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What To Expect When We Are Gang Stalked

I want to start by saying that each and every person alive - sees life and experiences   life - from their own very personal point of view. 

Simply put, it is our perception that helps us to understand what we are seeing or hearing or touching or tasting or smelling.     More importantly, there are no two people who experience their life in the exact same way. 

As it turns out - being different and viewing life differently - either makes a person suffer more, as they experience his or her life or it can make a person... tougher in dealing with adversity and developing a very strong  mental attitude about living.   It is all a state of mind.  Again, it is all about perception.

With what I have just written in mind... I want to share some things that can and will happen when a person is being gang stalked.   And how our perceptions affect the outcome.

1.  Expect that you will not be liked. that sounds bad...but really it isn't.  And if it wasn't for social media - we would not expect to be constantly in front of people and to always be loved.  To have our egos stroked.   To be built up and have unrealistic thoughts about what we mean to the world and to others.

Today, people love being the center of attention...surrounded by pseudo friends in chat room environments.  In truth, we are really more loner animals.  That's right!  Humans need downtime away from noise and chatter and constant input into the brain.  

And a person needs to like being alone and like who they are...while they are alone.  If someone is unable to do this - it can cause all kinds of problems in life.   It can cause us to have unrealistic expectations about living with others and what others are about.  And basically it can leave us wanting in life.

Expecting to be liked or loved - I truly believe is a big reason some people fall apart when they are being gang stalked.    While, it is nice to be loved...well, to expect it - is wrong all the way around.  We cannot force or control what others do to us and for us.  We can only control how we act or react.

I suppose for most of us - it is hard to imagine that people don't love us.  Social media has trained and/or conditioned us to think this way.  As a result, we are hurt when someone is not crazy about us.   Or when someone does not go along with us in the way we think.

Now, I just want to say... I do not believe that most humans really like each other - at least not all the time.  The proof.    Wars on the earth and battles fought continuously by mankind are all indicative of this and the dislike people have for each other.    Then there are all the levels of this violence towards one another going down to just one other person against us or even, us against ourselves. 

Now, does this mean all is lost? - no - here's the reason...what we do on an individual level, personally and from our hearts can make all the difference in the world - and it can create love where there is none.  One human can, in fact, make all the difference in a world that is suffering.  

Getting back to the concept of stalking - Organized stalking is designed to break a person down in steps.  And if a person falls apart early on in their stalking - like when they first discover they are not liked so much - well, by the time the super bad stuff arrives in their harassment, being stalked can feel overwhelming and intolerable.  And can lead to a complete meltdown in the mind. 

To survive this, it is important that we don't expect things from others - for example, don't expect love or respect from others -  and be happy and content if and when you get them anyway.

So, again, expect - you will be alone at times, you will need to like being alone and you will have to work on a creative way to live your life and actually feel okay with it.

2.  Expect that organized stalking occurs in phases or stages.   Remember, the whole program is set up to go at a person in increments and steps... to weaken that person's  resolve to get through our life.   To condition them to expect.

I compare this idea to Pavlov's dog.  Ivan Pavlov, a Russian Physiologist, showed that dogs could be conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell if that sound was repeatedly presented at the same time that they were given food.  

Over time and after repeated conditioning with sound  - when the dogs were presented with the food, they salivated. The food was the unconditioned stimulus and salivation was an unconditioned (innate) response.

With organized stalking - or mind control and influencing of thought - conditioning of the human mind and body is done in steps as well - with an expected outcome for success.   The expected outcome - a reaction or many reactions from a target.

Again, stalking occurs in steps and goes according to a target's routine of living.   So, over time, the stalking victim expects to receive some bad form of treatment.  

3.  Expect that we will feel electrical, staticky, burning sensations, stimulation in and on body parts, head and body pain and more.  Since this type of stalking includes the use of directed energy devices and their use, how could we not expect to feel at least some of this if we are gang stalked?  

Over a few years, I have received hundreds of emails from readers.    I have found that most targets want 100% relief from directed energy and harassment immediately and do not understand that just as stalking occurs in phases - so does our relief from the stalking. 

For example, if we are being hit with high energy and let's say it hits our head and then we go out and buy silver hats and noise cancellation headphones, yes, we are taking the necessary steps to eradicate the problem.  But do these items help? - yes, In my opinion they do...I am proof of it.  

However, it is not 100 block is 100% and for this reason and this reason alone, it is why targets tend to fall apart.  They expect.  They expect immediate results.   And when they do not receive those results...they become disheartened.    They expect to be 100 percent free of any sensation or sound associated with gang stalking.   This is totally unrealistic, to say the least. 

Just as stalking occurs in steps...the road to recovery in organized stalking - occurs in baby steps.  And, it is important to note, if we end up with 30% relief - we need to see that yes, that is an improvement.    And if we get 50% relief - we are half way there.  

Now, because we have unrealistic expectations of what we want and what we want to feel - this part of our thinking is doing us in.

