place on a Thursday - in conjunction with the upcoming weekend or whenever the stalker will have more time to sit up all night and zap you.  Each week - a car you don't recognize will show up next door - carrying a small box or bag.  A device?  A wireless enhancement?   Upgrades are rapid to obtain results.

4.  Recognize - the people who stroll by you by chance.   Every day - at the same time, etc.   Or while you are out shopping.   

5.  Watch to make sure you are not being followed.   You will know - play it cool and make turns while you drive to check it out.   If they follow you for a while - drive up to the police station and see if that does not get them away.   And Please - Don't lose your cool.

6.  Notice the vans or work vehicles who come to the houses of people you suspect are involved and how often.   Usually white vans with ladders on top...and normally every week.   Still, all gang stalkers are about pretense and  deniability and while they are digging a ditch with a cable line or new device pointed up at your home - they will also plant a tree or shrub on top of the site they have dug.  They do other things also - like if blowing leaves on a roof  - they will set up a device from the roof.    Gang stalkers perform services to blend in and place their equipment.   Obvious but then again, not.

7.  Watch for the same cars to pass your house or pass you in your car.  People walking by are set up the  same way.    In many cases it is a timed occurrence, because gang stalkers have watched your routine and have set up their stalking measures with  your movement in mind.


8.  Notice -  What vans or vehicles sit idling in nearby driveways.  Or in front of your house.    If I see this going on - I go out and take a picture with my camera phone.  This usually gets them on their merry way.

9.   Look for new cable lines on the side of the stalker's house or other houses involved.  You will see additions that were not present before - these are  added to the outside of the stalker's  house.   And usually while you are away or at night.   Also look at your phone and the nearby wireless addresses on the list of wireless users.    

In the event of mob stalking - there will be dozens and dozens of new addresses added to the list of wireless users because of all of the wifi extenders and all of the cable and users being added to attack you.

( Cable, by the way,  is the power behind the electronic harassment - it makes the stalking more affordable for the stalker).   In some cases - cables will get bigger and thicker and sometimes they will be sent underground in your direction.   Granted the device buried underground will not fire through soil - however, the lines from this device are planted in the ground and the end of the device will be up against your concrete driveway or laid up against a wooden planter box in your yard and in this way - you will be further attacked from new locations.   This is how close they get in their invasion.

 10.  Keep track of the changes in your attack - notice the different feelings you have and research what could be causing the sensation.   Again, don't be paranoid - just subtly recognize the many changes that occur with gang stalkers.  

11.   Again, sometimes the work to set up all the many changes to go after you will take place at night so you will not see it.   

When you can though, Just take pictures of the grounds, the walls and the fence lines and then do it each week.   If there are changes - they will be subtle and to a degree - hidden.   If you notice a grid of trenches in the yard next door and it flows towards your yard - pay attention.   This is something relatively new in hiding directed energy.   

        So, while they are watching you and keeping a watchful eye on you - do it back - but discretely.   Don't let a gang stalker know you are aware of what they are doing.   No matter what!.  Ever!   They are trying to draw you out and push your buttons.   Realize this.   Fight the urge to fight back physically. 

  Keep a sharp mental edge and trust your inner strength and instincts.  Pray to God for strength and safe passage.   Keep doing this.

D.   Get a gauss meter and start keeping track of what direction your attacks are coming from.   All energy is provable with a meter.   Although it is invisible to the naked eye - our bodies and mind and spirit can feel the changes on an energy level.   We are electromagnetic creatures of energy and we have energy in us similar to the sun.   So, we will recognize the air and energy fields around us.     Believe in yourself when you sense the changes and then start to write down what you feel and what you see.

E.   You will need protective clothing and gear.  No ifs, ands or buts.   I cannot express how important this is.   Many targeted individuals don't want to get the clothing because they feel it is a waste of money.   I never felt it was a waste for one minute - my attacks have been going on for 4 years.   In the beginning - before I covered my self for protection - my gang stalkers used a handheld radar gun on my head and I ended up in the hospital with unexplained brain lesions and a stroke.   Believe me - clothing is a  necessary investment.   

Keep the following clothing items on at all times inside your home.

           1.   Brain coats -  3 or more are important - they cost about $50 each and are sold at

           2.   Silverell Hoodie - a silver sweat shirt and costs about $150 at

           3.   E-Smog sweat pants or boxer shorts about $100 for silver made pants and $75 for silver made shorts

           4.  Silver T-shirt worn under the Silverell hoodie $79.00 - sold at

           5.  Flatter Ear Muff - Bose Noise cancellation headphones  (so you can sleep in them) - best to keep these on and on a high setting of silence during the day - and when awake - However,  at night - turn off the bluetooth or cancellation sound to keep from being located.   (Also turn off your wireless and your cell phone at night)   Cost for Bose is about $300.00 more or less.