I want to point out at this time - we are, in essence - electromagnetic creatures of sunlight.  Why is this important?  Well, in order to be able to withstand some of the electromagnetic attacks - we must increase our own energy in our bodies through the principle of grounding and earthing.  

What is earthing for humans?

Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits—including better sleep and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body.

This leads me to expectation number 4.

4.  Expect that even with the best of blocks, some of the energy will still make its way through and hit you. This is due to wave tunneling  and the fact that heavier, smaller  and faster energy will or can push through or around a weaker block.   But don't fall can be worked around.   It just means we have to be more determined to build a stronger block.

You may find yourself wondering - why should I do that?  Why don't these people who stalk, just stop?   Well, first of all, we can't control others...ever.   And, the world is always changing and so should our resolve to fight this.   Understand, we have God and yes, we have time that will prove all of this gang stalking - a futile cause for the person who carries so much hate in his soul.  However, we need to understand - we have to fight it and believe we are doing everything we can to survive.

5.  If this is indeed mind control and we are in the path of experimentation...expect that in order to fight organized stalking and a program designed to break down the mind and body - we will need to use our brains in order to be successful in the outcome.  

Since, if is well documented - we only use 10% of our brain...we need to use what we have to the fullest.

This battle - with organized stalking (gang stalking) is a battle fought with the mind and body - and the more we can tap into our thoughts and spiritual side  - the better we can find strength and ways to protect ourselves and survive the hell that is surrounding us at the time.

Only a strong mental state of mind - can fight a strong method of mental attack.  Just remember that.

6.  Don't expect to be rescued.

Expect, instead, that no one really wants to be a part of this.   I am talking about other people who are not being gang stalked.    That means they do not want to listen to us talk about being gang stalked.  It is exhausting to others when they do not know what to do to help.   Try to understand this.  It may not be what you want to hear...but it is the truth.

To further compound this idea, people don't want us to fill out forms in a police station over and over again.  (note - if they - law enforcement does not do anything, when we file report number one - well, we are only spilling our guts to deaf apathetic ears).

So, the sooner we get the mind free of being rescued - the sooner we can get on with our life and begin to find ways to live around the hell of organized stalking.

Oh, and try not to talk too much about this to family or friends.  I know - I know- we need someone to chat with.  Or do we? 

Again, social media has made us all talkers and we sometimes don't know when to stop talking.   I believe, instead of talking about this all the time, it is better for everyone involved if we keep our thoughts strong and on a path of survival.  It is better to do constructive things with our time - like finding things to make blocks and coverups with.  Like getting a hobby and filling and painting life from the soul.

The downside of discussing our attacks too much and talking about this openly or to people we don't know and even to the ones we do know is - they cannot see what we are seeing or feeling.  The whole mess confuses people and they can only handle so much.  

Plus, if all we do is talk about being stalked - we will be stuck and buried under mountains of stalking thought - so, let some of it go and learn to live around it.

Note - I have come to feel it is selfish to expect someone to see the things we see and when they don't - get angry and say hurtful things to them in retaliation.

7.  Expect that the stalking will last a long time (this is in most cases).  If my theory is correct about organized stalking - the organized level is all about experimentation of human beings.    And it is just one of many ways man is sinful and treats his fellow man like crap.  It is needless to say - if a person has possession of energy or weaponry that normally military is in control of - well, just the fact that the person is in possession of such a thing - means they have no plans to stop.  They have power.     Sometimes, when evil gets rolling along - it picks up speed.

In the meantime - we have to tap our soul for strength and try to be there for others in a loving way.

And if our gang stalking does indeed last quite a while...we need to reprogram our own minds to think past it.  We also need to set new goals about how we live our life.  Living around the bad - means living our lives - period...being creative...passionate...thankful, busy and productive.  And proactive.   All of these actions help to lessen the disruption that gang stalking causes in a person's life.

8.   Expect imperfection and do not expect perfection...either in the self or in the person or persons who choose to hunt you.   We are all imperfect beings.  Believe me, if we were perfect, we would be living along side God...Christ and the angels.  And not down here in the path of all the evil.

Acceptance of others and some basic understanding of the situation is what will give us strength and motivation to fight for our lives. 

Acceptance means just that - allowing others to live their lives.  However, acceptance does not mean we should accept torment and torture from another person- we need to do as much as we can to get out of the path of pain and suffering and torture or to find a way to block it out.  This takes work.  So, expect we will need to work on protecting ourselves.

9.  Expect that there will be moments of rest in our attacks.  This being said, although   there is a great frenzy with organized stalking to harm a target - people are human and do have their own lives.   Sometimes, they get busy with other things.  But, realistically, the stalker is always somewhat present in our lives with remote assaults and getting a buddy to push a button.  

Again, we still have those moments where we can breathe.

10.  And finally, expect and plan for the worst, be prepared for bad times and then be thankful and pleased when things go well.    Be thankful at all times.

It is the moments of reprieve in-between all the harsh reality that makes our lives truly blessed.