           6.  Silver woven bed sheets.   This you will  have to search for. has a rather pricey set - but they work.


            7.   An earth grounding mat to place on your bed - depending on the bed - will determine the size you need (a large grounding mat is about $100 to 190) sold at



            6.  Lead blankets or lead jackets or a lead hat - .5 mm - lead is 100% in blocking ability.   The problem is - it is heavy and it costs a bit of money.    But it works - About $170 for a lead blanket sold at   and the jacket up to $200 - sold also at

            If you choose lead versus the silver clothing - please make sure to (wear the lead jackets all the time in the house - it will protect your heart, lungs and upper body from the attacks) 

           7. Polarized sunglass - wear them all the time - some of the directed energy used by your attackers  is directed at your eyes to damage your eyes or even blind you.   Polarized sunglasses or regular polarized eyeglasses will protect your eyes.   Polarized glasses will even help keep you from being affected by some directed energy.    Most of what we feel is through the ears or the eyes.

 F.   You will need the following items to create wall and floor barriers and at times ceiling barriers in your attacks.​

          1.   For the floor and highly advisable  - 100% rubber mats - my suggestion would be large rubber mats about 4 x 8 feet sold at Uline but there are other stores that carry 100% rubber mats.    The cost for the mats are about $150.     You will probably need about 15 or more rubber mats to cover an entire floor...but that is dependent on the size of the room you want to cover.   These will  help you with attacks coming through the floor if you live in an apartment.

          2.  65 to 95 lb pull weight rare earth magnets with a center hole mount.   the reason for the center hole mount is so you  can lift them off of a surface by using a straight nose plyer if you want to move them to another location.   They are hard to remove otherwise.

You can make a solid board of magnets placed about an inch apart using the mount screw - or you can place individual magnets (without screws) on energy sites you find in your home.   Individual magnets that you place over energy sites you find will need to be taped in place with strong duct tape.

Note - please be extremely careful when handling rare earth magnets - when you separate them - do not lay them near each other - they will quickly pull together and can pinch your fingers in them.  

  The energy you find and cover will be found by using the gauss meter I advised  you to purchase.   You will need to check energy sites daily.   The magnets will need to moved pretty much daily if free mounting them  - because the stalkers will move their sites as you block them.   You will need to be committed to your survival.   

          3. Lead plated sheet metal  - sold at Home Depot - These will need to be grounded.   Meaning - you will place them on the floor - under or before you place the rubber mats and then connect a grounding cord to the edge of the metal.   If you are using more than one sheet of metal which is advisable - you will  have to ground each them separately or you will need to buy copper or silver tape or connecting cords and connect the metal plates to each other - then ground with grounding cord.     These are really helpful.  

          4.   You can put the rubber mats and lead blankets and lead plated metal on walls as well.  And silver fabric - grounded.    you will need to make sure you support the mount on the wall of these items in a way that they will not fall or move.

          5.   This is super important in protection -  Silver bulk fabric - to sleep under and to ground if you hang it on the wall or ceiling.   Sleeping under grounded silver will cloak you and hide your location.    You can also purchase copper or nickel fabric for floor and wall covering...but do not sleep under copper or nickel - it is not designed to be placed on the skin.

           6.   Layering is important in fighting Directed energy.   

                 Do not use aluminum (worthless), 

                  stainless steel (eh! - not helpful).   

            7.   You want to buy magnetic contact paper in some cases to line the back of a wall, the inside of a closet and other things.   Magnetic contact paper with rare earth magnets attached is extremely helpful in protecting you.  Magnetic contact paper sold at

is about 29.00 a roll.     

            8.  Sound machines - these mask other sounds.   Like high pitched ringing.    Sound machines are electromagnetic themselves and sort of repel signals if signals get close to them.   If you have multiple sound machines - it is a really good thing.   If you have the machine near your head - on a table near your bed - the signals are possibly jumbled by the machine itself and so - the attacks might seem less intense.   Keep in mind though - attacks get stronger - so - you will need to improvise with how many work.

Anyway, these are the things I  have found to be most helpful.   I use all of these things - all the time.   And Again, layering your barrier will provide you with the greatest protection.   Not one thing - but many.   And wearing your clothing and headgear - super important.

As a final note - as by my own experience going on 4 years - the attacks get worse.   Believe me, they absolutely do.   Ultimately, a target's goal is to find ways to beat the assaults.      Just remember, maybe this is not your normal life - but is your life now,  your new life  and one that needs constant adjustments and changes.    You can do it - if you put your mind to it.

Anyway, if you have questions - please contact me.